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Operation Beautiful!

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Operation Beautiful!

Ok, I need some courage.

Hmmm, anyone know where I can buy that from?!

Thought so.

You see I want to post an Operation Beautiful note. I haven’t got the guts yet so while I’m growing some, let me tell you a little bit about Operation Beautiful.

Operation Beautiful is about ‘transforming the way you see yourself one post-it note at a time’. It is all about reminding yourself just how beautiful you are. It started with Caitlin who posted notes on mirrors in public bathrooms carrying messages such as you are beautiful or you are amazing and suchlike.

Now her positivity has grown and people all over North America are posting notes, in bathrooms, in gyms, on shop windows, on exercise videos in HMV, on weighing scales and anywhere else you can think of, reminding people like you and me that they are beautiful enough right now as they are and giving them something to smile about for a few seconds during a day otherwise full of nit-picking and criticism. And of course, the note writer is smiling too and so they should be, for spreading a little happiness to a stranger.

An Operation Beautiful book has been released this week which details some of these notes and the stories behind them.

I just think this is a really sweet, nice idea. Hmmm. . .

Yay, there we go!You have recieved your first note and I have posted mine!! Bet we are both smiling!!! Oh and don’t you always feel beautiful when you are smiling?!

Hee hee, I like this!

I might post some more, anybody going to join me?

Want to smile, check out the website where you can view posted notes, stories and Caitlin’s appearence on the Today show



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Blush: Coralista

Coralista is a blush from Benefit. I actually have several blushes from Benefit (all of which will be reviewed at some point) but this is my most recent purchase.

There was a lot of hype surrounding this blush when it was first released. Many You Tubers and Bloggers were raving about it. Many citing it as a dupe for the infamous Deep Throat from Nars.

I find most Benefit products (apart from the Creaseless shadows) very strong. There is no doubt that this blush immediatly impacts on your look as soon as the powder meets your skin for the very first time. Although the colour appears a lot brighter and so much more vibrant in the box then it does on my skin, I still advise using a light hand to apply this product and then building up gradually. If you do so then a you can create a very pretty peach flush to flatter your skintone, no matter what it is.

However if you apply this product quickly and heavily then like all blushes, it will look just a bit odd and clownlike. In addition to this, I would say that with Coralista, you could also end up looking “Cullenfied” because like Photoready, there is some shimmer in Coralista.

I would say Coralista is a very pretty blush and compliments my skin tone (and in fact, flicking through reviews, most people say it suits their skintone whatever that maybe). However, I don’t think it is a particularly natural shade for me and it could come across as product rather then a natural glow but applied in the right way, this does not necessarily make it any less flattering. Make up can be attractive. Sometimes!


I would say the colour of the product sat in the box was an accurate indicator of the peachy pink shade which materalised on my cheeks but maybe the one on my cheeks was more subtle and teasing.


Coralista certainly stands out in my blush collection. I have a peach cream blush from Maybelline and there is no doubt that the cream product is peach. Meanwhile my other blushs such as Dandelion and Throb are obviously more pink. Even BlushBaby is different more of a matte (mature) product but Coralista is a very vibrant shade combining pink, peach and a shimmer which almost talks to you. I find it quite teasing and tantilising which maybe is why I think it is the blush to use for more casual fun occasions. The shimmer helps to awaken the skin (as I read in a review on Make Up Alley and thought ‘oh yeah, so true’) and keep the years at bay. I would say Coralista is a great blush for looking younger and well, more alive.

As is standard with Benefit blushes, this product comes in a beautiful little box with the standard brush (which I never use, I use my Sigma skunk). A lot of people find this cardboard box thing very annoying. I have mixed feelings, the box is very pretty and summery but if I wanted to take Coralista out with me, it would be very diffcult to do so without damaging the box and possibly the product. Maybe Benefit should design travel back ups in more pratical packaging. Some people say that Coralista is scented, when I think about it and sniff, I think I can smell something pleasant but I wear so much perfume that it might be better for you to test the product out for yourself (and have a sniff) next time you are at the Benefit counter.

The price of Benefit blushes are quite expensive, £23.50. I think that I would happily forego the smell and box if the blush was £5 cheaper. Like all Benefit blushes, this product seems to last. You need so little for it to do its job that even if you use it everyday, one box may well last almost a year.

Although Coralista is not strictly a straight peach, I count it as so and have worn it a lot lately with my friend, Frenched. Tanya Burr suggested in her wearable red lip tutorial that you wear peach blush whenever you wear a red lip. I must say that I have started to take to Coralista. When I first brought it, I was slightly disappointed because I struggled to apply it well. However now that I have got used to the product, I’m liking Coralista again. I think it is quite an original blush which can only mean a thumbs up for me and then of course, it quite a fruity peach, tropical and summery. Double thumbs up, I’m liking all things summery at the moment. Actually Benefit’s promo spill for this product is quite apt, ‘Our warm coral-pink cheek powder is your “coral blush for a tropical flush”! This shade cheers up every skin tone in seconds.’

Oh and I have just noticed that Benefit suggest that you sweep this across your cheeks starting from the hairline and working in. I always work out from inner side of the apple and slightly up to give those cheekbones a little tug and lift. What do you do with your blush? Do Benefit suggest this because there is more colour in the brush to start with and there should be more colour on the outer apple then the in? Argh, now I am confusing myself . . ?

What do you think of Coralista? What Benefit blush would you like me to review next? And also moving away from Benefit, what blushes do you recommend? I’d love to know :)

Girls, I do have a better picture of Coralista on my cheek but uploading seems too mammouth for my connection. I will try to edit it in soon!


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June 21, 2010 at 6:59 pm

In and Outs for March!

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In and Outs for March!


* Eyelash enhancing products

Yay since using these products, there is no doubt that my eyes have changed. My pupils have newly improved glossy lashes framing them. I need to take some photos and do the post that I promised ages ago on this but I really believe in these products. I would say that both the Ardell lash product and the Lipocils one have done a good job of enhancing my lashes. I guess there are so many sceptics out there that the jury will always be out as to if I have any new lashes or extra lengths. There will always be somebody scrutinising eye make up and camera angles etc. However, I certainly carry a better frame on my face for my eyes. Also, interestingly my mascara is so much easier to apply since I’ve started lash enhancing. I am addicted to this new aspect of my beauty routine. The only downer is that I’m going to have to pay for the habit. At the moment, I have been using some of the cheaper products. I think Lipocils was less then £20 and Ardell was less then £10. Yet despite exceptional results from both of them, I’m still so curious about some of the other leaders in the market such as Lilash and Revitalash and to be honest, all that is stopping me from forking ou for either of them is the fact that I still have some product left in both my Ardell and Lipocils tubes. I’m hoping that Lollipop26 comes back to us with a positive review of the new L’Oreal Lash Serum, that could just leave me with some change in my pocket.

* Grocery shopping

Huh?! Ok, this is about more then all of that naughty chocolate lying on the shelves this time of the year. At the supermarket, I now have to shop for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and of course, beauty!!! I now need to know that I have some honey, lemons, sugar, eggs, olive oil, milk and vinegar on standby. And although not strictly from the supermarket, I am loving Coconut Oil. When I use it with my Naked shampoo and intensive conditioner, I’m finally getting more the control, shine and radiance in my hair that I originally wanted from the (until now blah Naked Haircare range).

* Viva Cyndi

When I went to collect these special MAC lippies, it was all about Viva Gaga for me but Cyndi was such a pleasant surprise. A lovely, subtle, groomed red worn alone which looks quite natural on my lips. I have recently realised that my lips are quite pigmented and as gorgeous as I feel wearing St Germain and Viva Gaga, I also have to run to the mirror every hour or so to touch up the colours which are just so much lighter then the pigment in my natural lips. One night I went out wearing a Barry M 101 combo, St Germain and Viva Gaga on the top and the colour looked as gorgeous and as Barbie as you would expect. . , where it remined. In some of the pictures later in the night not only did I look quite bleary eyed but my upper and lower lips were totally different colours more obvious then any tan line I have had and I have had some pretty major (fake) tan lines before.

There is no such problem with Viva Cyndi which just sits there prettily until I decide to wipe it away. Apparently it also brings out the green in my eyes. As of yet, I have been a little too scared of red lips to build the colour up too much. However messing around at home, I have been wearing it layerred with new Barry M Cherry Red Lip crayon and what a beautiful, vibrant colour. If only I was brave enough to wear it outide the front door. Until then, here is a swatch


* Sleek palettes

After reading some rave reviews about the new Bohemian palette, I finally gave in and brought one for myself.

 A bit unnecessary really seeing as I have not really used my other sleek palettes much but then all those colours for less then a fiver. Anyway my new little acquisition got me thinking Sleek again and I dug out my two old palettes (Original and Storm. Oh and then I also brought Sunset) and took a careful look at all the colours within. Wow, I have so many different colours and most of them really are quite wearable for me. I found a couple of PixiWoo tutorials on YouTube for a basic smokey eye and a purple one. Nic used the purple from the Sleek Original palette, I used this colour at new year but thought it was possibly a bit bright for a normal night out on my pale skin at this time of year. So instead used a dark denimy blue colour from the Storm palette (I have finally managed to get rid of the broken black shadow that came with this palette and luckily salvaged pretty much all of the other lovely shadows inside) to create my own smokey eye based on the tutorials.

Yay, I loved the look and the shadows (I used a couple of others including the purple to highlight and contour) lasted all night without any touch up. The Sleek palettes cost less then £5, surely there is no better example of a bargain.


* March

I’ve touched on this before. A very strange month and I’m going to gloss over my lack of posts lately. It feels so nice that the nights are now a little lighter and the odd ray of sun occasionally pops out. I am really looking forward to the summer now.

* MAC Snob

No! Of course, I have not gone off this gorgeous, gorgeous lippie but I have only gone and lost it. I have looked everywhere, it has to be here somewhere. It HAS to be!!! In the meantime, Hue and Ambre Rose are sharing stand in responsibilities but still, it is not quite the same . . !

* Spring cleaning

New month, new season and so I just had to make time to tidy up. Evantually after putting it off three or four times, the grand clean took place and yes, it all looks tidy now and I know where everything is (except for Snob) but now I feel out of place. It feels wrong. I don’t want a mess or rooms of chaos again but I think I do need to move my tidy little drawers, boxes and piles around and see if I can create a set up that I feel more at home with.

Thanks for reading my little post, what are your ins and outs for March? Is there anything that I should be taking a little look at in April?


PS You may have noticed that I’m taking a little break from Twitter but please feel free to comment here. I will always read (and usually reply) to comments if they are not offensive or advertising (or earmarked by wordpress as any of these). Your comments and thoughts are one of the best aspects of blogging for moi!

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Helllllloo Honey!

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Helllllloo Honey!

Hi all!

Let me tell you about a beauty haul of a different kind, a natural one. If you follow this blog, you will already know I am curious about natural beauty regimes and am considering moving in that direction especially now my Clinique products are running out. I have already started to gather and use a few products branded as “natural”.

First of all, there is my wonderful Moroccan Oil. I still love this product and yes, I’ve caved and purchased the full size. My hair is generally more managebable, softer and seems healthier especially the ends now that I’m using this product. However, I have found a couple of drawbacks too. After a couple of days, my hair does feel greasy and seems to need washing every couple of days as opposed to two or three times a week. I think I’m suffering from a build up of oil and am struggling to wash it out with my new staple Naked shampoo and have had to result to Curly Wurly and Big for a clarifying wash. I think it is time for me to wash and style my hair once without the Moroccan Oil to stop further build up but am I brave enough?! I’m not sure, I am seriously addicted to this stuff which is why despite some kind suggestions I have not surrended to the cheaper but probably as effective aragon oil instead. Despite some drawbacks, I can not imagine life without Moroccon Oil now.

Secondly, there is the Naked shampoo and intensive conditioning treatment. The shampoo is ok. My hair seems shiny but that might be the oil. I think this shampoo does clean my hair a little but I’m not convinced that it is anything special and think if you are using it regularly then you are going to need a throw a clarifying shampoo in to the routine once a week or so too. As for the conditioning treatment. Again, I think it is ok but I am not at all worried that I do not have a back up of this product.

Thirdly, we have my Dead Sea Salts exfoliator that I have spoken about before. I have found it messy and impratical to apply this product to dry skin as directed and actually now use it on wet skin. This seems to work well. I have also been dabbing a little bit on to blemishes over night before rinsing it off in the morning. At the very least, none of the blemishes have got worse when coated in the dab of salt. With some blemishes, the product seems to have helped in the healing of the spots.

Fourthly, we have honey. I have been coating my entire face in pure honey for about 15 minutes and it leaves my face so soft and refreshed once rinsed off.

Fifthly, we have lemon juice. I have tried covering my face in lemon juice and leaving for five to ten minutes. It stings a little when applied. When washed off, I feel like my face has had a bit of a workout. However, it does not seem to have helped much with blemished skin. However, it works wonders for my very, very dry hands. I have never used anything so effective on my hand. I just run half a lemon over my hands before bed and then for 24 hours afterwards my hands are so soft. Unfortunatly unless I repeat the treatment, they do seem to dry out again very quickly. I would still say if you are going to try any of these, I would say try this one and prepare to be impressed!!!

Finally, we have Olive Oil which compliments the Lemon Juice hand treatment. Once I’ve cleared the build up of oil in my hair, I would like to try this on my hair and am planning to use it to enhance my new tan.

So do you have natural beauty tips or raves? Please tell me, I’m getting in to this whole natural thing. I have to say that none of the above (apart from Moroccan Oil) are really finds of my own. I have read about them on various blogs but have relied heavily on posts from Bubblegarm’s beauty blog. There is so much information here and she really explains why the products might work too. And what is more, she test drives them all to give you more of an idea if something might be worth pursuing. So if you are thinking of moving in a natural direction then some of her posts are worth reading!


PS You might want to pop along to the GMTV website and read the deals of the week from money expert, Martin Lewis FIVE Bourjois lipsticks for £9 inc. delivery!

Survival kits and pretty prizes.

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Survival kits and pretty prizes.

Hi girls

I don’t know if very many of you know but Sophie aka BeautyMarked19 ( ) is currently doing a blog series where once a week or so, she is going to feature an extract from fab but less known blogs and then link you to that blog so if you’re interested then you can learn more, I think this is a great idea and will be following the series with interest. I love finding new people to follow and what amazes me is how different every new blogger, I find, is to all the others. We are all so unique.

So far BeautyMarked 19 had featured one blog and wow, she started with the series with a bang. The first blog featured was PearlsandPoodles from the lovely Milly ( ). I can not believe Milly has only been blogging three weeks. Already she has covered so much, make up; outfits of the day; jewellery collections; her Sunday plans. Her posts are always so easy to read and pretty. She seems so happy and such a breath of fresh air. To be honest, I’m jealous. The girl was born to blog!

One of my favourite posts is her desert island one and at the end, she tagged anybody who wanted a go. Well, here we go . . . across the sea towards the sun.

Hmm, this looks like a nice place to get stranded!

Ok. . , I borrowed the image from Milly but let’s squeeze our eyes tight and concentrate on dreaming . . . isn’t this island beautiful and guess what?! We’re castaway here for the foreseeable future. What a shame ;-) but always prepared (ahem), here are the five items in my survival kit.

1/ Supremya At Night


I want this. I wanted it as soon as I saw it named the best night cream in InStyle Best Beauty Buys this year. It looks gorgeous in its golden tube and make-up guru Ruby Hammer is quoted as saying people thought she had botox after she’d used it and apparently a little goes a long way which is always helpful if you’re stranded.

There is only one problem and that is the price. £435 but then my skin hates the sun and this island looks pretty sunny. Paradise it maybe but I’m going to have to look after my skin and the only thing better then been stranded on this desert island is been stranded on the desert island and then looking ten years younger when I hit the mainland again.

Also think of all the Barry M and MAC that I won’t be able to buy while I’m stranded. Ha! In the circumstances, this cream could actually be a good value investment.

Yes Mr Bank Manager, honestly!

2/ Hollywood Smile

Well, it is sunny. It is hot and in this dream, I’m castaway with lots of hot, tanned men so I’m going to be smiling and for this I need white teeth. ;-)

I have used tubes of Hollywood Smile before when I have had a special occasion coming up and I would say my teeth do always seem to go lighter by two or so shades within about four weeks of use. The only downside is that once the tube runs out and I start going back to normal toothpaste, my teeth suddenly do not look as white anymore.

3/ Soap and Glory Easy Glistening Dry Oil Body Gloss

Milly says sun-tan lotion is provided. This is all very good but my skin can be a menace. Without sun tan lotion, I’m fried and look like a tomato in seconds. With sun tan lotion, I stay my normal ghost white. I never just tan or get that sun kissed glow so I’m going to take a bottle of this along to fake some kind of radiance. I love this product for it’s ability to make my skin look shimmery, healthy and young but also the scent. As you know I am obsessed with pretty scents and perfumes. The smell of this product is gorgeous. Sometimes I do not need to wear perfume with it and I can just imagine how beautiful and even more vibrant this lovely sweet scent will be when it is encounters the heat of this tropical island. As if it isn’t gorgeous enough already?!

4/ Vaseline

Here I snap with Milly but this year, this product has been my saviour. Many of you will know how it helped during My Great Dry Lip Crisis of January 2010. I love this product and now it is my lips absolute best friend, I know that I can rely on it to be just as much of an angel when I’m stranded in paradise and I bet I’ll be glad of it when I burn my hands on the camp fire or am bitten by a shark.

Plus I heard about another use today. I was reading some comments to Mushines latest post ( Ella Pretty said that if you place vaseline on your pulse points before you spritz perfume there, the scent will linger longer. I’m guessing it could work the same for my Soap and Glory Dry Oil.

5/ An umbrella

It looks like paradise but don’t they always say that nothing is as good as it seems? Well as these five items are my only things on this island, I’m going to make sure that when I use them, they are not washed away by a sudden downpour straight after application.

Plus you know I have been very brave not taking a hairdryer or strighteners with me . . ! And hey if my luck does change and it is just sun, sun, sun all the way then I have something for shade and protection.

So there we go, that is my survival kit! I have gone for subtle beauty products. Ones that give the impression of general health and radiance and will look afer me somewhere, so far away from home. After all, what use will mascara be if I’m blinking in to the sun sixteen hours a day and been pompelled with rain for the other eight hours?!

So as you know mine now why not share your survival kit below in the comments (remember that could help you in qualifying for my competition, see the competition post) or do a post on your blog? I would love a peek and it is a fun tag to do.

Back to Milly, she has just reached 200 followers in like 15 posts. Wow! She is having a giveaway to celebrate and included in the prize stash is the gorgeous Aqua dazzledust and a very hot pink one, a gorgeous pearl necklace, love hearts and more! As you can see, a really unique stash that compliments her blog beautifully.

Ooh and while we are talking competitions and such like, don’t forget you still have time to enter mine. See the competition post ( ) .

Also check out the Beautylicious blog, Jo is having a giveaway now she has reached 250 followers and the winner gets a MAC lipstick and lipsglass of their choice. (  )Again a fab (and very generous) prize!

Until next time, enjoy the sun on your (dream!) island!


 PS Please note all images were from Google Image unless stated.


All about eyes!

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All about eyes!

Look what has happened to my All About Eyes which I brought on New Years Eve.
All gone, all ready :-(
Oh, I am going to miss it. This product has been a big part of my life for the last month. I apply it twice a day and it has made a real difference to how my eyes look and in fact, just makes me look healthier and a lot more rested. Here is the just of a review that I have submitted to the BeautyJudge website ( ).
I have been applying this product  in a triangle under my eyes and then more sparingly on the lids and at the skin meeting my lash lines in the outer corner. I have also used it very lightly and occasionally on sensitive skin around my nose. The cream feels very soft and velevty to touch and it is just ever so slightly cooling when it makes contact with the skin.
I have been using it twice a day and apparently as well as short term benefits, it has an accumulative effect. I’m not sure about the long term results yet. I don’t think that I have been using it long enough but I can say short term, that my eyes do look a lot better every day. It has reduced puffiness and I’m less dependent on my Erase Paste to get rid of dark circles. I would say that when I do conceal under the eyes, the concealer seems to go on more smoothly and needs less working in. The skin on the outer edges of my eyes is very dry and there had been a dramatic improvement here. I use the cream very sparingly on my lids as they can actually become oily with this product.
It is also worth noting that I was not directed to use this product on my nose but I have when I felt my skin wanted me to  and the sensitive areas there have healed. This product is a great compliment to the Clinique Three Step system.

The cream comes in a pinky, orange little pot. The colour reminds me of fruit and just gives me the general impression that I am nourishing my skin which is a feel-good factor. As the cream is in the pot, I can see exactly how much is left and get it all out so there should be no wastage and you can use all that you’ve paid for.

The only problem is that I have used mine very quickly. I have been using this product for just over four weeks and have just finished my first 15ml pot. I am sure I remember the Clinique lady giving me the impression that it would last a lot longer then this so I am a bit surprised that I have used about twenty two pounds worth already. I would certainly use this cream again but I think it is going to have to be on an alternate basis with a slightly cheaper one if I am going to go through the pot this quickly. It may be me putting too much on but this is honestly the amount that my skin seems to need and if I used any less with each application then I do not think that I would be happy with the product results. I know I have also used it (lightly and ocassionally) on an area not directed by Clinque but I still would not have expected the pot to finish quite as quickly as this!

As with all Clinique products that I have encountered, this has been allergy tested and is fragrance free. It is a shame that I have finished the pot so soon, I’m going to miss this little eye cream.

So that is my review for All About Eyes and clearly, it is a bittersweet farewell for now but I have to move on so what have I chosen to stand in?

Well, I had to think about this one. There was several choices.

Firstly, the infamous Kiehls Avocado one which Lollipop26 raves about. I saw this in SpaceNk recently and had a play around with the sample. It looked gorgeous and very nourishing. It was a very fruity colour and even to touch, it seemed as if it would be very refreshing and soothing. However, this is an even more expensive product then Clinique All About Eyes and it is hard enough been sensible and wrenching myself away from that (because it does not make moneysense). If Kiehls really works as well as Lollipop26 and others claim then I could see myself even poorer every month. On the other hand, what if it doesn’t work for me? It could be quite an expensive experiment. I am prepared to invest in my beauty but thanks to Clinique, I think my eyes are doing ok at the moment and I think it would be wiser to purchase this cream maybe after a cheaper, quite possibly less effective one. I guess I’m saving this product that I suspect is magic in case of an eye emergency. My plan at the moment is to use a more expensive eye cream then a cheaper one then expensive and so on. As I count Clinique as an expensive one, it is the turn of cheap and sorry but I don’t think that Kiehls qualifies here.

Secondly the tinted Garnier Eye roll on. Mushine has blogged about this ( ) as has others and then of course, every time that I walk in to Boots or open a magazine there is Garnier. This roll on has had a lot of exposure and to be honest, it was the front runner to replace Clinique. I liked the price (about £10) and many of the reviews. It is great that it is a skincare product and conceals at the same time. If I had no Erase Paste left then I probably would have brought this product. However, I already have a concealer that I’m perfectly happy with and I have heard that the original eye roll on was not raved about as much and this makes me wonder. This new version may be a wonder product but is a lot of that down to the new tint factor, the part of the product which least interests me? I was already dubious to how well this product will work at night. As you readers know, I like heavy coverage from creams and skincare products (even if in reality, there is little added benefit). I like to be able to feel there is something there protecting my eyes. I wasn’t sure that a roll on could deliver this and also the fact that the product was tinted suggested to me it was been sold as a 2 in 1 product. I like the idea of this for many beauty products but I already have a concealer and I would like to use my eye cream as a treatment at night and who wears concealer to bed (well. . ,ok but none of us should do)? Therefore, this suggests it was designed for daytime eye care and then would I have to buy something else and spend maybe another £10 to look after my eyes at night. Well then I would land in the expensive bracket again and we know right now, we can’t be there.

Also note the tint only comes in two shades. Normally when there is such a small shade range even the light shade is too dark for me.

Thirdly, I considered Soap and Glory. FoundOnFilm ( ) felt when she first tried Soap and Glory’s eye gel that it worked just as good as All About Eyes. Like I need any encouragment, I scoured the Soap and Glory shelves but couldn’t find the eye gel so it was with another wrench that I pulled myself away from the Soap and Glory lip products (that Imogen from Foxy Locks has raved about) and continued my quest for eye creams.

Fourthly, there was No 7’s new eye cream (Protect and Perfect). Hmmm, Is £16.50 cheap? Yes girls, this is the one.

Now I looked at some reviews before buying because I do get some puffy eyes (I really have to start this drinking water thing) and Clinque made a real difference. Most of the reviews I looked at were on the BeautyJudge website. It did not get a perfect rating of five stars but scored about 4 point something and when I actually read the reviews, I realised that disapppointment mostly laid with the packaging. I think somebody thought the pot looked cheap. I do not have a problem with this but since purchasing, have seen a review on the Boots website saying you can not empty the pot because of the design and looking at my pot, I wonder if wastage is inevitable. When you take the lid off, there is still a rim stopping you getting your fingers in to the pot properly. We’ll see . . !

Anyway back to the product. Like others, I have wondered if the phenonmenal success that No7 skincare appears to have achieved (especially the Beauty serum) is down to good marketing but on the other hand when I’ve previously sampled miniatures, I have never been disappointed but nor have I rushed out to get the full-size. I have decided to give No 7 a shot because I think you need to use skincare products for more then three or four applications to get a true idea of how they will work for you. If it is disappointing then I will be wary of No7 in the future and I will think even more carefully about the expensive replacement when the pot is finished (Is that Kiehls I hear?!).

Apparently No 7 is going to chase away my dark shadows and puffiness. It will smooth,brighten and revitalise my skin. Mainly the same promise in the short term as Clinique. It also says that it will protect against free-radical damage. I’m not sure what this means but am reassured by the fact that the cream was voted the best eye cream by the Now Beauty Awards in 2008 (2008, just how new can this cream be?!). I’ll keep you informed with what I think . . !

Just to note Boots say that the cream is hypo-allergenic and dermalogically tested.

Finally before I go since we are all about the eyes today. Just to let you know that I picked up a Max Factor Lash Extension effect mascara in Boots for £7.99. I think at full price, it will retail for £10.99. I thought I saw in Superdrug that they had a similar offer but I can’t see anything on their website. I will try to get some mascara pictures and a review up soon.

Ooh and I was in Superdrug to pick up my free Barry M courtesy of Fabulous (again, review and pics soon), happy day. However, I had to ask a lady where the giveaway was and she wasn’t even sure if they had already ran out. This was at about 13.30 this afternoon. Luckily one was found for me but it did make me wonder exactly how many are going to be available so I’d claim soon if you are entitled to one.

Anyway I hope you are all having a happy Sunday.


Ps Don’t forget, you have a chance to win a No 7 product, the beautiful Crystal Lilac nail varnish, in my competition. I might be a bit cautious with No7 skincare but I have several No7 nail varnishes and love them. See the Competition post for more.

My Make Up Collection!

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My Make Up Collection!

Hey all!

Well, I had such a busy weekend lined up but what have I spent the morning doing? Lining my make up and taking pretty pictures.


1/ I wanted to shop and tidying my make up collection at least reminds me just how many products I have.

2/ Once I had a look I realised how gorgeous some of them are so then of course, I just had to take some pretty pics for you all.

3/ It is the Creative Moments blog party today, whoop whoop ( ) and as you will see I have found a purpose for some of the scrapbook papers. I took one empty drawer and lined it with my favourite scrapbooking paper and then I took another couple of sheets and folded them in half and used them to divide my drawer in to three parts.

See, anybody really can do this. Now I have individual sections for all of the eye products, face products and lip products. Now and again I mist the papers with some of my favourite perfumes. At the moment, it is Gucci Flora. This scent was another birthday present and it felt like I had been yearning for it forever but in fact, it was only a few months ago that I tested it but they were a long few months and I was desperate for this perfume. Now I have it, I’m still a little undecided about how it smells on me. I had such high expectations but I do think that it is a very polished, polite scent. It is quite classy and I guess, it represents the lady I would like to often become when I paint my face. As the make up drawer is closed much of the day (in theory), the scent lingers a little. Note, I spray the perfume on to the paper lightly not the make up products.

Anyway back to my actual post. My Make Up drawer! I had such a shock today as I tidied (and took these pics), what a lot of products. Honestly, if you’d seen my barely existent make up collections of the past, you would be shocked too. Want a closer peek?

First of all, we have the eye section. Normally when I do my make up, I do my eyes before anything else. This is because I’m still learning and get a lot of fall out and also even though I’m starting to fall for lip products, I’m still in my old habit of painting the face around whatever eye make up it is that I want to wear.

As you can see I have quite a few dazzledusts. There is a couple of purples in here as apparently that is a great colour for green eyes but I haven’t experiemented with them yet. We all know that I love Mushroom but a combination that I like is the bronzy gold number 44 (to line and crease) and the bluey green number 20 ( for the lid). This looks gorgeous on my blonde haired sister.

Ooh and there is my MAC (loving you, Mr Mac). There are some of my Benefit cream shadows which I now use as a base for other eyeshadows. It gives the same result as the MAC painttube. Skinny Jeans Benefit Cream liner escaped being pictured. I think I was sitting on it but I often use this to line my eyes. It is perfect when combined with my Rimmel or Pop black powder eyeshadow.

Ooh and there are also a couple of Maybelline shadows which have really impressed me. The single brown one is a gorgeous colour when you want a strong but simple lid.

Over in the pallettes. On the bottom is a cheap Argos one, Pretty Pink which I brought before I knew about Sleek et al just to get a selection of colours. Surprisingly I do use some of the more neutral shades for lighter looks and find they will last a few hours. There is the Collection 2000 Pop pallette (at the back) which I don’t use a lot as the colours are very bright but I love just looking at it. In fact, I do use this pallette a lot but for one colour and that is black. I find it very pigmented and have used it lots. Then there are my Sleek Divine pallettes, Storm and Original. I love these but am a little miffed as when I got the Storm pallette home, it was apparent that the black eyeshadow was already broken and I really get in a mess every time I open this pallette. You all know this but Sleek palettes are fab value. I really want more. I think I will get the Sunset and I’m tempted by Acid but I know the colours are just too bright for me but then again, less then a fiver!

Of course, we also have Big Beautiful Eyes and that light pastel pallette is a gift I’d forgotten about from Next. Some gorgeous shimmery colours but not sure if too light and pastel for my strange eyes. We’ll see . . !

On to my face, there are not many brands here. I was really scared of blush until my mission started to brew . I’ve only ever really had a couple, Benefits Dandelion and Throb and now of course, Coralista. You will see that I also have Dallas, I remember buying it when I was desperate to get made up for a special occasion and wanted to copy a look from the Benefit website but it is quite dark for me. I have just started to use it again but I have to be so careful in application. I prefer to use my FCUK bronzer (in the black pallette) or a slightly darker foundation/tinted moisturiser (You Rebel) to contour. Can you see my beloved Erase Paste?!

As I have not used fake tan for a while, I find that even Benefits Foundation Faker is a bit dark for me but I do love this product and was pleasantly surprised that the coverage is as good as any liquid foundation. There is my Revlon Colorstays and also L’Oreal True Match which is very old (and ran out today). I came across True Match at the bottom of the drawer one day and have been choosing to use it instead of ColorStay ever since. I’m tempted to go and buy another one today but then the review of Max Factor Second Skin on the Filthy Gorgeous Make Up blog is also very persuasive. The Maybelline cream peach blush in one I used after it was recommended on The Style Diet channel. I haven’t used it lots yet but plan to, especially in the summer. The Rimmel mineral loose powder is very good for setting make up. Unfortunatly I’m rubbish and make quite a mess so I tend to use the MAC Mineralise Skin Finish over the loose powder at the moment. It saves on hoovering!

On to lips, this little collection deserves a post all of its own and I think, that it will get one. I totally get the lip thing now. There is my Barry M, I think I will always own 100 and 101 may be new but it will always have a place in my collection.

Ooh and there is Gosh. You know how much I love Darling and Amerysth. A few Collection 2000’s which I do like and think are very good value. Benefit French and my old staple, Skinny Dipped. Hue, let’s not forget Hue is here too and look what happened to Maybelline Ambre Rose when I tried to put the wrong lid on it after the pic.

I don’t know . . , what my lipsticks and I go through to create a post for you?!

I’m still building up the glosses but you can see a little collection is emerging!

Anyway I hope you liked the sneak peek in to my collection. I think I might need a lie down, I really didn’t know I had so much stuff. Any thoughts or comments? I’d love to see your collections, why not do a post and link to it in the comments below? Any nifty storage tips? Don’t forget, there is still some time to enter my competition (see the Competition post).

Hmmm, counting lipsticks is tiring . . ! ;-)