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Tag 8 questions???

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I have been tagged by the gorgeous Nicoletta, thank you, with eight questions.

So here we go . . .

1. What’s your favourite ice cream flavour?

I love Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food which is the primary reason that I try to avoid it! Otherwise, I think it has to be a tub (not so keen on cornets) of vanilla ice cream with strawberry sauce and I like to let it melt a little ‘cos it is easier on the teeth and quite frankly, tastes even yummier that way.

2. How many times have you really been in love?


3. Favourite body lotion?

Hmmm at the moment, it is all about the body oil for me and yes, there will be a post;) However, I love the Soap and Glory Daily Smooth body lotion. It smells so pretty and layers with many perfumes so fragrantly. I also like the Body Shop Butters especially Vanilla but feel that they may be slightly overpriced.

4. Do you believe in spirits/ ghosts?

My head says no but in my heart, I do! I’m not in to horror but I do find some tales, the less scary ones, fascinating. There are just too many unexplained happenings out there.

5. Whats your favourite drink? Alcoholic or soft drink?

When I was at uni, it was all about the tequila and aftershock (ouch!) but now it is all about the odd cocktail or orange and tia maria once or twice a year.

Ahem, that is the official line anyway.

On a day to day, it tends to be tap water for me although I’ve ridden the green tea wave.

6. Do you have a big family?

Yes, I do! I have so many cousins, aunties, uncles and the most gorgeous little nephew in the whole wide world.

7. Did you have a nickname at school?

I don’t think so. Not one that I knew about anyway.
Some of my family call me Number One because I’m the eldest of three girls and I’ve also been called Spam because my christian name is Samantha.
My gorgeous little nephew calls me ‘Ammie’ and consequently, that is my favourite word in the whole wide world but he is the only one allowed to call me it.

8. What 1 makeup/ skincare item are you lusting after?

Boring and predictable but the Naked pallette, it looks gorgeous and so usable.

Laura also tagged me with the eight questions, you can see that post here. This time I am going to pass the tag on and try to come up with some questions of my own.


Let me think. . . tick tock . . .tick tock . . .

My questions are

1/ What was your last make up purchase?

2/ What is your favourite perfume?

3/ What would your ‘perfect’ Sunday entail?

4/ You can only buy one eyeshadow or one lipstick, which do you choose?

5/ What do you spend the most energy (and maybe even money) on, your hair cut or your hair colour?

6/ If you could spend a month anywhere in the world, where would you go?

7/ You’re shopping and your friend has lost you. Are you at the make up counter, rummaging in among the clothes rails or in the shoe department?

8/ Who is the one person that you would like to speak to today?

The chosen ones I tag are

belles boutique


Get Gawjus

I Heart Cosmetics

Life, love and lipgloss


Tacky Blue Eyeshadow

The fashionteller notes

Happy Bank Holiday!
All images in this post were found in a google image search.



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The Gorgeous Blogger Award!

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The Gorgeous Blogger Award!

Thank you, Laura She has awarded me the Gorgeous blogger award.

The Gorgeous Blogger Rules are:

– Accept and thank the person who gave it to you.

– List 10 things about yourself.

– List 5 additional things you DON’T like.

– Then pick ten people to give this lovely award to.

Ten things about moi!

1. I like to go travelling and usually, on my own. I have been to Japan, Singapore, Italy, Ibiza, Australia, New Zealand and North America (Vegas, LA , NYC and San Fransisco) all on my own.

2. One of most amazing things I have ever done is skydive over Sydney. It is mindblowing as you float over the world and see life going about as normal below you.

3. I am really in to my tops and occasionally dresses. I love the detailing you can get on a simple vest type top which can turn it from a top in to a outfit. I think I’m quite good at finding a nice top but I am absolutely rubbish at buying jeans and trousers. At 5 2″, it is hard to get anything the right length and fit.

4. I love pretty shoes but find shoe shopping really hard work. You always have to fight to get to the nice shoes and then I find they never fit my feet perfectly enough, some toe has to be squeezed in or if I go a size up, they are too big and then I feel guilty if I buy because I know they don’t fit right and not a wise purchase but on the other hand if I don’t buy then I resent the plain boring but sensible shoes that I have to wear instead.

5. Sometimes I say little and it can be because I’m shy but sometimes it is because I just don’t see the point in saying something just so it has been said if the words mean nothing at all.

6. Although I can be quite quiet. If you catch me in a good conversation and I find what you say interesting, I’ll probably never shut up and if I’m talking back to you at length, the chances are I am letting you in.

7. I am the eldest sister but right now, I feel like the youngest and what’s more, I’m kind of liking that. Grown up stuff freaks me out sometimes. In my early twenties, I tried to be beyond my years and it just didn’t work for me.

8. I have a Law degree which I have never really used.

9. I had braces for years and my jaw realigned to straighten my teeth but I have never had a filling.

10. I absolutley adore my little nephew and feel sorry for any other child (here or to be) cos I’m not sure they could compare to my favourite thing in the whole wide world. I’m actually less fussed about being a Mum since he came along because I don’t see how any child could compare!

Five dislikes about moi!

1. I may not always be the loudest one at the party or the feistiest one in the relationship but when you finally do upset me then I don’t forgive or forget so easily.

2. I always think of the best things to say, answers and comebacks a little too late.

3. I get impatient. If I want something then I want it now and if I can not have it now then I don’t want it at all.

4. Sometimes I waste too much time on the computer mainly because technology and I do not seem to get on.

5. I love to walk things out, it really calms me down being out in the air yet I feel self-concious when I’m just walking for the sake of it with no destination in mind. One part of me knows that it calms me down but the other part thinks it is all just a bit pointless.

I hope this is ok but I would just like to tag any of you who would like to do this. Leave us a link to your post.



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June 7, 2010 at 4:35 pm

Blogspot, Wordpress and tag!

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Blogspot, WordPress and tag!

Hey, how are you all?

I hope you are all happy, healthy and ready for lots of babble cos I’ve got a few little updates for you today.

First of all, it is time to cheer! I have found an easy way to upload photos and posts on to Blogspot . I am going to copy and paste from my WordPress blog , is this cheating?! As you may have seen, I have already uploaded WordPress posts from the last week or so.

I plan to upload any future posts more or less at the same time on my wordpress and blogspot blogs (how greedy am I, having two blogs?!) so if you’d like to follow (yes, please!) then you can choose whichever way is best for you.

You will be able to follow my posts on wordpress (via e-mail or bloglovin, there will be links in the sidebar) or you can follow my blogspot one ‘Mission Pretty’ using the google friend contact (again, there will be a link in the sidebar). And then of course, you can also follow using your own readers and other things that I do not really understand.

However, when the number of e-mail subscribers for wordpress, bloglovin followers and google friend followers add up to 50 then I will have another giveaway for those that are so kindly following me using one of these methods. I hope I get there because I’m already thinking about prizes, I only want to give you things that I believe to be good so I may have to have a few more hauls to try things out, hee hee.

As a bonus on Blogspot, there will be some posts up as part of my ‘Post Rewind’ series where I will republish some of my earlier posts from WordPress possibly with updated thoughts and opinions, if applicable. For those of you who want to stay with WordPress, I may do an additional post as and when summarising these updates and linking to the original posts.

Also Girlies, as I am on a mission, I would love to read any of your thoughts, comments etc. I’ve noticed that I have not had quite so many comments lately and I’m just hoping my wordpress comment gizmo is working ok. If you do have any problems contacting me, feel free to e-mail me or contact me through my other blog. I really would love to get to know you all a bit better and will probably reactivate my Twitter account again soon.


Anyway since we are talking all things bloggy today. I thought I would do the couple of tags that Laura and Jemma so kindly gave me when I was on my blog break.


Firstly we have Laura. Some of you may have heard me talk about her very enjoyable blog before. Her blog is brilliant and I can’t believe that it is only about six months old. All of her posts are fab but lately I have being so impressed with her creativity and some of the make up looks that she features. Laura is also very, very supportive. She did a post of swatches for me once when I was looking for purple eyeshadows. She didn’t have to do that and she doesn’t have to do all the share the loving that she does. She is now gaining followers quite quickly, why don’t you pop over and see why?

Anyway Laura tagged me with the 20 questions tag

1. What can’t you leave the house without?

My telephone and keys. The idea of being locked out freaks me out. Suddenly the world seems a much scarier place when you didn’t actually intend to be outside. If I plan to be in watching The City tonight then that is where I want to be. Ooh and also I don’t like to be out and about without my little Tangle Teaser.

2. Favourite makeup brand.

Maybe MAC because there is a lot of hype but from what I have seen so far, most of it seems to be justified and also a special mention for Barry M because I probably would have quit my mission and took up knitting or something a long time ago, if I hadn’t found their products so cheap and inspiring.

3. Favourite flower?

I’m not sure about this one. It depends on the occasion. I’m not usually a colour person but if I see orange roses or carnations then I normally have to buy them. I guess it quite a novelty to find something so bright and exotic here.

4. Favourite clothing store?

I was the TopShop Princess when I was at university. Cor, that card got some use but now, I don’t really buy as much clothes now (I try, I tried today but I find it depressing) but when I do then my best bet is usually Oasis or Warehouse. Bay Trading as well always used to work for me.

5. Favourite perfume?

Probably Gucci Rush 2.

6. Heels or flats?

I used to be addicted to heels. For 10 years, I wore nothing but heels even hiking in the Lake District but then I got old and my feet started to hurt. A lot. So now I tend to wear my flat sketchers on a daily basis and heels only at night. I kind of want to go back to heels in the day again as part of my mission but I’m really conscious now of the clip clopping when you walk down the street. It really echoes in a small town like where I live and everybody turns and looks and then I normally trip up!!

7. Do you make good grades?

At GCSE and A-level, I was a very good student. At uni, things slid but I came out with a Law degree.

8. Favourite colours?

Depends on my mood really.

9. Do you drink energy drinks?


10. Do you drink juice?

Very, very occasionally. Really I only drink tap water unless I’m on a night out. See question 20 for the exception.

11. Do you like swimming?

I do when I make myself go but I just don’t go anymore. My sisters and I did a lot of swimming when we were younger, they were very good!

12. Do you eat fries with a fork?

Yeah, I probably would.

13. Favourite moisturiser?

Still on a quest to find it. Neals Yard Berry one seems to be doing well.

14. Do you want to get married?

I’ve always wanted to be find a someone to be with forever and that could mean marriage so yes, I guess.

15. Do you get mad easy?

I have little rants in my head but it takes a lot for me to express that to you or others. If I am mad enough to tell you or ignore you then you are probably in very big trouble. I don’t forget easily.

16. Are you into ghost hunting?

I am very, very curious some days but other days, I’m like no way. It is certainly something I find fascinating to talk/read about etc.

17. Any phobias?

Not really anymore. As a child, bananas;dogs and pre-made sandwiches maybe came quite close to been phobias of mine.

18. Do you bite your nails?


19. Have you ever had a near death experience?


20. Do you drink coffee?

Only in a proper coffee shop and not proper coffee but like a chocolate mocha or a vanilla something. At home, I do not really drink coffee but sometimes I will add a little tiny water to powder just enough to make it soggy and scoop that up. Eurgh, did I just admit to that?!


Then Jemma nominated me for the Sunshine Award.

Thank you, Jemma. I recommend any of the links in my WordPress sidebar.

I especially recommend Bamboozle Beauty. Jemma is a very active member of the Beauty Judge community and is brilliant at reviewing products so you might find it very handy to check her blog out.

If any of you want to answer the 20 questions or share the love with the Sunshine award then feel free, I tag you. It will be a great way to get to know you better.

Don’t forget, there are different ways you can follow my posts now so please do, if you want to!


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Tag Twist!

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Tag Twist!

There is a You Tube tag going around at the moment about overhyped beauty products. Now as a blogger I haven’t being tagged but I have decided to take the concept and twist it a little for today’s post.

This post is about products that initially disappointed me. The disappointment could have been caused by poor product performance, my own personal (often unrealistic) expectations and/or hype surrounding the product and brand. However, this is not a post focusing on the way these products broke my heart. Instead it is more of an upbeat post about how I found the product again and how we found a way to be (work) together harmoniously and beautifully. The only way to be when you are on Mission Beauty like me!

I have chosen five products (or brands) who I am travelling with all the way to Location Pretty. At first, the road was rocky but suddenly our destination seems a little closer.

First up is Clinique.

As you know, I had a lot of hope for the Clinique Three Step. It is the first proper skincare routine that I have ever really used. I was impressed with the science behind it and all the fab testimonials on the internet and in the wider world.

My Clinique advisor was very impressive in her white coat and magnifying glass then came the reality of getting up a few minutes earlier each morning just to do the routine. It was meant to take three minutes. For at least a month, it was taking me ten. Everybody told me that the cleanser worked as it lathered, my cleanser was not lathering. And then there was my addiction to moisturiser, how could a few measly little dabs across my face twice a day really moisturise and balance my skin?!

Mostly though, there was this. I thought at the very least Clinique would quickly banish any facial blemishes away (and I don’t tend to have too many on my face) and for a week or so, it did and then they sort of came but these didn’t really grow too much but then came the blemishes that stung, itched and felt lumpy but actually (thank goodness) didn’t look too bad.

I decided Clinique was ok. My skin didn’t look any worse but there was also no sign of ‘skin magic’ occuring either. I decided to finish one set of the full sized product and then we would part company and I would be moving on. Hopefully to something cheaper.

However, now, months later and the Clarifying Treatment has finished. I only have dregs of the cleanser and moisturiser left and maybe I’m having a bit of a U-turn. My skin has being clear for more then a month and the system now seems to take less then three minutes twice a day. On top of this, the cleanser lathers more easily.

Also I just don’t know what I would replace the system with and I’m keen to keep a skin routine going. Initially I thought Clinique was very expensive but Step 1, the cleanser cost me £13 and I’ve had it since sometime in January. If I brought a bar of soap every week then by now, it is likely I would have spent more then £13. To date, I have replaced my clarifying lotion with an organic rose toner from Botanics in Boots but to be honest, I’m very reluctant to let go of Clinique altogether and ok, nobody seems to be able to define or describe the ingredients in the system very well but when I started using Clinique, I never endured any rash unlike recently when my consumption of natural skincare ingredients seemed to be at it’s peak!

Secondly, we have Revlon ColorStay.

Despite my not so enthuastic review on this foundation earlier in the year, I really do like this product now and if it was not for Revlon PhotoReady being released recently then I suspect that I would already have repurchased a couple of back ups of Colorstay. Ok, I still do not think that it conceals every skin flaw (but then isn’t that for concealer to deal with anyway?!) but it does seem to polish what I have. It lasts a long time (unlike a certain Bourjois foundation that I have also purchased this year) and it applies well with a brush (Warning: it will stain aforementioned brush).

I now like the fact that ColorStay feels quite light on my skin and it seems to seep in to my complexion effortless and evenly with very little work. I think I once complained that I could not feel it on my face but now I realise that if everytime I wore this foundation, I felt like I was wearing a mask then it is likely I would have felt this way because in some way, this product was not suitable for me. Quite possibly an irritant and at the very least, not a natural match for my skin. For example, if my skin had been oily then maybe my normal combination foundation would have felt too heavy. I still have reservations that there is no pump with Colorstay (although there is with PhotoReady) and with the amount of water in the bottle (however, the amount of water has obviously diminished and posed less of a problem as I have used more and more of the product up).

The price is still quite high for a high street brand but I’m starting to realise that actually I’m not as concerned about price as once I would have been. Obviously I do have to consider my income but I’m certainly more willing to pay out for a product if I truly believe it delivers the quality that I am seeking.

Thirdly, we have Vera Wang Princess.


This perfume seemed to be earmarked as staple in so many perfume collections that I thought considering my so-called perfume passion and my rather extensive collection, it was kind of bad form that Princess was not in my collection. So one Christmas request was made and Princess was mine.

I think I have maybe three or four applications left in my ever so pretty bottle yet I’ve only smelt the scent on me maybe once and this is my major critcism with this perfume. It is not as cheap as some of the celebrity lower end ones and yet whenever I spray this perfume, I can not smell it on my skin afterwards and you all know how much I like my scents . . !

I have kept using it because I can not afford to have a perfume that I’m not using and I’m hoping that it is just me, that I’m the only one who can not smell it on my own skin. I’m hoping at the very least that others, even if they too do not get the full sense of the perfume, get something of a clean, pretty, fresh waft as I go by.

The thing is this perfume smells lovely whenever I actually spray it in to the air or on to my skin but as soon as I put the bottle down and the lid back on, the scent seems to disappear. Sometimes I have even forgotten that I’ve applied perfume and gone to apply again. Surely that is not right. I have been really miffed with this perfume and have been eyeing up possible replacements and actually looking forward to finishing the bottle until this morning . . !

It was a morning the same as ever. I sprayed and sniffed, ‘lovely’ and then I put the lid on and the bottle away and the perfume was forgotten. Now most mornings that is where the story would end but today, it didn’t. There I was going about life as normal -obviously read as working very hard at work- when suddenly this most beautiful light but pretty fresh vanilla scent came over me. I looked up, on high alert, ready to chase whoever had just walked in to the room and demand they reveal the beautiful scent they were adorning and then I realised that nobody had walked in to the room. It was just me and my Princess perfume. I smelt beautiful and in that moment of realisation, I really did feel like a princess.

And well now I’m not sure what to do. What if everybody else has smelt this beautiful scent all along and my nose has just been blocked or something? Maybe it is a beautiful perfume that other people smell but the wearer doesn’t? Can I give up my own desire for beautiful scents if it means I keep wearing the prettiest scent of them all? In other words, should I keep wearing this pretty, pretty fragrance if I can not smell it because maybe everybody else can smell it?!

I’m not sure.

I think tomorrow, I will try the Lollipop26 trick of vaseline and then the perfume (Princess) and if this helps me to float around in my own cloud of pretty, pretty scent then who knows? Maybe I will be labelling Princess as a staple in my collection, after all.

Fourthly, we have All That Glitters.

This is hyped. It is in virtually every single MAC collection (starter or otherwise) post or video. I brought it on my second MAC haul. I knew the name from all the collection reviews and it looked pretty in the shop. Shimmery and a lovely light neutral colour similar to my earlier purchase (and much adored) Modellette.

I also purchased All That Glitters with the irresistable Satin Taupe and as I had Modellette, All That Glitters seemed a bit samey. So eye-wise, all my new looks were Satin Taupe based and All That Glitters was a bit forgotten. When I did wear it, I thought it looked just a bit like Modellette with a bit too much shimmer. However lately I have been wearing All That Glitters so, soo much.

Now I’m more used to and more practised at wearing make up, I find this shade incredibly pretty and it works so well with my pinker lipsticks for a day look and then for work, it works brilliantly with Ambre Rose or Hue to make me look just a little more presentable. All That Glitters lasts and does not leave me with old, tacky glitter all over my lids at the end of the day. This is one of the few shadows that I will wear without mascara. I just love it. It is pretty and understated which is kind of the look I like to go for. I think I would prefer for people to say ‘Look at her pretty eyes’ rather then ‘Look at her amazing eye make up’ (My make-up technique is not there yet anyway). Therefore, it is official, All That Glitters will regularly be appearing on my eyelids.


And finally we have L’Oreal Double Extension Beauty Tube Mascara

In one of my very first posts, I said that this mascara can give brilliant results if you apply it carefully but I also said, that I found application tricky. This is still true although with practise, you do get a better idea of how much primer and actual mascara to apply for what look. However as regular followers will know, I do tend to grab Max Factor Lash Extension Effect now when I want a mascara EXCEPT if I’m applying mascara to eyes adorned in the gorgeous Barry M dazzle/glitter dusts. I have yet to find a mascara that does not make my natural lashes look weak, stumpy, inadequate and insignificant when wearing the gorgeous Barry M dusts EXCEPT for this one. This one holds it’s weight and lends a beautiful balance to the eye make up. For this reason, this mascara will hold a place in my make up collection as without it I would have to result to false lashes and there lies another tragic tale . . !

Have any of you used any of these products? What do you think of them? How do they work (or maybe how do you make them work) for you?

So I tag . . . 

Laura (Emerald Green 88)

Jemma (Bamboozle Beauty)

Amy (Make Up and Beauty.Ie/Dazzledust25)

Laura (Lollipop26)

Stephanie (TopShopPrincess)

Sophie (Sophie Is Made Up/BeautyMarked19)

Gemma (Gems Maquillage)

Tanya (Pixi2Woo)

Muhsine (Bubblegarm)

Claire (The Fashionteller)

Milly (PearlsandPoodles). 

Links to these amazing beauty bloggers and You Tubers can be found in my sidebar!

And of course, I tag any of you pretty people who want to do this? What products have pulled and twisted your heartstrings in a similar way? Feel free to write a blog post or make a video (don’t forget to leave a link here so we can all have a peek) or open your heart in a comment below.


Survival kits and pretty prizes.

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Survival kits and pretty prizes.

Hi girls

I don’t know if very many of you know but Sophie aka BeautyMarked19 ( ) is currently doing a blog series where once a week or so, she is going to feature an extract from fab but less known blogs and then link you to that blog so if you’re interested then you can learn more, I think this is a great idea and will be following the series with interest. I love finding new people to follow and what amazes me is how different every new blogger, I find, is to all the others. We are all so unique.

So far BeautyMarked 19 had featured one blog and wow, she started with the series with a bang. The first blog featured was PearlsandPoodles from the lovely Milly ( ). I can not believe Milly has only been blogging three weeks. Already she has covered so much, make up; outfits of the day; jewellery collections; her Sunday plans. Her posts are always so easy to read and pretty. She seems so happy and such a breath of fresh air. To be honest, I’m jealous. The girl was born to blog!

One of my favourite posts is her desert island one and at the end, she tagged anybody who wanted a go. Well, here we go . . . across the sea towards the sun.

Hmm, this looks like a nice place to get stranded!

Ok. . , I borrowed the image from Milly but let’s squeeze our eyes tight and concentrate on dreaming . . . isn’t this island beautiful and guess what?! We’re castaway here for the foreseeable future. What a shame ;-) but always prepared (ahem), here are the five items in my survival kit.

1/ Supremya At Night


I want this. I wanted it as soon as I saw it named the best night cream in InStyle Best Beauty Buys this year. It looks gorgeous in its golden tube and make-up guru Ruby Hammer is quoted as saying people thought she had botox after she’d used it and apparently a little goes a long way which is always helpful if you’re stranded.

There is only one problem and that is the price. £435 but then my skin hates the sun and this island looks pretty sunny. Paradise it maybe but I’m going to have to look after my skin and the only thing better then been stranded on this desert island is been stranded on the desert island and then looking ten years younger when I hit the mainland again.

Also think of all the Barry M and MAC that I won’t be able to buy while I’m stranded. Ha! In the circumstances, this cream could actually be a good value investment.

Yes Mr Bank Manager, honestly!

2/ Hollywood Smile

Well, it is sunny. It is hot and in this dream, I’m castaway with lots of hot, tanned men so I’m going to be smiling and for this I need white teeth. ;-)

I have used tubes of Hollywood Smile before when I have had a special occasion coming up and I would say my teeth do always seem to go lighter by two or so shades within about four weeks of use. The only downside is that once the tube runs out and I start going back to normal toothpaste, my teeth suddenly do not look as white anymore.

3/ Soap and Glory Easy Glistening Dry Oil Body Gloss

Milly says sun-tan lotion is provided. This is all very good but my skin can be a menace. Without sun tan lotion, I’m fried and look like a tomato in seconds. With sun tan lotion, I stay my normal ghost white. I never just tan or get that sun kissed glow so I’m going to take a bottle of this along to fake some kind of radiance. I love this product for it’s ability to make my skin look shimmery, healthy and young but also the scent. As you know I am obsessed with pretty scents and perfumes. The smell of this product is gorgeous. Sometimes I do not need to wear perfume with it and I can just imagine how beautiful and even more vibrant this lovely sweet scent will be when it is encounters the heat of this tropical island. As if it isn’t gorgeous enough already?!

4/ Vaseline

Here I snap with Milly but this year, this product has been my saviour. Many of you will know how it helped during My Great Dry Lip Crisis of January 2010. I love this product and now it is my lips absolute best friend, I know that I can rely on it to be just as much of an angel when I’m stranded in paradise and I bet I’ll be glad of it when I burn my hands on the camp fire or am bitten by a shark.

Plus I heard about another use today. I was reading some comments to Mushines latest post ( Ella Pretty said that if you place vaseline on your pulse points before you spritz perfume there, the scent will linger longer. I’m guessing it could work the same for my Soap and Glory Dry Oil.

5/ An umbrella

It looks like paradise but don’t they always say that nothing is as good as it seems? Well as these five items are my only things on this island, I’m going to make sure that when I use them, they are not washed away by a sudden downpour straight after application.

Plus you know I have been very brave not taking a hairdryer or strighteners with me . . ! And hey if my luck does change and it is just sun, sun, sun all the way then I have something for shade and protection.

So there we go, that is my survival kit! I have gone for subtle beauty products. Ones that give the impression of general health and radiance and will look afer me somewhere, so far away from home. After all, what use will mascara be if I’m blinking in to the sun sixteen hours a day and been pompelled with rain for the other eight hours?!

So as you know mine now why not share your survival kit below in the comments (remember that could help you in qualifying for my competition, see the competition post) or do a post on your blog? I would love a peek and it is a fun tag to do.

Back to Milly, she has just reached 200 followers in like 15 posts. Wow! She is having a giveaway to celebrate and included in the prize stash is the gorgeous Aqua dazzledust and a very hot pink one, a gorgeous pearl necklace, love hearts and more! As you can see, a really unique stash that compliments her blog beautifully.

Ooh and while we are talking competitions and such like, don’t forget you still have time to enter mine. See the competition post ( ) .

Also check out the Beautylicious blog, Jo is having a giveaway now she has reached 250 followers and the winner gets a MAC lipstick and lipsglass of their choice. (  )Again a fab (and very generous) prize!

Until next time, enjoy the sun on your (dream!) island!


 PS Please note all images were from Google Image unless stated.


Time for a tag!

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Time for a tag!

Hi Guys!

Here is a tag I found on Muhsine’s blog ( It is What Products I’m Using Now. I’ve completed it for what I am using now but bear in mind, I am in a very experimental (and expensive) phase at the moment and my routine/look’ll probably change within a week or so ;-)

SHAMPOO Aussie Smoothmate

CONDITIONER Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Lucious Long Deep Treatment (Does anybody know if you keep an Aussie conditioner in for longer then three minutes, will that do EVEN more good or will all the goodness have soaked in within the three minutes and it would therefore be a waste of time to leave it on any longer?)

SHOWER GEL Soap and Glory Get Clean :-)

STYLING PRODUCTS Tigi S Factor Serum, Schwarzkoph Osis Flat Liner Serum, Schwarzkoph Bonacure Hair Therapy Moisture Kick Leave in Conditioner

BODY MOISTURISER Soap and Glory Daily Smooth Body Butter or Baylis and Harding Wild Rose and Raspberry Leaf Body Butter

DEODORANT Dove Invisible Dry Anti-White Marks 24hr

FAKE TAN Trying to wean myself off but Nivea Body Sunkissed Skin or Piz Buin Self-Tan lotion with Colour Dial

FOUNDATION Revlon ColorStay Ivory or/and Buff depending on fake tan

POWDER Rarely but Rimmel Lasting Finish Minerals on standby

CONCEALER Benefit Erase Paste Number 1

BLUSH Benefit Dandelion or Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush, Peach Satin

BRONZER FCUK or my Buff  Revlon CS Foundation

HIGHLIGTER Benefit High beam

NAIL COLOUR Neon Pink from Claires Cosmetics (I don’t have a clue whose this is, I didn’t buy it but I found it lying around the house. It is so eye-catching, it needed a home!)

EYESHADOW Barry M Mushroom and Chocolate dazzledusts or Maybelline Iced Fudge and Rimmel Jet Black

MASCARA Rimmel 100% Waterproof , Benefit Bad Gal

LIPSTICK Gosh Darling with Barry M 100 but from tomorrow, I suspect Gosh Amethyst and something else

LIPGLOSS No, not in the recent weather. Vaseline instead, under and over!

So there we go, I am also going to add a product. Perfume, what perfume are you wearing? For me, there has been two over the last couple of days Ghost Deep Night and Vera Wang Princess. I’m making my mind up about these perfumes for future posts.

Anyway, I tag you!!! What products (and perfume) are you using now? Indulge my nosy nature and share your secrets in the comments below or link me and the readers to your blog.

Hope you are all well, take care


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Written by essjay23x

January 14, 2010 at 11:04 pm