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Five little obsessions!

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Some of you may be used to my passing phases now. Sometimes I get all obsessed with some item or regime and then one morning, I wake up and it is all forgotten.

Remember, the Shred?!


However, when I’m indulging in the passing phases, they become the cornerstones of my beauty routines.

Here are five phases that I’m currently entertaining.

1/ Bitter Chocolate from Botanics

Over the last two or three months, I keep returning to this colour. Yes, the colour payoff (in the semi-permanent) does not last very long maybe only a couple of weeks but I do love the shade that emerges after the first shampoo. Dark hair may seem a little boring or blah but there is no doubt that the darker my hair is, the healthier and shinier it looks.

Sometimes my hair colour seems half-hearted and just a mish mash of lifeless browns. For once, my hair looks solid, shiny and polished. I initally took note of this colour after Carolyn Bax commented used a Boots Semi-Permanent Chocolate dye recently.

2/ The Teeth Whitening

It was back in the summer when I last became obsessed with my white pearlies. That was in the BlanX era. The BlanX product that I used did seem to work. However, the full white results do not seem quite so lasting so now I am using the Beverly Hills Toothpaste. Sarah has raved about one of their toothpastes before. I’m hoping my new habit will keep my teeth on the right side of white economically. I really do lay stock in the fact that Sarah believes in it and also that Watchdog have given it a thumbs up.

3/ RapidLash

For me, this year has been all about the lashes. Lash enhancers and mascara. I have just fallen for yet another mascara which I will tell you about soon but I have also started using another lash growth product. So far, I have used Lipocils, Ardell, the L’Oreal Lash serum and now I have started to use RapidLash. I must admit that I am using this very tentatively after reading an earlier post of Laura’s. However, there are so many positive reviews out there for this product and as I’m so desperate for Bambi lashes. I am now applying this little product each evening and keeping my fingers crossed that firstly, I do not lose my lashes altogether and secondly, that I infact gain more lusterous, fluttery lashes.

4/ The Probiotics

After reading in the amazing Beauty Bible, that an annual 90 day course of probiotics could be of benefit to troublesome skin. I have been glugging the old Actimels down. I’m not sure if they are helping but this habit is a lot cheaper then some of the other regimes and creams that I have tried this year and at the very worse, the daily dose is probably only of benefit to my general health.

5/ Manuka Honey

Some of you may have read my earlier post on the benefits of honey. Well, now I’m going further and trying Manuka Honey. I will do a post on this soon but apparently Manuka Honey has special antibacterial properties which can be of benefit to your well-being which of course, will be reflected in your appearence. This phase has struck at the right time as there are few things that can get me out of my warm bed in these cold, cold mornings like the promise of hot porridge and honey.

Do you have daily beauty habits? What are they?

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November 22, 2010 at 4:57 pm

Another pearlie update!

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Another pearlie update!

If you remember about a month ago, I started using BlanX . I used the Intensive Whitening Treatment which was basically an intensive whitening toothpaste. I was meant to use it twice a day but to be honest, sometimes I would pick up my tube of Aquafresh and start brushing with that before I remembered my regime. I probably did this three or four times.

So when I remembered, I was using my BlanX treatment instead of conventional toothpaste and the tube lasted me exactly two weeks. I finished using BlanX about two weeks ago but bad blogger I am, am only updating today.

So here are my teeth before

And here are my teeth after.

This pic was took about two weeks after I finished the BlanX treatment but you know what, I think you can still see a difference and I’m sure my teeth were even whiter just after I’d finished the treatment.

I think BlanX worked. Probably by only a shade or two but there was and still is a definite difference. I am convinced of this.

So it has to be a thumbs up for BlanX, it was easy to apply and reasonably priced. The product also lasted long enough to do the job it was designed to do (unlike my earlier RapidWhite treatment, see my earlier posts).

I know that the intensive treatment is only designed for occasional treatment but I see no reason not to buy it again in a few months if a big occasion was coming up and my teeth needed a bit of a boost.

I’m currently using up my normal toothpaste, Aquafresh but I think once that tube has finished, I may either buy Blanx everyday toothpaste or Beverly Hills Formula Toothpaste (Sarah raved about this ) to maintain my new whiter teeth. I would also be very interested in a toothbrush that Sophie of Sophie Is Made up ( reviewed earlier in the year.

For now though, I am just happy that even though some of the products out there may not perform miracles, they do deliver near enough what they claim.

So, what whitening solutions have you found? Have any of you had professional teeth whitening?


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May 27, 2010 at 8:57 pm

BlanX Intensive Whitening Treatment.

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BlanX Intensive Whitening Treatment.

So you know I really want to tick the white teeth box?! To be honest, I was a little disappointed with RapidWhite but it is time to move on. So I have.

I have started to brush my teeth twice a day with the BlanX Extra White Intensive Whitening Treatment. It is basically a toothpaste with very special (whitening) qualities. After 15 days, I should have visibly whiter teeth and all I have to do is brush with this instead of my normal toothpaste. Sounds good!

It gets better, BlanX products derive from a natural ingredient, Arctic Lichen. BlanX are the only company to use this lichen in a cosmetic toothpaste so it is different from other whitening products.

This magical ingredient was found by scientists when they went to the Arctic and noticed that the native population had extraordinary white teeth. Arctic Lichen was what this population cleaned their teeth with. So the bits of Lichen responsible for this have been identified, isolated and put in to the BlanX products. Oh, how I love a little trivia!

My BlanX product is intensive. It contains not only the active lichen magic but a unique whitening agent and particles to remove stains. BlanX as a brand seem to pride their products on the fact that their products whiten teeth without stripping away the tooth enamel in the way that whitening toothpastes often do. I can not find any information but I do wonder if my product is a little more abrasive then some of the other BlanX everyday products (including a classic toothpaste and an anti-aging one!). After all, my product is an intensive one and probably needs to be more abrasive to whiten teeth in 15 days. BlanX are very clear that their products in general are not as abrasive as other whitening products but I can find no specific claim relating to this intensive treatment. However, they are very clear that this product does contain particles to remove stains.

BlanX do suggest that this product is used twice a day for two weeks, four times a year. In the meantime, they advise that you use a product from the BlanX Non-Abrasive Whitening range for maintenance. Straight away, that says the Intensive treatment is not one that BlanX have placed in their Non-Abrasive Whitening range.

Anyhow, I will let you know how I get on with my little whitening mission. I’m interested to see if you can really get whiter teeth just by changing the toothpaste you are brushing with. No extra gizmos or graft required. Could it be that simple?!

BlanX claim that none of their products have been tested on animals. I brought my 30ml tube in Boots. The normal price is £10.99 but today it is advertised on the Boots website for £7.33. While there, I noticed that there are mixed reviews for this product. However when I was in store, the major reason that I picked this product up is because two girls were raving about how much their friend loved this brand. So I guess, we will have to wait and see. Please, please, whiten my teeth!

See the BlanX website for more information and better scientific explanations!

Any thoughts?


PS You can catch up on my white teeth mission so far. Just skip along to

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May 7, 2010 at 10:25 am

Rapid white, an update!

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Rapid white, an update!

 Hi Girlies!

You may remember that I set myself a new mission to secure white teeth.

Here were my teeth before my first application of Rapid white.

Here are my teeth after I finished my box of Rapid white.

Can you see a difference? I know these pictures are not great -I have added a new superduper camera to my wishlist- but I think in reality, my teeth may be actually be slightly whiter but I think it would be a bit much to claim four shades whiter. The staining across the bottom of my bottom teeth certainly seems less prominent and not as yellow.

Now Girls, I need to tell you that these pictures were not took seven days apart. No, Girlies. Bear in mind, I started using Rapid white on a Monday. Well, by the Friday lunch time of that week, I had no Rapid white to work with. My little tube of whitening gel (which is placed in the plates) was empty and therefore, I could no longer use the system.

Sorry, I have to give Rapid white a thumbs down for this. The system was supposed to last for 7 days. Now some of you more regular readers may be aware that I do have a little tendency to overuse products. However, this system was designed for 14 uses over 7 days. I used it 8 and at a squeeze, 9 times. If a system is intended for 14 uses, I would expect the brand to make an allowance for greedy consumers (like me!) and maybe include enough product for 20 or so uses. If they are not going to include a little extra product in this way then I think they need to clearly state in the instructions what they mean by apply a little whitening gel and they should show you exactly how to distribute it in to the plate. For example, should it lie on the bottom or coat the sides? The instructions with Rapid white explained that you should only apply a little gel but it did not give any indicator as to what exactly a little measured or where in the plates it should be placed.

However, I did have a taster of this whitening system so let’s look at what else I liked or disliked about it.


* Although the instructions were not clear about quanities, I did find them otherwise easy to follow and even used them to shape the plates to fit me!

* The products were clearly marked step 1, 2 and 3. The system was simple to follow.

* £7.99 is very cheap relative to many other whitening remedies available.

* I think after seven days, my teeth would have appeared a bit more whiter. At least, for a short while!


* I did find the system quite time consuming. You only need to wear the plates for 5 to 10 minutes twice a day but you know me, I tried to wear mine for about 20. Fair enough, this was my choice but the time actually wearing the plates were not my main concern. What was, was the time, cleaning and rinsing the teeth carefully both before and after using the system. That easily added near enough another ten minutes to each application. Each time I wanted to use the system, I needed to set aside about 30 mins and I would imagine that even the quickest user would need 15!

* I think that once I moulded my plates with boiling water, they fitted me quite well but I still found myself gagging for the first minute or so every time that I put them in to mouth and although, you do get used to the feeling. You only get used to it, to a certain degree. It is not too pleasant having these plates in your mouth. This was probably not helped by the fact that I tried to ram the plates in to my mouth quickly after applying the accelerator pen to my teeth as apparently the accelerator can be effectively dissolved by my saliva.

I think in all honesty, I would prefer a system where the plates were already made and the product already distributed correctly and then all I would have to do is pull the little gems out of the box and apply to my pearlies. It sounds so simple but I expect even these systems have their flaws and also to be fair, my RapidWhite system did only cost £7.99 and it was offering me whiter teeth so a little graft was not really too much to ask of me. If only the product had not ran out . . !

However, my mission for whiter pearlies is not to be thwarted and another whitening product has caught my eye. In fact, it has moved in to my bathroom cabinet!

To be continued . . !






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May 2, 2010 at 11:21 pm

Ready, set and twinkle!

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Ready, set and twinkle!


 I like the idea of white, white teeth. Somehow it takes me a little closer to the glamour of Old Hollywood, the Oscars and well, perfection.

When I think how many lippies I have brought trying to make my lips the ‘right’ colour and then, how many months (years!) I spent as a teenager having dental treatment and braces so that my teeth could be straight then I really had no other choice but to pick up, Rapid white.

They are offering me white(r) teeth in ONE week and at £7.99! I’m guessing the results will last a little longer then a lippie. I think some of the Crest products promise lasting results for 18 months. If Rapid white works even for six then I believe, it is a bargain!

Rapid white claim that in seven days, your teeth could become whiter by up to four shades if you use the system twice a day. There is a little whiteness guide included in the system so you can keep an eye on the progress of your pearlies.

Previous to this, I have only used one other type of whitening treatment and this was a Pearl Drops special tooth polish. I used that last year to prepare for my sister’s wedding and I felt happy with the results but I think it took a little longer then a week to get results and well, what can I say?! If I achieve anything with my week off then it will be white teeth. The rapid results of the Rapid white system along with price was certainly one of the reasons that I chose this system. Even if I’d ordered the renowned Crest Whitestrips to use, I would have had to wait for them to arrive after ordering online since they are not available in the shops and then a lot of reviews seem to suggest two weeks application before an effect can be clearly seen.

Rapid white works a little bit differently to the Crest Whitestrips and the Pearl Drops.

I recieved two standard plates which are moulded by the consumer (with boiling water) to fit their teeth. Instructions are included but it took me a couple of goes. No wonder Blue Peter never called me back . . !

To actually whiten the teeth, the system uses three products. A whitening accelerator which comes in the form of a pen which is painted on to your teeth before the plates are applied.

Before these plates are placed in to the mouth, they are filled with whitening gel. Once the plates are sitting in the mouth, this should mix with the accelerator and ta dah, whitening should occur.

The plates are meant to be left in like this for five to ten minutes. After removing the plates, the teeth are to be brushed with the third product in the system, the whitening toothpaste.

All of this needs to be done twice a day and then after seven days, the system should have worked and the pearlies should be twinkling. Yay!

So let the challenge begin. Here were my teeth yesterday before I used the system and next week, I will take some more pics and hopefully, we can spot a difference. Fingers crossed!

What do you think, do these systems work? What have you used? Did you get results? Did they last?



Hi Girls, I just wanted to update this post to let you know that I am in the process of setting a home up on blogspot

Feel free to have a look. I’d love it if you followed me there as well. One of you could be my first follower there. I still feel a bit torn about leaving wordpress, the home of my mission so as soon as I have decided, I will let you know where you will find my latest updates.

Thanks again Girlies for all of your support.:)


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April 20, 2010 at 6:27 pm