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Action time!

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Action time!

So I have been doing a lot of talking on my mission lately and maybe not enough applying. I think because my make up collection is now almost adequate (ahem, I do really want to try some more of the Famous range though), I have being less inspired to try things out.

So over the last couple of days, I have been trying to mix it up and try out some different looks. Some of them wearable, some of them not so.

Now my photos are still not great but I am going to show two looks that I created. Both of them are based on tutorials from Pixiwoo.

The first is Sam’s Festival look

See the tutorial here




Benefit Hollywood Glo (instead of foundation)

Maybelline Peach cream blush


Sigma Indian Girl Powder shadow (This was a free sample, I can’t decide if it is a grey or brown shadow)

A Rimmel liquid eyeliner

Max Factor Lash Extension Effect mascara


Collection 2000 Baby crystal

I had to impromise a little with products. I don’t think that I had any of Sam’s suggested products to hand. Her version seems to appear more bohemium and festival-like then mine but with a proper base, I’m actually quite liking this one for a daytime look. Saying that I will probably keep Hollywood Glo in the mix somewhere. I had forgotten that I had this product and I’m liking it. For a festival, I’d imagine it would be able to hold its own without a base. Also the Sigma eyeshadow was a bit of a revelation, I have heard Sigma make up been slated more then once but this shadow was a pleasant surprise although I can not decide what colour it is. Grey or brown?!


The second look is Nikki’s Christina Aguilera look.

See the tutorial here



Revlon Photoready Vanilla

MAC Harmony (to contour, no blush)


RSVP from Benefit (as base and eye highlight)

Rimmel Glitzed eyeshodow (for the lid)

Maybelline Fudge( for the inner socket and then outwards to contour all the way to outer corner and brows)

Max Factor Lash Extension Effect Mascara

A little liquid eyeliner (applied to the roots of upper eyelashes)


Rimmel red lip liner (until it broke)

Barry M Cherry Red Lip Laquor Crayon (to line and fill)

Benefit Frenched lipstick

My look ended up as a bit more of a Pin up vintage look rather then a Christina one. Maybe because I had no glitter (for the lips) or false lashes. Nic said that the lashes needed to look spiky so ideally next time I would use my double tubes (messy) mascara but this time I just tried to apply the mascara in very short, jerky movements covering bits of each lash at a time rather then brushing the mascara all the way through. Does that make sense?!

I felt a bit let down by Rimmel when I did this look. Firstly the red crayon type pencil from them snapped when I tried to use it to line my lips and secondly, I just feel that Glitzed (which I have posted about before ) was struggling to speak for itself. The pigmentation seemed weak and the colour difficult to build.

So what about you? Do you use tutorials on You Tube to try and develop your make up pisazz? What teachers do you recommend?



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June 12, 2010 at 4:18 pm


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Hey Girlies!

A lovely day today, lipstick swatching this morning and down to the beach this afternoon.

While messing around with my lipsticks, I discovered two things.

Firstly that Collection 2000’s Crystal Pink is beautiful. A very light baby pink with some shimmer. I wore it today over Gosh Darling and with All That Glitters.

Secondly, I think I may have found a close dupe for Viva Glam Cyndi. The beauty in question is a lipstick from Rimmel, Gold Digger.


Now I’m not sure if you can still purchase Gold Digger- I think I brought mine pre-mission and I can not find it on the Rimmel website- but to me, it looks the same in tone and intensity to Cyndi. In fact, I honestly can not remember for sure which swatch is which. I think the top one was Gold Digger and the bottom one was Cyndi. Here they are with and without flash.

Neither of them are a classic, classic showstopping red. Even with the bling in Gold Digger, both of these lipsticks seem a bit more understated.The only difference is evident when it goes on the lips, there is a some shimmer *Bling* in Gold Digger but with things being all summery at the moment then it might be worth checking out. I’m not sure about the staying power of Rimmel lipsticks, I don’t remember wearing many recently but I would hope that they are similar to Maybelline and I get on perfectly well with Ambre Rose. Despite been an old lippie too, I was surprised to find how easily Gold Digger applied and how soft it felt on my lips.

I also popped in to a couple of shops while I was at the beach. There was a large Superdrug and it seems the Famous range from Sue Moxley is having a bit of a revamp. There was a lot of clearence items including my beautiful brows kit which I think they were selling off for £4. This kit is very useful. I do use mine a lot if I’m taking the time to groom my brows. With the three different powders that it includes, it could be a good investment for somebody who is always changing their look (make up/hair colour).

I also spotted a palette of four eye colours in the range that I have eyed up before, Cafe Culture. It always catches my eye. Luckily (or maybe not) before I could pick it up, I was distracted by some large square single eyeshadows marked as new for £4 (I think?!), wow! There were some beautiful purple, blue, black and smoky colours. I thought they looked quite unique too. I mixed a couple of the purpley ones on my hand. The swatch lasted all the way home from the beach so that I could take a picture for you.

So gorgeous and in reality, seems quite pigmented. If you squint, you may also spot a swatch of Barry M lippie 129, the lavenderish one, lower in the picture. Another beautiful product, I really regret not buying something shiny and new today.Local Superdrug, expect a visit very soon!

I also saw some new Rimmel lipsticks from the Colour ShowOff collection. They are being marketed for the day, night and the red carpet. I loved all of these too especially Pink Gossip but must remember to keep an eye on the offers. They seemed to be on offer in Superdrug today (£1.something off) but not Boots.

Of course, every perfect day has to be finished off with a little spritz of something. Today I sprayed Clinique Happy Heart and Ghost Captivating. I think it is the Happy Heart whose lovely, gentle scent mixed so prettily with the the sand and my sunny mood. The scent is still lingering now and making me feel all pretty.

Has anybody checked out Famous? I like the idea of this brand and I’m not sure really why I do not have more from this brand, this may slowly change.


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April 17, 2010 at 7:50 pm

Rimmel Glitzed

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Rimmel Glitzed

I brought this Rimmel Colour Rush Mono eyeshadow a couple of months ago. I think it was just under £4 and I had hopes for it. A beautiful disco silver. Very shimmery, shiny. I thought it would be beautiful for party eyes. Around that time, I was buying a lot of shadows and this one was forgotten until I read a post on about this shadow. The post suggested that the outer layer of shadow was not the same colour as the bulk of the product underneath so I had a rummage and dug mine out and da dah. . .

TWO different colours. The outer shinier edge is what remains of the outer colour (the colour I wanted and the one that I thought I had brought). The darker mass is what I actually got.

Now, I’m not saying that the second colour is horrible but it so different and I would use it in a totally different look to the first silvery fun colour. The second one is heavier, more sombre and serious looking.

I just don’t understand why Rimmel did this. Did they really think nobody would notice? There are no indications on the packet (a mono!) that there are two colours here. The two colours maybe complement each other but to be honest, there is so little of the outer colour that you wouldn’t be able to wear them together long before you are just left with a heap of the second colour.

Is this something I need to be aware of? Are Rimmel known for this? Are other brands? Has anybody got Rimmels side of the story?

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January 11, 2010 at 2:28 pm

Twas the Christmas . . .

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Twas the Christmas . . .



Christmas 2009 was the one when I wore Double Decker Red Nail Varnish (Rimmel) and loved it.

Nail varnish is something I’ve always been cautious about. School time memories of smudges, chips and bumps but things have improved. Now it takes literally a couple of minutes, or so, for many varnishes to be applied and to dry. When a varnish is that quick and easy to do, who cares if you need to reapply it every day or so?! 

Hmmm, I’m liking the idea of matching my nail varnish to my mood or season. It could be useful when funds are low and my perfume collection has dwindled.

Double Decker Red is now officially my Christmas Varnish. It reminds me of holly berries and London double deckers which then reminds me of London and the Christmas film, Love Actually. I love Christmas!

Er, yeah, how many days is it until Christmas 2010 again?


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January 3, 2010 at 10:56 pm