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Barry M 53

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Barry M 53

Back in February Barry M 53 was never a sensible purchase, it just looked so enticing sat on the shelf that it had to come to the till with me.

I know that the orange coral is fated for sunny girls that bear a nice golden glow but I couldn’t help myself. This lipstick is so vibrant, alive and oh so eye catching among the usual pinks and reds. Striking maybe but not really a match for me yet I went and brought it, didn’t I?!

Now it is June and in theory, this lipstick still should not suit me. I am so pale!

Ok, I have been tanning a little with St Moriz (Make Believe next, yay) but it really is only a little and sometimes even with moisturiser so there is little evidence on my pasty skin of my penchant for tanning. A hint of a glow at the very most.

Yet, I think that I can wear 53. There is no mistaking the fact that it is a bright and vibrant orange yet there is a slight shimmer to it which is almost peach and in certain lights, this seems to tone the lippie down a little which is good news for me as this seems to make the electric colour almost wearable.

I have to be careful in application. A full on lipstick application with a harsh outline is never going to work but with soft application and a little gentle rubbing here and there to smooth out the more pigmented areas. I also used a little Erase paste around the lip line area to blur the lip line and merge the two seamlessly (not an easy technique to master, it looked a bit smudgy first like I’d been eating some raspberries_ and ta dah, I have a hint of sunshine about my lips but still look beach ready, pale skin and all.

Benefit Erase Paste

Benefit You Rebel tinted moisturiser mixed with Bourjois 10 hour sleep effect in Apricot

Maybelline Dream Mousse blush in Peach Satin


Max Factor Lash Extension Effect Mascara

Barry M No53

I would have gone with All That Glitters on the eyes but like I said this lippie has a little shimmer and I want to keep the look simple so I opted for my old favourite, Modellette (very apt because it reminds me of wet sand). I don’t mind shimmer but if I’m going to be outside then I find it can add to that sticky, sweaty look too quickly. Nice!!

I think it is also important if this lipstick is not your perfect match to keep everything else about your look simple. I used just one eyeshadow and a natural mascara. I wore simple, block colours. My outfit had no frills or anything complicated about it. Nothing was too obvious or confusing because if it had been then in a look with Barry M 53, everything could have looked too chaotic and then people would hone in on my look and that lip colour that should not really work for me.

At the end of the day, I like this colour. Surely all that matters is that I am comfortable and happy wearing it. I’m not going to be wearing it to any important formal events but this lippie just gives me that little bit more of a sunny feeling on a day destined for lazing in the garden.

Oh but next time when I dab I may add some vaseline in to the equation as my lips are feeling a little dry. Barry M occasionally seem to produce dry lipsticks. I don’t think that this is too bad. Nor was Barry M 100 and that was drier then this one but then I’m out in the sun with 53 so yeah, vaseline or something might be a good idea!

What lippie do you like to greet the sun with?


PS If you get a chance, check out my Share the Love videos on You Tube. There is one for You Tube channels and one for blogs!


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June 24, 2010 at 9:34 am

A Benefit FOTD!

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A Benefit FOTD!

For me at the moment, it is all about Benefit! I think the Glamour promotion got me digging out my Benefit products  again. As you all know I am currently besotted with Benefit Frenched so I decided to give the other Benefit products a chance to shine and do a Benefit FOTD.

So here we are



Some Kind of Gorgeous Foundation faker

Erase Paste

It Stick


(Touch of Mac Mineralise SkinFinish in Light to Medium)


Erase paste

Birthday Suit Creme Shadow

Skinny Jeans Creme Shadow

Eye Bright

Bad Gal liner

Get Bent Mascara


Skinny Dip

I like this look. It is perfect for everyday. Boring maybe but quite tidy and groomed. I feel comfortable wearing it.

I’m not too worried about the lipstick wearing away and leaving patches. Skinny Dip is an ideal nude for me (and one that seems to last a few hours), it is like a mauvy peach. Not as peach as Hue but not as pink as Angel. I have just made a You Tube video about Frenched and Skinny Dip  and when I was swatching I found that the Benefit lipsticks seemed more pigmented then MAC.


For the eye make up, there is also little to fret about. I’m not thinking is this eye make up too much or too bright! It does just enough to highlight my eyes. It is very rare that I wear the creme shadows as the eye look. Normally I use them as a base in the same way that I would use my MAC paint tube or Erase paste. It is slightly more subtle then powder shadows but there is certainly colour there. Birthday Suit is a lovely light brown shade remniscent of Satin Taupe from MAC. While Skinny Jeans is probably the equilivent to Carbon. However, it is not quite as black more a dark grey and does need building up for impact. These Benefit shadows are meant to be creaseless. Um, not on me but my shadows are old and my application amateurish so I would imagine that most of you could get a better finish and to be honest, even my creases wouldn’t stop me from picking up these shadows for an everyday look again. I do like the added sheen, the subtle gloss, that you seem to get with these creme shadows but I find the shadows have a very subtle impact on the ovarall look. Somehow the color impact from the pot seems to disappear when applied to my skin, as if my skin sucks it up or something. I know that Lisa Eldridge has done a tutorial for a Smoky eye using only Cream Shadows but I would be surprised if a cream look could ever have as much impact on my eyes as powder. Personally I would use cream shadows to support a powdered eye or alone to complete a look which needed light eye make up.

 I have used the Get Bent mascara to slowly wean myself off the Max Factor Lash Extension Effect and it is working a little. The consistenancy of the mascara is similar to the Max Factor one and creates defined lashes with very few, if any, clumps. However, the innotative brush means the lashes are pulled up a little and slightly curls. Sometimes make up seems to close my eyes especially eye liner and mascara, the curl that this product gives lashes creates more of a wide eyed look. Yay!

 Oh and going back to the cream shadows, I tried to apply them with a brush but I found that the product seems to get lost in a eye shadow brush and it was just easier to use my fingers THEN a brush to define the edges once the colour was on my lid.

I haven’t really used the Foundation Faker for a long time. I used to use it a lot but the shade is a little dark for me. As with many Benefit face products, I think there are only limited shades available (in this case,2?) and even though I have the lighter one. I find I either need to be tanned or I need to work to ensure good application down my neck and decollatage area. I do love the product concept though because the foundation faker is in a little compact and almost like a cream shadow until it hits your skin and seems to matify. It does work well with the Erase Paste which as you all know is a much loved everyday staple for me. When I did this look, I was also very impressed with some of my Glamour freebies. The Eye Bright does brighten the eye but I’m not sure if you would see a big difference in the final look as to a time when you haven’t used it so I am not sure if i would actually buy this product again. However, the IT stick is magnificent just like my Erase Paste really but in pencil form even the shade for the IT stick suits me. I can see how my skin appears younger and more awake when I have used it. Very, very impressed. So much so that if my worse nightmare happened and when I run of Erase Paste, I can not get a replacement then I would not be so worried if the IT stick was available instead.

As for Coralista, well, it is with this product that I am going to leave you hanging as it is the next in my blush series so expect a review very, very soon.

I hope you are all well. Please let me know what you think of Benefit, I’d love to know! Don’t forget you can follow and comment at;; and


Action time!

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Action time!

So I have been doing a lot of talking on my mission lately and maybe not enough applying. I think because my make up collection is now almost adequate (ahem, I do really want to try some more of the Famous range though), I have being less inspired to try things out.

So over the last couple of days, I have been trying to mix it up and try out some different looks. Some of them wearable, some of them not so.

Now my photos are still not great but I am going to show two looks that I created. Both of them are based on tutorials from Pixiwoo.

The first is Sam’s Festival look

See the tutorial here




Benefit Hollywood Glo (instead of foundation)

Maybelline Peach cream blush


Sigma Indian Girl Powder shadow (This was a free sample, I can’t decide if it is a grey or brown shadow)

A Rimmel liquid eyeliner

Max Factor Lash Extension Effect mascara


Collection 2000 Baby crystal

I had to impromise a little with products. I don’t think that I had any of Sam’s suggested products to hand. Her version seems to appear more bohemium and festival-like then mine but with a proper base, I’m actually quite liking this one for a daytime look. Saying that I will probably keep Hollywood Glo in the mix somewhere. I had forgotten that I had this product and I’m liking it. For a festival, I’d imagine it would be able to hold its own without a base. Also the Sigma eyeshadow was a bit of a revelation, I have heard Sigma make up been slated more then once but this shadow was a pleasant surprise although I can not decide what colour it is. Grey or brown?!


The second look is Nikki’s Christina Aguilera look.

See the tutorial here



Revlon Photoready Vanilla

MAC Harmony (to contour, no blush)


RSVP from Benefit (as base and eye highlight)

Rimmel Glitzed eyeshodow (for the lid)

Maybelline Fudge( for the inner socket and then outwards to contour all the way to outer corner and brows)

Max Factor Lash Extension Effect Mascara

A little liquid eyeliner (applied to the roots of upper eyelashes)


Rimmel red lip liner (until it broke)

Barry M Cherry Red Lip Laquor Crayon (to line and fill)

Benefit Frenched lipstick

My look ended up as a bit more of a Pin up vintage look rather then a Christina one. Maybe because I had no glitter (for the lips) or false lashes. Nic said that the lashes needed to look spiky so ideally next time I would use my double tubes (messy) mascara but this time I just tried to apply the mascara in very short, jerky movements covering bits of each lash at a time rather then brushing the mascara all the way through. Does that make sense?!

I felt a bit let down by Rimmel when I did this look. Firstly the red crayon type pencil from them snapped when I tried to use it to line my lips and secondly, I just feel that Glitzed (which I have posted about before ) was struggling to speak for itself. The pigmentation seemed weak and the colour difficult to build.

So what about you? Do you use tutorials on You Tube to try and develop your make up pisazz? What teachers do you recommend?


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June 12, 2010 at 4:18 pm

Face of a lazy Sunday!

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Face of a lazy Sunday!

Hey there.

After all my bouncing around yesterday, it is just a very quick post today. I am shattered! All I have done today is popped in to town and hung out with family. Nothing special but sometimes, that is nice. Hope you are all having a nice relaxing time and don’t forget to make a window to laze in the sun. An easy way to revitalise the body and soul!

Revlon ColorStay Buff

Benefit Erase Paste to conceal under the eyes

Benefit Dandelion Blush

LOreal Glam Bronze to contour ever so slightly.

Max Factor Lash Extension Effect Mascara

MAC Sable eyeshadow

A dab of Gosh Darling lippie (I think I may have found a way to make Darling work for me, yay)

And that is it! Like I said nothing special and actually this photo was took hours after the initial application so you can only really see what is left. Although I did touch up Darling as I’m quite excited that there may just be a way these very light, milky brown nudes could work for me, after all. We’ll see, I will keep you updated! 

UPDATE Just found one from initial application, think you can see sable better here. Not sure if that is Darling on the lips here though. May be MAC Underage?!

Ooh and before I go, I am tweeting again xessjay23x on Twitter. I’d love it if any of you wanted to follow my little tweets or tweet with me and this time, I’ll do my hardest not to flutter off!


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May 30, 2010 at 5:17 pm

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My Summer Scene!

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My Summer Scene!

Hey Girls

So I’m feeling all summery today and it is raining, typical!

I think my summer feeling is a little bit down to the sun we had earlier this week, the fact that it is a bank holiday (and therefore should be sunny) and a whole lot down to the fact that my fake tan break is over.

Oh yeah!!!

I am loving the combo of St Moriz and Boots Body Butter.

I took a fake tan break because I’m rubbish at it. I get streaks, patches and very funny looks but no more!

Everybody says that St Moriz goes on smoothly but isn’t that easy for tanning whizzes to say?!

Except this time, they are right. I’m very late on this bandwagon but St Moriz does go on seamlessly even when I mix it haphazardly in with my moisturiser. I am loving it!

The only self tanner that I have ever found to apply so well is Make Believe but that costs so much more then my darling St Moriz.

Now I have a tan to flaunt and I’m skipping around. I feel so full of life that I might have to go puddle jumping later to celebrate my new tan.

Isn’t it funny how a simple tan (no foundation or concealer required, yay) can change the way you feel?! I even added lots of colour in to my look today. St Germain on my lips, that gorgeous Claires Acc Nail Varnish on my nails that I have raved about before, a slick of All That Glitters across my lids.

So simple and with all the time that I saved today, I even tried waving my hair with a concial wand but aherm, might need a bit more practise there and today, it had to be straightened out.

Ooh and then time to accesorise. No black today, absolutely zero which is pretty amazing for me.

Nope, it is tan and colour all the way. Here is a little pic. Sorry it is a bit blurred but honestly like I said, I’ve got the summer bounce today and I couldn’t stand still long enough to take this properly. I actually don’t look too tanned in the pic but this is about as tanned as pale old me should go. I’ve learnt from my mistakes hence the moisturiser add in.

Now all I need is a little sunshine and my summer scene will be perfect!

Hope you’re having a nice bank holiday and maybe a sunnier one then mine. Made use of my look today and added a couple of videos to You Tube. Check them out if you get a chance. Don’t forget, it always makes my day (even a rainy one!) if you follow or comment on my posts or videos! Would love to see your OOTD or hear about your fake tan experiences so leave me a link to your posts or comment here.


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May 29, 2010 at 4:15 pm

FOTD: MAC London

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FOTD: MAC London

Hi Girlies

So here is a face of the day with the rest of my MAC haul from London. Sorry about the picture!



Revlon ColorStay Ivory

Erase Paste No 1

FCUK Bronzer

MAC Sheertone Blushbaby

(Note I would normally finish with my MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Natural but apparently this is not too flattering in photos. I think I got this tip from Pixi2Woo.)


Benefit Cream Shadow RSVP (a base)

MAC All That Glitters (Lid)

MAC Satin Taupe (Crease)

MAC Carbon (To line)

Benefit Cream Shadow Skinny Jeans (To line)

Max Factor Lash Extension Effect Extreme Lengthening Mascara

Brows Mid Brown powder from Sue Moxley Famous Brow Kit (love)


Boots Fresh Vanilla Lip Balm

MAC Patisserie

Let’s break down My New MAC . . .

I do like Patisserie. I think it will look great when I need a polished but subtle look. I think it will work well with looks where I want to look groomed rather then ‘Look at my lipstick’ looks. The MAC assistant said that I could use it with Snob and it would more or less create the MAC Angel colour. It is a lovely lipstick and I will probably use it lots but I’m not sure I could describe it as exciting. A good friend rather then anything more!

All That Glitters reminds me of Modellette in the pot but when it is on the lid, it is certainly more shimmery and oranger. I wasn’t sure when I first put it on how much I liked it. As usual, I had done my eyes first but when I started painting my face around it then All That Glitters came in to its own. It looks quite neutral in the pot but I personally would not wear this shadow without more or less an entire face made up.


I love Satin Taupe. I wore it on my lid the other day even though a lot of people suggest it for the crease and contouring. Let me tell you, Shale has a little bit of competition. I thought that this was beautiful and today, I thought it worked very well with All That Glitters.

Carbon has created a lovely line. It went on quite evenly and even though, I deliberatly kept it light. You can certainly see a black outline on my lower lash line.

I purchased my three shadows with a MAC pallette, I have one more spot left. I nearly grabbed Knight Divine but wasn’t sure how me it was and if I would wear it. There is another purple one, is it Satellite and Rockets (?) that has caught my eye. What do you think of these shadows. I think I am looking for one that edges towards a smoky night look, any suggestions?

Now on to blush . . , my first MAC blush. When I went to the counter, I looked at Pink Swoon and Well dressed (mainly because these were the only two that I remembered people mentioning). They were so different. One was so bright and the other, you could hardly see at all. I sought the assistants advice as I wasn’t sure whether with my pale skin I should go all out there and add a bright colour or spend the money on a blush, that you would hardly be able to see. The assistant advised that I go for an inbetween and recommended Blushbaby. I was a bit puzzled as it didn’t look at all pink like the two I had been considering. It looked like a brown in fact I would have said it was more of a bronzer but when the man swatched it, it looked ok and I decided since I already had blushes from Benefit , both pink and peachy, that I might as well do something different with my MAC blush.

It certainly made me look a bit more radiant today but apart from that, I am not sure what I think. I think when I finally do a post on Coralista, I will look at this baby too.

So that is my little MAC haul.  I hope you enjoyed it. After all, Snob and I were parted for at least five minutes to do this face of the day! If you fancy adding to your MAC collection, why not check out Sophie’s blog (BeautyMarked19, link in the sidebar) as she is giving away a limited edition MAC ColourCrafted lippie?


PS Don’t forget, you can still qualify for my competition that ends this weekend, See the Competition Post for details!


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