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Congratulations Laura!

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Congratulations Laura!

Laura, Emerald Green 88, has 150 followers and to celebrate, she is having a giveaway where one lucky winner will win a bumper stash including some MAC (All That Glitters!!) and many other beauty faves.

As part of the giveaway, you must follow Laura’s fabulous blog. Laura is happy to have more followers as long as they are loyal to her posts and not just there for a giveaway.

I really suggest you take a look at Laura’s blog. Her brilliant blog was one of the first that I followed and I really look forward to her fabulous FOTD’s and very regular, detailed updates. Her approach to blogging seems as professional as her nature is friendly (she dedicated a whole post to me once with swatches when I was umming and ahhing over purple eye make up. So sweet). I can’t imagine it’ll be long before she has another 150 followers so what are you waiting for?! Hop across now and be inspired by one of her gorgeous product finds or what about her Indian wedding look?

This is Laura’s link



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April 12, 2010 at 9:09 pm

Drumroll please . . .

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Drumroll please . . .


Can I have a drumroll please?

Thank you!

My competition has now officially closed and the winner (picked at random) is . . , BRITTANY!!!

Congratulations Brittany, this little stash is yours!

E-mail (sometime before next Monday) with a delivery address for the parcel and I will send it out ASAP.

Thanks to everybody who entered and I’m sorry that I’m not rich enough to reward you all for your support but please do keep visiting, subscribing and commenting. It means such a lot and who knows, maybe there will be another little competition soon.

Happy Monday to you all.


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February 15, 2010 at 11:51 am

Happy Valentines Day!!!

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Happy Valentines Day!!!

I thought that to stay in the spirit of this beautiful day, I would share with you a few things that I have fallen in love with since my mission, to make more of myself, began.

* My head is spinning with love for skincare routines.

As most of you know, I have been Cliniquing twice a day and you know what, I am loving the fact that I have a skincare routine in place. The morning and night applications kind of mark the start and end of my day. What better way to start and end my day on my skin, something that is only mine. My skin, something that only I can (and do) wear. My skin may not always be one hundred percent perfect but I would say that it is a lot closer then it was six months ago and now as I’m looking at it so much more closely at least twice a day and I’m appreciating it and what it goes through each day so much more. I think, ‘Ooh, I was out in that snow for a couple of hours today and my nose itched.’ Then I have a look to see if there is any signs of the earlier distress and if necessary, take the steps to remedy it. Yep, it is official that I’m just a little too obsessed with my skin at the moment.

* I’m blindly in love with soaps from Lush.

I have never been a big fan of solid soap. It has never really homed a strong enough scent for fragrance-mad me and then it has always been quite hard work, to lather and then my skin rarely feels softer or any benefit. That was . . . until Lush! I will probably elaborate on this in my ‘Lush and I’ series but I have only used a small number of soaps from Lush but two of them, I absolutely adore.

 Honey I Washed The Kids

Sultana of Soap

I’m sure you’ve heard it all before but these are divine. They make bathtime fun and then to top it off, apparently they are good for me. After trying these, I know that it doesn’t matter what I hear about all the other Lush soaps (and products), I still will not be satisfied until I have tried each and every one for myself even the dissed ones.

* I’m hopelessly in love with Barry M.

Okay, I admit I have been flirting with MAC a bit lately and there is no denying that MAC is one hottie of a brand but I also know that one day, the novelty of this mission is going to start wearing off and my money is going to start running out but guess what? This doesn’t scare me that much because there is always Barry M and all of their beautiful colours and gorgeous products at damn right yummy prices. Barry M means I never need to go make up hungry and for that, it remains a true love.

Here is a sneak peek at the Fabulous/Barry M free gift that I got last week.

Red Nail Paint (Very excited, there is so much hype about the Barry M nail paints and this colour is perfect for Valentines).

Fabulously Nude Super Shiny Gloss (how will this look with Hue?)

A black eye liner

A shimmery grey eyeshadow (my first Barry M eyeshadow)

And finally a very hot pink make up bag to keep it all in. All of this Barry M for free, there is not much I can say to that. In fact, I’m lost for words!

* I’m loving all the way to the moon and back, the Max Factor Lash Extension Effect Extreme Lengthening mascara.

This is a very new love. I only purchased it last weekend but it is gorgeous. As most of you know, one of my biggest sins is product overload and product overload can equal clumps but not with this mascara. I can heap the layers on and there is not a gloop in site. I have quite long lashes but what I love about this mascara is how seperating and defining it is. It is like a polish for my lashes, it simply creates a beautiful frame for my eyes.

It lets the rest of my make up speak for itself. It is very easy to apply and although it took a couple of goes to get used to the extra long wand, it is easy to get in and catch the small inner lashes. It is unusual for me to apply much mascara to my lower lash line as I think this can look too much and, with gloopy mascaras, quite messy but I think this one does just enough to only compliment the lower lashes. I’m not sure that this mascara will be loved by everyone, I don’t think you can build it up to shout out to the world but for me, it does more then enough and is my one of my newest loves.

* And finally, I’m head over heels in love with you, my readers, followers and inspiration.

If it wasn’t for you, I expect that my mission would have come to a sudden halt weeks ago. Your encouragment and support has been amazing and I can only thank you all, for the big gorgeous part you have played in my life, so far, this year.  I know this sounds OTT but this mission and blog is changing not only my look but also my life and at the end of the day, it all comes back to you. My readers, followers and all of you who also inspire me too. There are so many of you Darlings out there in Blogland, You Tube and at who have helped me so much. The cyber beauty community is amazing and very much alive. I don’t know how I can thank you all for your support. I know that my little competition gives back only the smallest fraction of what all this has given me but I guess it is a start so if you want a chance to reap a reward for your good deeds in supporting my mission then check out my competition post very soon. The competition closes tonight.

Anyway as you can see I’m brimming over with love this year and I don’t want to really end this Valentines post but I must (before I bore you with Snob again), I hope you all have had a fantastic Valentine’s weekend. I know that Jemma (Bamboozle Beauty) and Laura (Emeraldgreen88) have both done the ‘Lipstick Valentine’ so check out their blogs (links in my sidebar) to find the hot lipsticks they are rocking. They have some beauties!

Once again, I would just like to thank you for your support! It really does mean the world.


Competition Time

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Competition Time

Yay, I have decided to have my first competition!!!!!!!!!!  It is my turn to give something back.

In order to enter, there are two stages.

Stage 1

You have to be or become a subscriber by 00:01 am on the 15th February 2010, London time. 

I will count you as a subscriber if you can send me a screen shot with proof of subscription through a reader or a site such as Bloglovin (e-mail proof to

If you are a blogger and indicate anywhere on your blog that you follow my blog and provide a link to this blog, I will also count you as a subscriber as long as you let me know that you have done this. 

If you make videos and then mention in one of your videos that you follow my blog and provide a link. Again, I will count you as a subscriber as long as you let me know. 

If you have subscribed or do subscribe by e-mail using the link in my sidebar, I know who you are and have proof of your subscription so you can go straight to stage 2

Stage 2

By the 00:01 on the 15th of February 2010, you must have commented on at least three different posts in my blog. Please note anybody who has already done this will be automatically entered. Comments will only count if I approve them to be posted. I will approve any comment that is not automatically put in to the spam box by the computer as long as I feel it is relevant to the blog and its contents. I will not approve anything I deem offensive or derogaratory. It is my final decision as to if I approve a comment and it then counting.

All eligible subscribers will automatically be entered in to a draw and one person will be chosen at random to win the prize.

Each eligible subscriber will only be entered once in to the draw regardless of how long they have been a subscriber or how many comments they make.

The contest is open to anybody. Although I am assuming that everybody is over 16. If you are not, please ensure you get parental consent. Prizes will be withdrawn if it becomes evident your parents object to this competiton.I am happy to post these prizes to anywhere in the world unless the post office or an authority stops me, I don’t know much about international shipping.

So here they are, all the gooodies that you can win. One winner will win all of this.

– A 20ml sample of Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor Deep Conditioner for damaged hair

– Soap and Glory Flake Away (50ml)

– Soap and Glory The Righteous Butter (50ml)

– Barry M LipPaint 100

-Barry M Dazzledusts 51 and 53, Mushroom and Chocolate

-Barry M Lipgloss

-No7 Nail Varnish in Crystal Lilac

You may have heard me talk about some of these brands before. All prizes are from brands that I have used before. They are or are similar to products that I think very highly of.

Sorry folks, there are no runner-up prizes but maybe there will be another competition sometime. For now, get subscribing and commenting! Good luck!!!


Please feel free to spread the news about this giveaway or to link to it in your own blog/videos etc


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January 20, 2010 at 6:22 pm

Sharing the Love!

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Sharing The Love

Or maybe this post should actually be called Pointing the finger for these are the people to blame for my current obsession. These are some of my favourite You Tube Gurus and bloggers.


Kandee Johnson

The very first guru that I ever watched. There I was innoncently looking for blowdry tips and well, here I am now . . ! Pro Hollywood Artist who covers makeup, hair, life and everything in-between.



English pros who mainly do make-up. We are so lucky to have them. Always a different look and something new to learn. Their knowledge seems to have no limits.



If anybody  is ever going to be the PixiWoo of the future then it’ll be this girl. Still a teenager but she really knows her stuff make-up wise. Very inspiring, in-depth looks. I want her make-up talent, what a future she could have!


The Make-up Diaries 

 Another English make-up pro who breaks down the most beautiful looks and makes them so simple. Also mentions a lot of different products. Very useful!



Make up and skincare. She seems very focused and passionate on what she is doing, her blog and videos are updated nearly everyday. Her calm enthuasism is very contagious. A great place to look for natural beauty tips.


 A very well-known guru who is well-respected. She is very honest and I love all the little beauty dilemias that she has. Hair colour! She introduced me to Gosh Darling, lash enhancement products and knows why hair is so important.


Somebody who is just so in to her make up. Amazing eyes and colours. Absolutely breath-taking looks.


And these are just a few!! I’ve missed so many out, like Imogen from FoxyLocks, OxfordJasmine, JuicyTuesday, FilthyGorgeous Make-up . . . I’ve got a feeling that there will be another one of these posts. I do want to shout-out to Fleur De Force ( though, I’ve only really watched one of her videos. It was the MAC starter one yday and it was so helpful, thank you!

So what do you think, any more to recommend? Please check these guys out and feel free to leave a link to your own channel or blog.

Now something more for you, I’m enjoying blogging and I would love to have a little competition so if I can get 15 subscribers then watch this space. . .


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January 10, 2010 at 1:27 pm

Clinique Three Step

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Clinique Three Step

As you may know, I started using the Clinque Three Step System last week. The Three Step consists of a cleanser, a clarifying lotion (which is allegedly the key) and a moisturising lotion. There are different versions of these products and instead of trying to randomly choose the product choice for yourself. Clinique do have counters where there are trained assistants who can do this for you. My assistant asked me a few simple questions about my body such as my natural hair colour and my reactions to sun exposure. She also touched my skin and said that she was testing my skin for resistance. She then concluded that I was a Type 2 and had dry/combination skin. It was advised that I buy the Type 2 Sample pack for £20 which I did.

The samples do seem very small. However, I was advised to use very little product and for somebody who lathers the moisturiser on like me, this has took some getting used to. Trying to control myself, I use one squeeze of the cleanser for each wash and then I follow with two tips of the clarifying lotion. Then depending on how my skin feels, I use a five pence to a ten pence size dollop of moisturiser. With other moisturisers; body butters, I’m pretty sure that I have used five times as much as this. Yet my skin has not felt any drier over the last week and indeed, does feel softer. Please note, I have also added a Clinque Eye Cream to my routine which I will review soon. I was advised that the samples would last about two weeks. Tomorrow, I will hit a week and I believe, I will have over half of the cleanser and clarifying lotion left. Unfortunately I can not assess how much moisturiser I have used, due to the bottle design. I just can not see what is in there.
As the week has progressed, I feel the system has started to work in different ways.

At first, I could not get the cleanser to foam but then suddenly after about three days, lather would appear more or less as soon as the product touched my face and suddenly I didn’t even feel the need to apply much product (and I always want more!). I wonder if this is due to the shampoo effect. In dirty hair, sometimes it seems to take two or three washes to get a lather and so, I’m wondering does the foam suggest that I have now got rid of all the scum that was on my skin. Conversly, it could mean that practise makes perfect and I have just got used to the products and can now work them as intended. Though Clinque claims that three steps should only take three minutes. No! It does not matter how much I focus, I can never ever imagine this system correctly applied taking less then five minutes xtwo out of my day.
I also noticed when applying the cleanser and the clarifying lotion that any slightest nic or flaw in my skin would twang. In fact, this twanging actually drew my attention to flaws that I never knew I had. Uh oh, my skin is in a worse condition then I thought. The twanging has since subsided a little and I can not find the little scratches that were stinging plus I have spotted no new blemishes since starting this system. As of yet, I can not say cateforically that I have seen any other difference in my skin other then the fact that it is very clean!

I have little doubt that there are some very strong ingredients in this system. Firstly, the assistant was adamanent that the cleanser and lotion should go nowhere near my eyes and lips. Secondly, the twanging. However, Clinque are renowned as the Dermatogists’ brand and they claim that in testing if there is even one reaction in 7200 applications then they reformulate. For many people, Clinque is an indispensable part of their daily routine and I’m keen to finish my samples and find out what the hype is all about.

Thanks for reading, any thoughts on Clinique or other skincare regimes?




Please keep reading, I’m hoping to have a little blog competition soon!

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January 6, 2010 at 8:16 pm