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Look, look . . .

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Look, look . . .

I got my first MAC products, yay, yay, yaaaaaaaaaaaay! :-)

We have (from the back and left to right) Untitled; Blackberry; Mineralise SkinFinish Natural in Light Medium, Embark, Modelette, Shale, Underage and Hue.

Whoo, these little purchases have made my week. I have the week off and this is just how I wanted to start it . . . with MAC! You should have seen how tightly I was holding my little bag. I can’t wait to wear them all properly. I’m hoping that I will not be disappointed.

I shouldn’t be.

I did do a lot of research. I went with a whole list of colours that gurus such as Lollipop26, FleurDeForce, Dazzledust25, AllThatGlitters, JuicyStar05, OxfordJasmine and so many more, have talked/blogged about and that certainly helped to guarantee Hue and Underage a home but with the eyeshadows, there were just so many on the shelf and you could not see the names without picking the actual shadows up and looking on their rears. I soon gave up on that and just ended up picking the ones that I actually liked the look of. I wanted mainly neutrals but one or two colours to shake things up for more made-up looks. I already had purples in mind and when the assistant suggested them . . . sold!

Going back to lips. I tried three lipsticks. The lady suggested Patteserie and I asked to try Hue and Angel. Angel just seemed a little too pink for me. It came down to Hue and Patteserie. I hope Patteserie becomes part of my collection evantually but I guess as I already knew about Hue, that is where my heart stayed.

I tried two lipglosses. Fantabulous and Underage. This was easy. Fantaboulous really did look purple on me. When I’ve seen people wearing it in videos, it looked conventional and I would be surprised to find out that it was a purple gloss but on my lips, you could certainly see that it was a very purple gloss. Just slightly too outrageous for me . . . at the moment!

I also have a paint tube (there is more in the tube then the pot for the same price) and the assistant said that she preferred tubes. I got Untitled which is a very subdued nude with a trace of pink. I will be interested to see how this works as I have always used either the Benefit cream shadows or concealer as eye bases. That is, if I used anything at all.

The Mineralise Skin Finish Natural seems a bit of a ‘boring’ purchase compared to the shadows and lipsticks but it was the one ‘boring’ product that so many gurus bothered to rave about and, maybe I’m a bit dense but, I don’t see the point in raving about a ‘boring’ finishing powder unless it actually works. Also get this, I’m still off the fake tan and was colourmatched for this powder and it seems the lightest was too light, wow!

Well, I hope you enjoyed a little peek in to my shopping bag. Expect to see a lot more of these products in future posts (after all, I’ve got to get my moneys worth). Also be warned, todays shopping did not stop in MAC . . .

Can you remember your first MAC product? What products do you aspire to?




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Oops. . .

 Did I tell you about my second resolution this year? It was to save money. . .

Oops, let me introduce you to my purchases today.

Firstly, we have the most expensive. It is almost two weeks and my Clinque Clarifying lotion has almost ran out as the Sales Assistant said, it would. The more I use this system, the less it stings. And yes alright, I had to be convinced but with practise, it seems to take less time too. For now, I’m sticking with it. So today I splashed out and brought the three standard bottles. I was also given a couple of samples. Skin goodness and extras, I think this purchase can be excused.

Purchase number 2 was the Clearasil Scrub and Deep Cleansing toner. For over five years, I had very bad acne on my upper back and despite having acne nowhere else, it would not be shifted. However about a year ago, I read that  you should use on your acne only what you would use on your face and this brought me back to Clearasil which I used when I had breakouts as a teenager.  So I used two Clearasil products religiously, three times a day each, for a month or so and my back cleared. Now I use it more as and when. I try to make sure that I use at least two Clearasil products on my back each day. Sometimes it is two scrubs. Sometimes a lotion and a scrub. Today was the first time that I have brought the Deep Cleansing Toner. Normally I get the Deep Pore Treatment but this toner was reduced in Superdrug and looked more or less like it did the same thing. We’ll see. . ! Obviously for spotty reasons, this purchase will be excused!

Thirdly, we have Cotton Wool. For the Clinique and Clearasil. Obviously, this will be excused by association!

Fourth, we have a Gosh lipstick. Amethyst, purple. I loved Gosh Darling and I also have been enjoying Barry M hot pinks such as 100 which seems to have a bluish tinge. I am very excited about wearing Amethyst. . ! This purchase will be excused as I had the willpower to put Gosh Nougat back and buy just the one lipstick. Well done Me!

Fifth is a Shimmy Shimmers palette from ME ME ME. I think this is the first item that I have brought from this brand. Each palette has five shades in and you are meant to swirl your brush in to the palette so you pick up all the different shades and then you can use the multi-toned mix of powder to highlight. There are some beautiful colours in here. I brought the pink version but I think there was also a gold one and a bronze one. I’m trying to stop myself from picking these up. They might be good for contouring my pale face and if not then surely they would make beautiful eyeshadows. This purchase can be excused because obviously, I need a treat and I haven’t brought anything that is not necessary today ;-)

 And finally, we have gloves. What can I say, it is so cold and my hands are starting to dry up and that stings. . ! Plus it was two pairs for £1 in Primark so probably the most sensible purchase of the day.

Hmm, lets tot up my Sensible Shopping Challenge. . , PASS, yay!!! ;-)

So, what do you think? Have you tried any of these products? Have you been shopping lately, what have you been buying? There is nothing better then a nose in somebodyelses shopping bag, hee hee!

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January 12, 2010 at 10:44 pm