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Perfume of the moment!

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Now as you know, I do love to try a new scent and the latest addition to my fabulous collection is Lady Million.

Now the branding would suggest that this perfume is not very “me”!

Lady Million is a scent all about excess, gold and wealth. Even the actual perfume looks like liquid gold. It seems destined for those Femme Fatales who want and get everything.

Hmm, nice idea but realistically I’m probably a bit small town and goody two shoes for this scent and, despite the enticing bottle, I’m not sure if I would have tested this perfume amongst the tens in Boots et al. if it was not for the fact that I had heard/read such good things about Paco Rabanne’s latest release.

However like Muhsine, I absolutely love this perfume. I have worn it every day since purchase which is quite unusual for me. I have quite a few perfumes that I really like so tend to swap it up a little but no, since Lady Million came in to my world, my old friends, Gucci; Givenchy and Pricey (!) have not seen the light of day.

I love Lady Million. I find it hard to describe perfumes despite my passion for them but I would say that Lady Million seems to me to be what I originally imagined the classic Chanel fragrances to be (but never quite were).

Apparently Lady Million is quite heavy and yes, I agree it is, in regards to the initial spray where it all seems a bit busy, chaotic and excessive. However, the notes seem to settle within the first couple of minutes and within half an hour I become enveloped in this happy cloud of scent and I smell lovely.

Well, I think so!

Actually to be honest, I’m not sure what I smell like. I don’t think this scent is a floral but more of a woody concoction that makes me feel warm, safe, cosy and very happy. And it is in the evoking of all these good feelings that my inner femme fatale is in danger of been awakened. When I wear this perfume, I almost feel that I can do anything. This scent just makes me feel so happy and worthy and what is more, the confidence boost and scent lasts all day.

For me, the warmth of Lady Million just caps it and makes it an absolutely perfect scent for his time of year. For those of you who are a bit more scientific about your scent purchases, and better at deciphering this note and that, then apparently Lady Million has notes of Orange Blossom; Bigarade; Raspberry; Jasmine Sambac; Gardenia; Patchouli and Honey.

I know that the scent will probably smell very different to you (and that my description is more of an incoherent rave) but I really do like this perfume and I think with Christmas drawing ever closer, you may want to get a sample and see if it is worthy of a place on your list for Mr Claus!

Have you been seduced by Lady Million yet? What other fragrances are on your wishlist? I have to admit, that since my infatuation with Lady Million, the only other fragrance to really, really catch my curioisty is Gucci Guilty? Have you tried that one? Should I be making a formal request to Father Christmas for that one? I have yet to find a Gucci scent that I can’t “work” in one way or another!



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October 24, 2010 at 11:40 am

My July Favourites!

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My July Favourites!

– L’Oreal Volume Million Lash
This mascara has lived up to my initial expectations. It is fantastic. If anything, I like it even more now. I haven’t noticed the overpowering scent for a while; the careful light hand approach (which is required) now seems effortless and it still looks very classy in it’s gold casing.
You can read my review here

– Sable and Satin Taupe
I’m loving Sable eyeshadow at the moment. I know that you might think it quite a dark, heavy colour for the summer but since I’ve been laying off the foundation, I have needed more striking eye make up. I’m finding that shades closer to my skin tone such as Modellette and All That Glitters just highlight my poor skin and the lack of foundation.
Sable is a way to get striking eyes with the minimal of effort. Colour block it, a slick of mascara and that is my eyes done. I love Satin Taupe but I feel it needs more work (usually with another shadow and liner) to create the same impact.

– Hue
I can never stay away from my first Mac lippie for long. I love Hue. A nice natural, low maintenance lip for the summer. I also like the fact that it is not that red or pink as I’m finding some of my more pink/red lips draw attention to any imperfections or sore skin on my face. You can read more about Hue here

– Lipgloss
I am not the biggest gloss fan but I have worked them a little this month. I’m finding that they have felt increasingly refreshing and moisturising on my lips as the temperature has risen. I have found myself picking up two lipglosses often. One is Underage from Mac ( pictured above). I have always been a bit wary of this gloss as sometimes it looks a bit artificial on my lips and messy like the lipsticks, Barry M 101 and Gosh Darling. However when I use a light hand with Underage, the slight shimmer is much more flattering. You can read about my first impressions of Underage back in January here
Also Kim has done a great review of Underage here
Gloss-wise, I also like the Jodie Kidd Shell and not just because it was a freebie from a magazine. Shell is very similar to Underage but I prefer the formulation. I find Shell nicer (easier) to apply. I’m always surprised that it looks less pink then Underge in the tube as I think they give a similar finish on the lips with Shell maybe finishing slightly more neatly.

– Dark hair
I have dyed my hair again. Last time I dyed it, I chose Medium Golden Brown. This time, I have gone a shade darker to a Warm Dark Brown and I like it. The Medium Golden Brown was ok but I preferred the colour before it started lifting. So I thought it would be an idea to go one shade darker.

In my dreams, I would love to be a blonde. Oh, how I would! However, I am now starting to face the fact that in reality, I’m always happier when I keep my hair at the dark end of the spectrum. It seems to frame my features better.

– Intimately Beckham
This is an old favourite but I particularly like it in the summer (yes, I do wear it in the day), it is one of those scents that seems to intensify in the heat and linger a while. It is gorgeous and reminds me of carefree days in Ibiza. This perfume never fails to make me smile.

– Eat Love Pray
I have always been a little bit curious about this book. Angela’s ( recent posts and news of the forthcoming film only heightened this. So when I finally got my hands on Eat Love Pray,  I devoured it in less then a week. It is a brilliant read and very thought provoking. I might go through it again now with a marker. I do like a good quote!

So that was my July favourites. Interestingly, there are not really any new products in there. So that makes me think that either there isn’t anything that new and exciting out there at the moment or just maybe I’m getting the hang of this saving thing (yeah, right, after that TopShop haul)! What do you think? Have you any July favourites? Is there anything I’m missing out on?


Flora by Gucci.

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Flora by Gucci.

Gucci Rush is ok. Gucci Eau de Parfum 2 is lovely. Gucci Rush 2 is amazing. So I guess it is fair to say that I am quite partial to a perfume from Gucci! I lusted after the latest addition to their perfume family, Flora, for what felt like the longest time.


The name Gucci was enough to draw me to the perfume counter within hours of hearing of the perfume for the first time (I do like my perfume!) and once there, I had to literally shake myself to walk away from the counter empty handed.

The little gold bottle with it’s cute little bow sat there tempting me, calling to my hands as the fresh, pretty, floral scent filled my nostrils. It smelt lovely but then most perfumes do at the counters and I did have more then enough perfume so with heavy feet I dragged myself away from the beckoning bottle.

However, it was impossible to forget this perfume. The tester that I had squirted lasted all night and made me feel like a lady. So all I could do was add it to my birthday list and yay, Mum read the list and a few weeks later, the fragrance was mine. Thank you, Mum and Dad!

I wore it straight out to b’day dinner and maybe once or twice after that. It smelt gorgeous. Almost too so and I started saving it. It became ‘My Special Perfume’ but with few days special enough for Flora, I instead found myself wearing Princess, Diesel or simply body lotion instead.

However, I have now ran out of Princess and as Diesel is not so summery, I’ve found myself wearing Flora a lot again. Every day is special, right?!

I really like Flora.

It contains Sandalwood, Patochuoli and Pink Pepper (I think!) but it is different from the other Gucci perfumes which I would say are maybe slightly younger and more casual. Flora is not purely musk but there is a certain tinge of darker, heavier notes intespersed amongst the floral flashes and the more subtle hints of fruit. The perfume has something of an assurance about it. The scent lasts a long time and does not really change much over time. Maybe in the first five or ten minutes, it settles down a bit but after that it stays pretty much the same. Sometimes I think a perfume that only smells good when you’ve just sprayed it cheapens itself when the good has worn off and you are left with the cheap undertones. I would prefer a perfume that only lasts 2 hours if it remains true over that period then one that lasts a whole day but 22 hours of that is just cheap smelling residue.

Nothing about Flora is cheap and I’d imagine most grown up girlies would be comfortable wearing it. It seems to muster some class about it in the way that Chanel No 5 does but it is more contemporary and subtle. I actually prefer it to how I remember my New York scent, Chanel Allure, used to smell. Flora is a very, very pretty scent which I find hard to imagine could nauseate or offend anybody but hey, tell me if I’m wrong. We are all different.

Of course, perfumes come in bottles of all shapes and sizes. Well, the prettiest perfumes deserve the prettiest bottles and I do think Gucci have delivered here.

The bottle is simple and rectangular with a nice little Gucci tie around it’s neck. This is very fitting as Flora is actually named after a very popular Gucci print.

The design was used to produce a custom scarf for Princess Grace (the Princess of Princesses) of Monaco about 50 years ago. The design was so loved by Princess Grace and ladies everywhere, that Gucci have produced many other Flora products such as handbags and glasses over the years and now we have the Flora perfume which does it predecessors more then proud. I think if you look carefully, you will see the pattern in some of the ads for the perfume.

And yes, I am still very curious about some of the summery scents springing in to the shops at the moment-Daisy In The Air, Ghost Captivation-but I’m also really, really enjoying my Flora (and of course, Stunning is still on stand by) so just maybe I will be able to resist.

Er, yeah . . !

30ml of the Eau de Parfum currently costs £35 from Boots online.

So Girls, what scents am I missing out on? And, don’t forget the details. I could talk about perfumes for hours even though to talk about it in a way that makes sense to others is quite hard to do. I hope you  have got something out of this post. In my long winded way, I guess I am just saying Flora is certainly worth testing next time you are at the perfume counter and from there on in, it is up to you!


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May 8, 2010 at 10:07 am

Surprizingly Stunning!

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Surprizingly Stunning!


I have never being a big fan of celebrity perfumes. I think I have only ever owned two, Kate from Kate Moss and Intimately from the Beckhams. Ooh actually, I think there are two versions of Intimately. I love both.
Admittedly I have gone through more then one bottle of the Moss one and I adore the Beckham ones so much but they are lonely celebrity ones surrounded by Givenchy, Gucci, Elizabeth Arden, Valentino and Ralph Lauren.
So how did I come to Stunning?
Well I love the scent of Soap and Glory especially the pink glimmer spray. I have blogged before, about how I would encase myself in body lotion and then spray the Soap and Glory glimmer to get the scent instead of wearing fragrance. I think it was on You Tube, somebody reviewed the Soap and Glory products and said that they smelt like Miss Dior Cherie. Of course, being the Soap and Glory and Perfume fanatic that I am, Miss Dior Cherie went straight on to my wish list but fell in to a more expensive bracket so when I heard Lollipop26 and others rave about what a dupe Stunning was for for Miss Dior Cherie, I decided to take a short cut and yay, what a great idea!
I can not compare this gorgeous, fresh floral, sweet and actually surprisingly ‘innocent’ (when you consider the celebrity endorsement) scent to Miss Dior Cherie because I have never used it but it does smell just like the best Soap and Glory products. I really do love this so much and have worn it at some point every day this week. It has shoved me out of my perfume stalemate and reminded me not to judge a perfume solely on it’s branding or packaging.
Testament to this, is Fantasy. Another recommendation from Lollipop26. Of course, I have been aware of all the Britney Spear branded perfumes but I’ve never even been tempted to test them because I really do not like the werid alien-ship tacky bottles. And what are the strange 3d spots that stick out all about? However for about £12, I decided to give it a chance and actually I really like the Fantasy scent. At the moment, I prefer Stunning just because it is not quite as dark or maybe as musky as Fantasy. The novelty of the new season (and the sunshine)has not yet worn off so I am currently embracing all things sweet and fresh but as soon as Spring becomes boring, I think Fantasy will be one of the first perfumes I turn to.
Stunning is not that expensive. It cost me about £14 in Superdrug last week. I know tastes differs but if you are looking for a new scent and want something easy to wear and quite girlie then it might be worth giving this gorgeous scent a shot? I find it hard to imagine anybody really detesting it.
I adore perfume but this year, have been disillisioned and almost disappointed by some of the scents that I have added to my collection. I feel like Stunning and Fantasy have revived my love for all things scent-iful again so do any of you have any perfume likeys to share with me?



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April 26, 2010 at 7:29 pm

Tag Twist!

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Tag Twist!

There is a You Tube tag going around at the moment about overhyped beauty products. Now as a blogger I haven’t being tagged but I have decided to take the concept and twist it a little for today’s post.

This post is about products that initially disappointed me. The disappointment could have been caused by poor product performance, my own personal (often unrealistic) expectations and/or hype surrounding the product and brand. However, this is not a post focusing on the way these products broke my heart. Instead it is more of an upbeat post about how I found the product again and how we found a way to be (work) together harmoniously and beautifully. The only way to be when you are on Mission Beauty like me!

I have chosen five products (or brands) who I am travelling with all the way to Location Pretty. At first, the road was rocky but suddenly our destination seems a little closer.

First up is Clinique.

As you know, I had a lot of hope for the Clinique Three Step. It is the first proper skincare routine that I have ever really used. I was impressed with the science behind it and all the fab testimonials on the internet and in the wider world.

My Clinique advisor was very impressive in her white coat and magnifying glass then came the reality of getting up a few minutes earlier each morning just to do the routine. It was meant to take three minutes. For at least a month, it was taking me ten. Everybody told me that the cleanser worked as it lathered, my cleanser was not lathering. And then there was my addiction to moisturiser, how could a few measly little dabs across my face twice a day really moisturise and balance my skin?!

Mostly though, there was this. I thought at the very least Clinique would quickly banish any facial blemishes away (and I don’t tend to have too many on my face) and for a week or so, it did and then they sort of came but these didn’t really grow too much but then came the blemishes that stung, itched and felt lumpy but actually (thank goodness) didn’t look too bad.

I decided Clinique was ok. My skin didn’t look any worse but there was also no sign of ‘skin magic’ occuring either. I decided to finish one set of the full sized product and then we would part company and I would be moving on. Hopefully to something cheaper.

However, now, months later and the Clarifying Treatment has finished. I only have dregs of the cleanser and moisturiser left and maybe I’m having a bit of a U-turn. My skin has being clear for more then a month and the system now seems to take less then three minutes twice a day. On top of this, the cleanser lathers more easily.

Also I just don’t know what I would replace the system with and I’m keen to keep a skin routine going. Initially I thought Clinique was very expensive but Step 1, the cleanser cost me £13 and I’ve had it since sometime in January. If I brought a bar of soap every week then by now, it is likely I would have spent more then £13. To date, I have replaced my clarifying lotion with an organic rose toner from Botanics in Boots but to be honest, I’m very reluctant to let go of Clinique altogether and ok, nobody seems to be able to define or describe the ingredients in the system very well but when I started using Clinique, I never endured any rash unlike recently when my consumption of natural skincare ingredients seemed to be at it’s peak!

Secondly, we have Revlon ColorStay.

Despite my not so enthuastic review on this foundation earlier in the year, I really do like this product now and if it was not for Revlon PhotoReady being released recently then I suspect that I would already have repurchased a couple of back ups of Colorstay. Ok, I still do not think that it conceals every skin flaw (but then isn’t that for concealer to deal with anyway?!) but it does seem to polish what I have. It lasts a long time (unlike a certain Bourjois foundation that I have also purchased this year) and it applies well with a brush (Warning: it will stain aforementioned brush).

I now like the fact that ColorStay feels quite light on my skin and it seems to seep in to my complexion effortless and evenly with very little work. I think I once complained that I could not feel it on my face but now I realise that if everytime I wore this foundation, I felt like I was wearing a mask then it is likely I would have felt this way because in some way, this product was not suitable for me. Quite possibly an irritant and at the very least, not a natural match for my skin. For example, if my skin had been oily then maybe my normal combination foundation would have felt too heavy. I still have reservations that there is no pump with Colorstay (although there is with PhotoReady) and with the amount of water in the bottle (however, the amount of water has obviously diminished and posed less of a problem as I have used more and more of the product up).

The price is still quite high for a high street brand but I’m starting to realise that actually I’m not as concerned about price as once I would have been. Obviously I do have to consider my income but I’m certainly more willing to pay out for a product if I truly believe it delivers the quality that I am seeking.

Thirdly, we have Vera Wang Princess.


This perfume seemed to be earmarked as staple in so many perfume collections that I thought considering my so-called perfume passion and my rather extensive collection, it was kind of bad form that Princess was not in my collection. So one Christmas request was made and Princess was mine.

I think I have maybe three or four applications left in my ever so pretty bottle yet I’ve only smelt the scent on me maybe once and this is my major critcism with this perfume. It is not as cheap as some of the celebrity lower end ones and yet whenever I spray this perfume, I can not smell it on my skin afterwards and you all know how much I like my scents . . !

I have kept using it because I can not afford to have a perfume that I’m not using and I’m hoping that it is just me, that I’m the only one who can not smell it on my own skin. I’m hoping at the very least that others, even if they too do not get the full sense of the perfume, get something of a clean, pretty, fresh waft as I go by.

The thing is this perfume smells lovely whenever I actually spray it in to the air or on to my skin but as soon as I put the bottle down and the lid back on, the scent seems to disappear. Sometimes I have even forgotten that I’ve applied perfume and gone to apply again. Surely that is not right. I have been really miffed with this perfume and have been eyeing up possible replacements and actually looking forward to finishing the bottle until this morning . . !

It was a morning the same as ever. I sprayed and sniffed, ‘lovely’ and then I put the lid on and the bottle away and the perfume was forgotten. Now most mornings that is where the story would end but today, it didn’t. There I was going about life as normal -obviously read as working very hard at work- when suddenly this most beautiful light but pretty fresh vanilla scent came over me. I looked up, on high alert, ready to chase whoever had just walked in to the room and demand they reveal the beautiful scent they were adorning and then I realised that nobody had walked in to the room. It was just me and my Princess perfume. I smelt beautiful and in that moment of realisation, I really did feel like a princess.

And well now I’m not sure what to do. What if everybody else has smelt this beautiful scent all along and my nose has just been blocked or something? Maybe it is a beautiful perfume that other people smell but the wearer doesn’t? Can I give up my own desire for beautiful scents if it means I keep wearing the prettiest scent of them all? In other words, should I keep wearing this pretty, pretty fragrance if I can not smell it because maybe everybody else can smell it?!

I’m not sure.

I think tomorrow, I will try the Lollipop26 trick of vaseline and then the perfume (Princess) and if this helps me to float around in my own cloud of pretty, pretty scent then who knows? Maybe I will be labelling Princess as a staple in my collection, after all.

Fourthly, we have All That Glitters.

This is hyped. It is in virtually every single MAC collection (starter or otherwise) post or video. I brought it on my second MAC haul. I knew the name from all the collection reviews and it looked pretty in the shop. Shimmery and a lovely light neutral colour similar to my earlier purchase (and much adored) Modellette.

I also purchased All That Glitters with the irresistable Satin Taupe and as I had Modellette, All That Glitters seemed a bit samey. So eye-wise, all my new looks were Satin Taupe based and All That Glitters was a bit forgotten. When I did wear it, I thought it looked just a bit like Modellette with a bit too much shimmer. However lately I have been wearing All That Glitters so, soo much.

Now I’m more used to and more practised at wearing make up, I find this shade incredibly pretty and it works so well with my pinker lipsticks for a day look and then for work, it works brilliantly with Ambre Rose or Hue to make me look just a little more presentable. All That Glitters lasts and does not leave me with old, tacky glitter all over my lids at the end of the day. This is one of the few shadows that I will wear without mascara. I just love it. It is pretty and understated which is kind of the look I like to go for. I think I would prefer for people to say ‘Look at her pretty eyes’ rather then ‘Look at her amazing eye make up’ (My make-up technique is not there yet anyway). Therefore, it is official, All That Glitters will regularly be appearing on my eyelids.


And finally we have L’Oreal Double Extension Beauty Tube Mascara

In one of my very first posts, I said that this mascara can give brilliant results if you apply it carefully but I also said, that I found application tricky. This is still true although with practise, you do get a better idea of how much primer and actual mascara to apply for what look. However as regular followers will know, I do tend to grab Max Factor Lash Extension Effect now when I want a mascara EXCEPT if I’m applying mascara to eyes adorned in the gorgeous Barry M dazzle/glitter dusts. I have yet to find a mascara that does not make my natural lashes look weak, stumpy, inadequate and insignificant when wearing the gorgeous Barry M dusts EXCEPT for this one. This one holds it’s weight and lends a beautiful balance to the eye make up. For this reason, this mascara will hold a place in my make up collection as without it I would have to result to false lashes and there lies another tragic tale . . !

Have any of you used any of these products? What do you think of them? How do they work (or maybe how do you make them work) for you?

So I tag . . . 

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Milly (PearlsandPoodles). 

Links to these amazing beauty bloggers and You Tubers can be found in my sidebar!

And of course, I tag any of you pretty people who want to do this? What products have pulled and twisted your heartstrings in a similar way? Feel free to write a blog post or make a video (don’t forget to leave a link here so we can all have a peek) or open your heart in a comment below.


Something About Sofia

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Something About Sofia


This is a Crescent Row Set from Benefit. This one is Something About Sofia. Who wouldn’t want to be her ( whoever she is but on the back of the box, it says that she lives in a dream where magic begins!) and isn’t the packaging exquisite? The doors open up to reveal a 30ml eau de toilette inside and a 60ml body lotion.

These little bottles too are beautifully designed and so different from many of the clear or slightly tinted bottles on the market at the moment.

After sampling a tester, I placed this and My Place or Yours Gina (Another Crescent Row)on my Christmas list and this is the one I recieved. Now I have only worn this perfume over two days since Christmas. Why, so little?

Well initially this perfume did not smell like the tester. When you first spray it, it is very strong (especially if you spray it like me) and the oriental notes did seem overwhelming. My Dad found it too much (creosote!) and had a coughing fit! I wanted to wash it straight off but I persisted even though the oriental note was much too heavy for my liking. It smelt like there was too much incense burning somewhere and I’m not keen on incense to start with. By lunchtime though, I was surprised to remember that I had this perfume on. I could no longer smell the oriental note, unless I put my nose to my skin!! In fact, I could smell little except a slightly sweet creamy smell now and again. I doubted this was the perfume and thought instead it might be my Soap and Glory body butter.

Not one to give up on perfume easily, I decided to give this perfume one more chance the next day. The missing oriental note confused me. It would be wrong to say the perfume was heavy when this note disappeared so quickly.

The second time, I sprayed it. I sprayed less and yes, as I sprayed it again it was overwhelming but the the note seemed to subside in about twenty minutes and the sweet smell of yday returned again so with no butter on, I’m pretty sure that this is the perfume and I like that bit. I still am a bit reluctant to let anybody stand too close to me though, just in case.

I’m very doubtful if this is going to be a favourite but I do wonder if it is a grower. I have used perfumes before which initially I was not sure of but later become a staple in my collection. I have never completely disliked a perfume yet.I will keep you informed.

I have just swatched a little of the lotion while doing this review and my inital reaction is better then the one I had for the perfume.

Has anybody tried this Crescent Row or any of the others? I do wonder if I would have preferred the Gina one? Do you think sampling at a counter can give you a true indication of how much you will like a perfume?


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January 10, 2010 at 7:30 pm

A peek at the perfumes . . .

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A peek at the perfumes . . .




Yes, these are the lovely, lovely perfumes that I -the lucky girl, I am-  got for Christmas.

We have Something About Sophia (Benefit), Princess (Vera Wang), Intimately (Beckham) and then some samples from the Scents of Occasion Gift Set (Boots). The samples are Ghost Deep Night, Anais Anais, Ange Ou Demon, Guerlain Insolence and Amarige.

Expect lots of fragrant reviews soon! Has anybody tried these? What other perfumes should I add to my wishlist?


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January 4, 2010 at 1:54 pm