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My Make Up Collection!

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My Make Up Collection!

Hey all!

Well, I had such a busy weekend lined up but what have I spent the morning doing? Lining my make up and taking pretty pictures.


1/ I wanted to shop and tidying my make up collection at least reminds me just how many products I have.

2/ Once I had a look I realised how gorgeous some of them are so then of course, I just had to take some pretty pics for you all.

3/ It is the Creative Moments blog party today, whoop whoop ( ) and as you will see I have found a purpose for some of the scrapbook papers. I took one empty drawer and lined it with my favourite scrapbooking paper and then I took another couple of sheets and folded them in half and used them to divide my drawer in to three parts.

See, anybody really can do this. Now I have individual sections for all of the eye products, face products and lip products. Now and again I mist the papers with some of my favourite perfumes. At the moment, it is Gucci Flora. This scent was another birthday present and it felt like I had been yearning for it forever but in fact, it was only a few months ago that I tested it but they were a long few months and I was desperate for this perfume. Now I have it, I’m still a little undecided about how it smells on me. I had such high expectations but I do think that it is a very polished, polite scent. It is quite classy and I guess, it represents the lady I would like to often become when I paint my face. As the make up drawer is closed much of the day (in theory), the scent lingers a little. Note, I spray the perfume on to the paper lightly not the make up products.

Anyway back to my actual post. My Make Up drawer! I had such a shock today as I tidied (and took these pics), what a lot of products. Honestly, if you’d seen my barely existent make up collections of the past, you would be shocked too. Want a closer peek?

First of all, we have the eye section. Normally when I do my make up, I do my eyes before anything else. This is because I’m still learning and get a lot of fall out and also even though I’m starting to fall for lip products, I’m still in my old habit of painting the face around whatever eye make up it is that I want to wear.

As you can see I have quite a few dazzledusts. There is a couple of purples in here as apparently that is a great colour for green eyes but I haven’t experiemented with them yet. We all know that I love Mushroom but a combination that I like is the bronzy gold number 44 (to line and crease) and the bluey green number 20 ( for the lid). This looks gorgeous on my blonde haired sister.

Ooh and there is my MAC (loving you, Mr Mac). There are some of my Benefit cream shadows which I now use as a base for other eyeshadows. It gives the same result as the MAC painttube. Skinny Jeans Benefit Cream liner escaped being pictured. I think I was sitting on it but I often use this to line my eyes. It is perfect when combined with my Rimmel or Pop black powder eyeshadow.

Ooh and there are also a couple of Maybelline shadows which have really impressed me. The single brown one is a gorgeous colour when you want a strong but simple lid.

Over in the pallettes. On the bottom is a cheap Argos one, Pretty Pink which I brought before I knew about Sleek et al just to get a selection of colours. Surprisingly I do use some of the more neutral shades for lighter looks and find they will last a few hours. There is the Collection 2000 Pop pallette (at the back) which I don’t use a lot as the colours are very bright but I love just looking at it. In fact, I do use this pallette a lot but for one colour and that is black. I find it very pigmented and have used it lots. Then there are my Sleek Divine pallettes, Storm and Original. I love these but am a little miffed as when I got the Storm pallette home, it was apparent that the black eyeshadow was already broken and I really get in a mess every time I open this pallette. You all know this but Sleek palettes are fab value. I really want more. I think I will get the Sunset and I’m tempted by Acid but I know the colours are just too bright for me but then again, less then a fiver!

Of course, we also have Big Beautiful Eyes and that light pastel pallette is a gift I’d forgotten about from Next. Some gorgeous shimmery colours but not sure if too light and pastel for my strange eyes. We’ll see . . !

On to my face, there are not many brands here. I was really scared of blush until my mission started to brew . I’ve only ever really had a couple, Benefits Dandelion and Throb and now of course, Coralista. You will see that I also have Dallas, I remember buying it when I was desperate to get made up for a special occasion and wanted to copy a look from the Benefit website but it is quite dark for me. I have just started to use it again but I have to be so careful in application. I prefer to use my FCUK bronzer (in the black pallette) or a slightly darker foundation/tinted moisturiser (You Rebel) to contour. Can you see my beloved Erase Paste?!

As I have not used fake tan for a while, I find that even Benefits Foundation Faker is a bit dark for me but I do love this product and was pleasantly surprised that the coverage is as good as any liquid foundation. There is my Revlon Colorstays and also L’Oreal True Match which is very old (and ran out today). I came across True Match at the bottom of the drawer one day and have been choosing to use it instead of ColorStay ever since. I’m tempted to go and buy another one today but then the review of Max Factor Second Skin on the Filthy Gorgeous Make Up blog is also very persuasive. The Maybelline cream peach blush in one I used after it was recommended on The Style Diet channel. I haven’t used it lots yet but plan to, especially in the summer. The Rimmel mineral loose powder is very good for setting make up. Unfortunatly I’m rubbish and make quite a mess so I tend to use the MAC Mineralise Skin Finish over the loose powder at the moment. It saves on hoovering!

On to lips, this little collection deserves a post all of its own and I think, that it will get one. I totally get the lip thing now. There is my Barry M, I think I will always own 100 and 101 may be new but it will always have a place in my collection.

Ooh and there is Gosh. You know how much I love Darling and Amerysth. A few Collection 2000’s which I do like and think are very good value. Benefit French and my old staple, Skinny Dipped. Hue, let’s not forget Hue is here too and look what happened to Maybelline Ambre Rose when I tried to put the wrong lid on it after the pic.

I don’t know . . , what my lipsticks and I go through to create a post for you?!

I’m still building up the glosses but you can see a little collection is emerging!

Anyway I hope you liked the sneak peek in to my collection. I think I might need a lie down, I really didn’t know I had so much stuff. Any thoughts or comments? I’d love to see your collections, why not do a post and link to it in the comments below? Any nifty storage tips? Don’t forget, there is still some time to enter my competition (see the Competition post).

Hmmm, counting lipsticks is tiring . . ! ;-)






Weekend Plans

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Weekend Plans

And here is a couple more suggestions for this weekend.

1/ Pick up the InStyle March 2010 issue


There is a Best Beauty Buys magazine with it.

I haven’t had time to read it all yet but already have a couple of items to add to my wishlist as well as a few little tips to make more of myself. For example, they quote make-up artist Alex Box who says ‘When wearing a strong lip colour, powder the outside edge of your lips to lock in the colour and prevent bleeding’. I can’t wait to get lost in this one this weekend (when I’m not partying, of course!) There is also an offer for 20% off at ASOS until the end of February.

2/ Keep an eye on my blogroll in the sidebar this weekend. I have already added a link to Jessica Rose and Milly (Pearls and Poodles) and I hope to add some more over the weekend. I’m really in to blog surfing at the moment. I’m also hoping to do a post this week where you can all introduce yourselves and your blog in the comments ‘cos as I’ve said before it is hard to get your blog known out there and I’m sure that some of you are hiding some real gems.

3/ I have enjoyed so many posts this week and I think, I am going to start highlighting them on my blog. This one by Gemma is all about Style Inspiration ( ). She actually has a file crammed with piccies of style and icons who inspire her and in this post, she shares it with us. I have to create one of these files. I hope that I have time to this weekend. It will be so useful for my fashion challenge. If any of you have a style file or create one after sneaking a peek at Gemma’s then please leave us a link to it here. I’d love to see what you like and what inspires you all!

4/ Take a look at my Competition post and the lovely treats on offer for the winner and then starting doing what you need to, to enter. I can’t believe that the closing date is almost only a week away.

5/ And finally, don’t forget to party with Creative Moments

Happy weekends, yay!


Party with Creative Moments!

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Party with Creative Moments!

Hey Lovelies

I don’t know if this is of interest to any of you but I’m just putting it out there in case, it is.

Some of my family run a craft store, Creative Moments which specialises in Papercraft and Jewellery Making. There is a shop in Yeovil, Somerset as well as an internet site and store ( You can also follow their blog ( ).

The reason that I am mentioning this now is because tomorrow, their new You Tube channel ( ) is launched and to celebrate there will be a HUGE blog party with plenty of tips and advice to make beautiful treasures and who knows, they might throw in a few special offers too!

So if you’ve ever wanted to make your own unique gorgeous jewellery pieces  or would love to create beautiful books/canvases to store all your photographs and memories or maybe, you just want to make a special Valentines card for that hottie in your life or maybe just like me, you’re in the mood to party then why not, check Creative Moments out this weekend?!

Let’s end this post with some beautiful handmade treasures.

 I hope that you’ve found something inspiring and didn’t mind, the shoutout to my family but I’m awfully proud of what they have achieved and all the beauties that they have created in less then two years. So if you want to party tomorrow then you know there is an invite here for you. The party is at

Would love to see you there!


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February 5, 2010 at 1:41 pm