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Basic Beauty

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Basic Beauty

Imagine how pleased I was to get this for Christmas . . .


A Soap and Glory Gift box. Yay, I adore Soap and Glory. I love the smell of the products esp, the body glow. Sometimes the smell of this is better and more lasting then that of fragrances twice the price. I just love the whole kitch marketing thing. The whole 40s/50s (?) thing seems so glamorous. Less Chav and more Hepburn. Sometimes it is nice to feel clean as the marketing alludes. Anyway there I was, very happy with my gift box. There was the gorgeous box and then inside body butter, body wash and a shower cap!



That is right, a shower cap!!!!


Well, you can imagine my thoughts. Why would I want a shower cap (which incidentally everybody insisted I model at the grand present opening, cue laughter) when Soap and Glory could quite have easily put another quality product in such as that lovely body glow and shimmer or a lip butter?!

Fast forward, 10 days and guess what? I have used that shower cap more then any of the other products and it is now a staple in my daily routine. I use it to protect my hair from the humidity and frizzing when I wash. When I apply my new clinque and make up, I use it to keep everything out of the way. And now I will probably use it to keep everything out of the way when I apply tan.

Such a simple little product but I so easily could have overlooked it and yet it might keep my hair that much sleeker and my tan that much more even, that it just might take me a little step further forward on my mission.

So now I’m wondering what other simple beauty tips I may have overlooked in my haste to research the latest cream or the latest make up must have?

What are your simple beauty tips? And don’t you think that actually as far as shower caps go that this is the cutest little one, you’ve ever seen?! ;-)



Written by essjay23x

January 5, 2010 at 5:03 pm