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Twas the Christmas . . .

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Twas the Christmas . . .



Christmas 2009 was the one when I wore Double Decker Red Nail Varnish (Rimmel) and loved it.

Nail varnish is something I’ve always been cautious about. School time memories of smudges, chips and bumps but things have improved. Now it takes literally a couple of minutes, or so, for many varnishes to be applied and to dry. When a varnish is that quick and easy to do, who cares if you need to reapply it every day or so?! 

Hmmm, I’m liking the idea of matching my nail varnish to my mood or season. It could be useful when funds are low and my perfume collection has dwindled.

Double Decker Red is now officially my Christmas Varnish. It reminds me of holly berries and London double deckers which then reminds me of London and the Christmas film, Love Actually. I love Christmas!

Er, yeah, how many days is it until Christmas 2010 again?



Written by essjay23x

January 3, 2010 at 10:56 pm

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  1. Not sure if it was just a quick snapshot taken, but your photo seems very out of focus on the nail polish, and I wanted to give you a tip, in case you are in the same boat I used to be. I used to have terrible “close up” shots of items, and always wondered how every else had clear as day shots of the most minuscule little things! Enter the macro function on my camera. It’s the little icon that looks like a flower. Switch your camera to that, and get really close to the subject in question, don’t zoom in, just bring your camera as close as need be. Hold it very steady and make sure you have lots of light (then you don’t get a glare from a flash), shoot, and voila! Nice and clear.

    Unless, like I said this might have just been a one of bad shot, and you already knew all this. Oh well, maybe someone else reading this comment will learn! :)


    January 5, 2010 at 6:03 pm

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