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Surprizingly Stunning!

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Surprizingly Stunning!


I have never being a big fan of celebrity perfumes. I think I have only ever owned two, Kate from Kate Moss and Intimately from the Beckhams. Ooh actually, I think there are two versions of Intimately. I love both.
Admittedly I have gone through more then one bottle of the Moss one and I adore the Beckham ones so much but they are lonely celebrity ones surrounded by Givenchy, Gucci, Elizabeth Arden, Valentino and Ralph Lauren.
So how did I come to Stunning?
Well I love the scent of Soap and Glory especially the pink glimmer spray. I have blogged before, about how I would encase myself in body lotion and then spray the Soap and Glory glimmer to get the scent instead of wearing fragrance. I think it was on You Tube, somebody reviewed the Soap and Glory products and said that they smelt like Miss Dior Cherie. Of course, being the Soap and Glory and Perfume fanatic that I am, Miss Dior Cherie went straight on to my wish list but fell in to a more expensive bracket so when I heard Lollipop26 and others rave about what a dupe Stunning was for for Miss Dior Cherie, I decided to take a short cut and yay, what a great idea!
I can not compare this gorgeous, fresh floral, sweet and actually surprisingly ‘innocent’ (when you consider the celebrity endorsement) scent to Miss Dior Cherie because I have never used it but it does smell just like the best Soap and Glory products. I really do love this so much and have worn it at some point every day this week. It has shoved me out of my perfume stalemate and reminded me not to judge a perfume solely on it’s branding or packaging.
Testament to this, is Fantasy. Another recommendation from Lollipop26. Of course, I have been aware of all the Britney Spear branded perfumes but I’ve never even been tempted to test them because I really do not like the werid alien-ship tacky bottles. And what are the strange 3d spots that stick out all about? However for about £12, I decided to give it a chance and actually I really like the Fantasy scent. At the moment, I prefer Stunning just because it is not quite as dark or maybe as musky as Fantasy. The novelty of the new season (and the sunshine)has not yet worn off so I am currently embracing all things sweet and fresh but as soon as Spring becomes boring, I think Fantasy will be one of the first perfumes I turn to.
Stunning is not that expensive. It cost me about £14 in Superdrug last week. I know tastes differs but if you are looking for a new scent and want something easy to wear and quite girlie then it might be worth giving this gorgeous scent a shot? I find it hard to imagine anybody really detesting it.
I adore perfume but this year, have been disillisioned and almost disappointed by some of the scents that I have added to my collection. I feel like Stunning and Fantasy have revived my love for all things scent-iful again so do any of you have any perfume likeys to share with me?




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April 26, 2010 at 7:29 pm

Ready, set and twinkle!

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Ready, set and twinkle!


 I like the idea of white, white teeth. Somehow it takes me a little closer to the glamour of Old Hollywood, the Oscars and well, perfection.

When I think how many lippies I have brought trying to make my lips the ‘right’ colour and then, how many months (years!) I spent as a teenager having dental treatment and braces so that my teeth could be straight then I really had no other choice but to pick up, Rapid white.

They are offering me white(r) teeth in ONE week and at £7.99! I’m guessing the results will last a little longer then a lippie. I think some of the Crest products promise lasting results for 18 months. If Rapid white works even for six then I believe, it is a bargain!

Rapid white claim that in seven days, your teeth could become whiter by up to four shades if you use the system twice a day. There is a little whiteness guide included in the system so you can keep an eye on the progress of your pearlies.

Previous to this, I have only used one other type of whitening treatment and this was a Pearl Drops special tooth polish. I used that last year to prepare for my sister’s wedding and I felt happy with the results but I think it took a little longer then a week to get results and well, what can I say?! If I achieve anything with my week off then it will be white teeth. The rapid results of the Rapid white system along with price was certainly one of the reasons that I chose this system. Even if I’d ordered the renowned Crest Whitestrips to use, I would have had to wait for them to arrive after ordering online since they are not available in the shops and then a lot of reviews seem to suggest two weeks application before an effect can be clearly seen.

Rapid white works a little bit differently to the Crest Whitestrips and the Pearl Drops.

I recieved two standard plates which are moulded by the consumer (with boiling water) to fit their teeth. Instructions are included but it took me a couple of goes. No wonder Blue Peter never called me back . . !

To actually whiten the teeth, the system uses three products. A whitening accelerator which comes in the form of a pen which is painted on to your teeth before the plates are applied.

Before these plates are placed in to the mouth, they are filled with whitening gel. Once the plates are sitting in the mouth, this should mix with the accelerator and ta dah, whitening should occur.

The plates are meant to be left in like this for five to ten minutes. After removing the plates, the teeth are to be brushed with the third product in the system, the whitening toothpaste.

All of this needs to be done twice a day and then after seven days, the system should have worked and the pearlies should be twinkling. Yay!

So let the challenge begin. Here were my teeth yesterday before I used the system and next week, I will take some more pics and hopefully, we can spot a difference. Fingers crossed!

What do you think, do these systems work? What have you used? Did you get results? Did they last?



Hi Girls, I just wanted to update this post to let you know that I am in the process of setting a home up on blogspot

Feel free to have a look. I’d love it if you followed me there as well. One of you could be my first follower there. I still feel a bit torn about leaving wordpress, the home of my mission so as soon as I have decided, I will let you know where you will find my latest updates.

Thanks again Girlies for all of your support.:)


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April 20, 2010 at 6:27 pm


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Time flies and pennies make pounds therefore, I need to prioritise. I’m sure you could all hear Snow Orchid singing out for me earlier but today, was not a day for make up.

At this stage of my mission, I have accumulated some and it is unlikely that one more lippie or gloss et al (even if I do have Revlon money off tokens) is now going to make such a big difference to my mission as maintaining my skincare routine etc. As lovely as some lippies were looking today, today was about looking forward to the long term.

So lets consider briefly what was out there, sitting all pretty and tempting me


A tangle teaser

Snow Orchid

Revlon Nail Polish, Lilac Pastelle

Barry M Dazzle Powder

Marks and Spencer Bronzor

The new Revlon Lipglosses esp. Lilac Pastelle, Coral, Pale Peach, Party Pink (I didn’t like Firecracker)

Barry M Nail Paint Pink Flamingo and if it had been in stock, Pale Purple

Kiehls Eye treament with avocado

Marc Jacobs Daisy

Ghost Captivation

Britney Spears Fantasy

Jordan Stunning

Mono Eyeshadows from the Famous range

Dream Cream from Lush

Honey, I washed the kids Soap from Lush

Grease Lightening Spot Treatment from Lush

Ocean Salt from Lush

Clinique 3 Step Anti-blemish system

Rimmel Love Me Lipstick

St Moritz

Crest Whitestripes

A beautiful cream cropped biker jacket from River Island

Ooh, sometimes shopping can be like floating on a cloud in a dreamland of all things pretty and nice. Hmmm and on that note, let’s take a look and see what actually made it to the tillpoint.

Actual acquisitions

Rapid White 7 day Whitening System

Neutrogena Deep pore clean/mask

Neutrogena Make Up Remover Lotion

Neutrogena Spot Treatment

Botanics Organic Eye Moisturiser

The Pink Cow Coconut Scrub

3 Muslin Cloths from The Body Shop

I was hoping to have a bit of a spree this week but unfortunately many of my more essential products seem to be just about finished and so my priorities have had to change (Sorry YSL Tea Rose and MAC Naked Lunch but I’m sure that some very lucky girl has already offered you a very, very nice home). It is no good having the most beautiful foundation, yes, I’m talking about Nars Sheer Glow or maybe one of the Chanel ones, if you have to plaster your face in concealer just to leave the house. So for now, Sheer Glow is staying on the shelf in Space NK (regretfully) and such ‘fun’ products like Neutrogena’s Rapid 8 hour Spot Treatment are competing for space in my bathroom cupboard.

What do you think? Is make up always more of a luxury purchase? Are you good at prioritising?

All images today were found using Google Image. I believe the gloss is an image from Vogue and the Neutrogena from Superdrug.


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April 19, 2010 at 7:50 pm

Sunday Snippets

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Sunday Snippets

Hey Sunshine People!

You know how I am going to work hard on my blog for the whole next five days, well quite hard. Well, today I am feeling a bit lazy. It is a combination of that Sunday feeling, the sun being out and of course, all that swatching yesterday so today I thought we could just take a peek at a few of beauty and other girlietastic snippets that I’ve picked up in the papers and on the internet this weekend. One of my favourite Sunday things is just coasting through the papers and surfing the internet, bobbing along, looking for nothing and just seeing what catches my imagination and today, I’m taking you with me. Hold tight, we’re in for one fabulous journey. I’m thinking Sex and The City, free mascaras, a little beauty science and a scentastic perfume release. Of course, you could always just take the bus instead and just pick out whichever bits/links here interest you if you prefer ;-)

Firstly, things to look forward to this summer.

*Jennifer Anniston’s first perfume LoLavie. It sounds like a fresh and floral scent designed to match Jen’s outdoor personality. Perfect for the summer, maybe? Here is a picture of the perfume bottle that I found on the celebden link below.

*Want something else to look forward to this summer? To celebrate the new Sex and City film out in May, Vex and The City has a pretty MEGA prize up to win for anybody who may be going to New York anytime soon

If New York isn’t inviting you then console yourself, Candace Bushnell has a new book out on the 29th of April, The Carrie Diaries and then just a month later, there is the film! Ooh, let’s take a moment to indulge in the SATC vibe with the trailer here

Secondly, The Sunday Times Style magazine had a feature on skincare today. Of course, now that I’ve found a toner-Botanics Organic Rosewood-that I really heart, they only had to go and answer my burning question.

I’m sure that I’ve asked it here before but I’ve always wondered, is toner really necessary? No, not any more according to The Times. They suggest that the main function of toner is to remove all traces of your cleanser but they also explain that cleansers have now moved on and are designed so that they can be removed just by following the directions on that specific product ie. if it says rinse, that is all you need to do. They actually suggest the use of toner could damage your skin by drying it out and making you age faster.

The Times also seem sceptical about natural skincare. In the first, they suggest that mixing and combining too many products and brands including natural ones in our skincare routine can confuse our skin. Certain combinations of ingredients from different products could react together to produce holes in our protective layer of skin. They could also defeat the object of the opposite ingredient. They highlight the example of retinol which shouldn’t be mixed with acids such as vitamin C or glycolic acid as these will break down the retinol before it can treat wrinkles.

Secondly, they suggest that although organic skincare seems so trendy at the moment, it will not necessarily benefit each individual. It seems some people will react better to manufactured creams etc and they warn about skin reactions (ahem!) to natural ingredients such as Lavender and Vitamin C. Then they very, very importantly note that organic skincare is unlikely to provide the same sun protection as other products.

Thirdly, you guessed it, what would Sunday be without me mentioning Fabulous magazine from The News of The World?! They are offering free Maybelline mascaras to the first 1500 people to complete their beauty survey online and then another 1500 to those who do it by post. The cute little freebie is The Falsies Mascara. Apparently, it has a unique brush like a spoon to coat very lash. Oooh, la, lah. Might be worth a go, pop across now and see if you can bag yourself one.

Why not, once the survey is complete (and you’ve reread all of my beauty science above) settle down somewhere cosy and enjoy some of these sunny You Tube videos?

*Kandee Johnson Come on an adventure with me

I went to Santa Monica a few years ago and this reminds me of happy times. I love this video and it makes me all excited about the summer to come.

*SWalker Dubai Vlog

 Brilliant video, great music, great editing. Could Sara be as good at making videos as she is at make up?! What a lovely memento to have of your holiday and Dubai, I’m coming to meet you one day!

*The Make Up Diaries Wearable Summer look

Onnagh does not seem quite as well-known on You Tube but I think her tutorials are fab. A working and professional make up artist, she explains her tutorials very clearly and succintly. Check out her new summer look at the link below and if you get a chance, check out a Danni Minogue look which I think I have linked to before. Such beautiful make up.

*PixiWoo Fun Summer look

Here is a gorgeous summer look from Nic. I love the lip colour

*PixiWoo Amazing Photographic Makeup

Well, I’ve already featured Nic. Here is Sam’s latest video. This is a reconstruction of a look from her portfolio. I am desperate to do blue eyes now and as for the lips. . ! Well, they are daring but I thought the technique was quite creative

Until next time, after a little more sun . .



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Hey Girlies!

A lovely day today, lipstick swatching this morning and down to the beach this afternoon.

While messing around with my lipsticks, I discovered two things.

Firstly that Collection 2000’s Crystal Pink is beautiful. A very light baby pink with some shimmer. I wore it today over Gosh Darling and with All That Glitters.

Secondly, I think I may have found a close dupe for Viva Glam Cyndi. The beauty in question is a lipstick from Rimmel, Gold Digger.


Now I’m not sure if you can still purchase Gold Digger- I think I brought mine pre-mission and I can not find it on the Rimmel website- but to me, it looks the same in tone and intensity to Cyndi. In fact, I honestly can not remember for sure which swatch is which. I think the top one was Gold Digger and the bottom one was Cyndi. Here they are with and without flash.

Neither of them are a classic, classic showstopping red. Even with the bling in Gold Digger, both of these lipsticks seem a bit more understated.The only difference is evident when it goes on the lips, there is a some shimmer *Bling* in Gold Digger but with things being all summery at the moment then it might be worth checking out. I’m not sure about the staying power of Rimmel lipsticks, I don’t remember wearing many recently but I would hope that they are similar to Maybelline and I get on perfectly well with Ambre Rose. Despite been an old lippie too, I was surprised to find how easily Gold Digger applied and how soft it felt on my lips.

I also popped in to a couple of shops while I was at the beach. There was a large Superdrug and it seems the Famous range from Sue Moxley is having a bit of a revamp. There was a lot of clearence items including my beautiful brows kit which I think they were selling off for £4. This kit is very useful. I do use mine a lot if I’m taking the time to groom my brows. With the three different powders that it includes, it could be a good investment for somebody who is always changing their look (make up/hair colour).

I also spotted a palette of four eye colours in the range that I have eyed up before, Cafe Culture. It always catches my eye. Luckily (or maybe not) before I could pick it up, I was distracted by some large square single eyeshadows marked as new for £4 (I think?!), wow! There were some beautiful purple, blue, black and smoky colours. I thought they looked quite unique too. I mixed a couple of the purpley ones on my hand. The swatch lasted all the way home from the beach so that I could take a picture for you.

So gorgeous and in reality, seems quite pigmented. If you squint, you may also spot a swatch of Barry M lippie 129, the lavenderish one, lower in the picture. Another beautiful product, I really regret not buying something shiny and new today.Local Superdrug, expect a visit very soon!

I also saw some new Rimmel lipsticks from the Colour ShowOff collection. They are being marketed for the day, night and the red carpet. I loved all of these too especially Pink Gossip but must remember to keep an eye on the offers. They seemed to be on offer in Superdrug today (£1.something off) but not Boots.

Of course, every perfect day has to be finished off with a little spritz of something. Today I sprayed Clinique Happy Heart and Ghost Captivating. I think it is the Happy Heart whose lovely, gentle scent mixed so prettily with the the sand and my sunny mood. The scent is still lingering now and making me feel all pretty.

Has anybody checked out Famous? I like the idea of this brand and I’m not sure really why I do not have more from this brand, this may slowly change.


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April 17, 2010 at 7:50 pm

Revlon PhotoReady!

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Revlon PhotoReady!

Hey Pretties

You probably need no introduction but anyway, say hello to my latest foundation Revlon PhotoReady.

With flash

Without flash


Now, this is one product that illustrates the power of hype. In fact, Revlon as a whole seem to be very good at hype. I remember the fuss that the cyber beauty community were making about ColorStay when I first considered my mission months ago and now, there is the new Revlon Colorburst Lip Collection and what about the nail colours? Remember, my earlier post on Minted?!

Well, Revlon PhotoReady was also released early this spring and there was a lot of excitment online. The Revlon PhotoReady collection consisted of a translucent finishing powder, a Revlon PhotoReady powder and the product that I’m focusing on the foundation.

Revlon claims that this foundation is for poreless airbrushed skin in any light. The photochromatic pigments bend and reflect light to erase every flaw and give a soft, luminous finish. Sounds like rocket science, doesn’t it? Well, if anything is going to fix my skin . . !

Hmm well, I have the product in Vanilla. Let’s take a look . . .

I agree I have a poreless and soft finish. My skin certainly does not too made up. In fact, these pictures were took on a night out and when I first saw them. I thought ‘Oh dear, I couldn’t have applied my MAC Mineralise Skinfinish properly’ because my face looked very shiny. Not just in the T-zone but all over. However, then I looked at some of the reviews floating around for PhotoReady and one of the critcisms is the amount of shimmer and shine, it radiates. Now like Lisasz09 when I looked in the mirror, I never noticed this. She only noticed hers in direct sunlight and ironically as it is a PhotoReady foundation, I only noticed it in pictures after the event.

Now for me, this shine is not a big problem. I don’t think it completely ruined the look but I will be looking at some of the hints and tips to rectify the problem a little. For example, if I am going to wear the foundation for a big event then I may buy one of the Revlon powders from the same collection and see if this helps. I also might have a go at combining the PhotoReady foundation with ColorStay as suggested by one of the viewers to Lisa’s video and see how this looks on camera. People also mentioned using any remaining foundation as a highlight instead. I’m not going to worry about this too much. As for me, the problem was not that bad. Maybe because my skin is quite dry anyway. It has also been suggested in the comments below Lisa’s video that as you use the foundation, the shimmer too diminishes. A bit like the water in my ColorStay

It is interesting to note that Laura (Lollipop26) and Lisa both initially seemed disappointed with PhotoReady but both seem to have made ways to work with PhotoReady. It reminds me of the problems I had getting used to ColorStay which I now would buy again.

With flash

With flash


Without flash

When I was preparing and taking these pictures, I could clearly see glittery, sparkly particles in the swatch.

PhotoReady is different from ColorStay and has other strengths and weaknesses (aside from the infamous shine factor) which I will briefly consider below.


– Revlon PhotoReady does come with a pump. The foundation itself seems to be of a thinner consistency then ColorStay. Maybe closer to L’Oreal True Match. The pump works well and makes for a cleaner application then ColorStay.

– Despite looking shiny, you can still see product on the skin. PhotoReady appears to have good staying power of at least 4-6 hours.

– PhtoReady has restored my faith in high street foundations. I will probably do a post on the high street one that let them down soon.

– Revlon is often on offer in Superdrug and Boots. PhotoReady as a new product is even more likely to be on offer. I believe I got at least £2 off mine in Superdrug when I purchased.

– My foundation comes has an SPF of 20.

– It feels light and natural on the skin.

– You get 30mls in a bottle and it should go along way. I only need two pumps maximum for natural but through coverage.


– The shades and their names do not match those in ColorStay. I am Ivory (Buff, if tanned) in CS. I have Vanilla in PhotoReady.

– I still have not found the best way to apply this for me. I think I am inclined to use both a brush to dab on skin and then fingers to work in. The product is easy enough to work, with fingers. I prefer a brush for ColorStay which I find more gloopy. When I do use a brush, PhotoReady does not seem to stain my brush as much as ColorStay!

– The normal selling price of around £12.99 makes it one of the more expensive high street foundations.

– There are different shades of this foundation but unlike CS which you can buy to suit your skintype, PhotoReady has a universal formulation.

My final verdict is that yes, I do, indeed, find this foundation wearable and I will use it up. I’m not sure if I will buy again. We’ll see but I’m not sure why I even brought it this time considering my Rocky Road with CS and how happy I was to find L’Oreal True Match at the bottom of my draw and then how upset I was when I quickly used the dregs up. I have yet to find a foundation to match this one. A back up of that should have been (and now needs to be) my priority. I know that works so why I still drift in to the unknown. . , I can only blame hype!

Name your foundation friend or foe? What about PhotoReady? Any tales or tips?


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April 16, 2010 at 11:42 pm

Coming soon!

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Coming soon!

Hey Girlies!

Just a quick note to say that I’m hoping to do lots of blog work over the next few days as I have some time off work and there are so many posts that I have thought about doing and still, months later, haven’t.

Look out for

* A blush post. I’ve hardly touched on blush since I’ve been blogging.

* Revlon PhotoReady

* Bourjois 10 hour sleep effect

* A haul!!!!!

* A hair update

* Sigma brushes update

* Natural skincare and remedies update

* FOTD’s

* NOTD’s

* Scott Barnes review

* Ardell and Lipocils Talika review

* Exfoliator review

* Barry M dazzledusts

* Perfume reviews

* Some pondering for my MAC pallette of Dreams

* A wishlist

Phew, lots to do. At least if I’m typing, I can’t put food in to my mouth. I’m eating everything in sight at the moment. I am blaming the Martine workout video. It makes me hungry but it is working wonders for my knotted shoulders!:)

While I’m making plans, is there anything that you would like to see on this blog. What are your favourite type of posts to read? I would love your feedback.

Also, I need to catch up with a couple of tags/awards. I believe Jemma (Bamboozle Beauty) and Laura (Emerald Green 88) both tagged me when I was on my little blog break.

Thank you, Girls!

There was one other thing, I wanted to ask you Girls about. Do you think I should move my blog from wordpress to blogger or blogspot. There justs seems more of a beauty buzz there. Any thoughts?

Enjoy the forecasted sun this weekend. It is to shine, yay!


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