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Hey Pretties

I’m a tad excited. Well, very excited.

Laura aka Lollipop26 did a post today about the gorgeous Viva Glam Cyndi lippie and she wrote about a very scientific test of mine. Ha! You can learn more about my theory and see a beautiful picture of Laura wearing said lippie, here.

I just wanted to do a little post here to share my excitment with all of you, Lovelies. Laura was one of the very first Gurus I found online and I have shamelessly stalked her (sorry about that, Laura) ever since.

I have brought so many things, at least in part, because Laura recommended them. To name but a few, Barry M Pale Purple, Ginger Body Wash from Treacle Moon, Gleam, Sable, All That Glitters, Angel, Neutrogena cleanser, Revlon ColorStay, Stunning, Fantasy and the pennies I keep on spending but to be honest, I can’t think of one ‘Laura recommends’ that I totally regret.

There are a hundred blogs out there that I adore and I am discovering more all the time but ( ) is one of my major influences ( Muhsine  is also responsible for a lot) and in the past -when I have been thinking about this post, that post or when the computer is playing up and I have a post but no pics to put up-, I have found myself asking what would Laura do?!

So this may sound a bit pathetic but the post today meant such a lot. Thank you, Laura.

I just hope one day I can reward my lovely followers with such an amazing blog. I have a long, loongg way to go but that is the fabulousness that I’m aiming for.

I hope some of you might stick with me on my way. I will do my utmost to do you proud.

Since we are talking Cyndi. I am going to have a little rummage to see if I can find a FOTD from a few weeks back of Cyndi and I.

EDIT: I had a rummage, it is another not so great pic but you get the idea. I really do like this lipstick. It speaks for itself in this pic and catches the eye straight away. It is red but in fact, it is closer to the natural lip colour of my lips then my great lippie love, Snob or Viva Glam Gaga and therefore, actually less hassle to wear out. I certainly don’t need to touch it up as often.

Meanwhile, here is a link to a post I did about Cyndi and a possible dupe.



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May 2, 2010 at 10:02 pm

A Lip Experiment!

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A Lip Experiment!

As many of you are aware, it has been very cold and wintery in England over the last couple of weeks and for me, it was a wake up call. I need to look after my lips!!!

I have never been very keen on my lips. I have only got in to lipstick/glosses recently. Before that, I wore mainly Skinny Dip by Benefit or a little clear gloss when I went out and that was about it. I didn’t touch or think about my lips otherwise and so, last Saturday was payback.

My lips were red, puffed up and sore. In fact, I was afraid to touch them in case they started bleeding. I didn’t know what to do. I have never really took much notice of my lips (until very recently and then only to slap a new favourite colour on but I have never really looked after or fed them) and last Saturday, I could not ignore them. They hurt!

A bit of a crisis so enter Mum with some Vaseline and oh my! Another cliche but I declare that Vaseline is . . . magic! My lips instantly felt smooth and even when I went to apply the magic a second time, just a few hours later, my lips were less sore and less ugly. By Wednesday, I would say they had recovered and in fact, that they were in better condition then they were to start with. Phew, a bit of a close call!

Lesson learnt, I now apply Vaseline religiously every few hours. It is a new obsession. I am even considering investing in a balm,Baume de Rose (£32) by Terry, that Lollipop26 ( raves about. From now on, my lips are Queen and they will be dressed like one.

Thankfully the puffiness, that was part of the trauma last week, has gone. However, my lips still seem a little plumper then pre-trauma. Yay, I hope that is the Vaseline!

So thinking about my lips  so much has got me thinking about lip products which led me to Cupids Bow, a double-ended lip pencil from Benefit.

You use the lighter pink end to outline the v shaped bow on your top lip. This should highlight and emphasize the shape. Apparently this is the most attractive part of the lip.

Then you use the darker end of the pencil to line the centre of your bottom lip, this is meant to make the lips look fuller.

Well, lets see what happened

The photo above show my lips before with just vaseline.

This is my lips after . I used a little concealer then Barry M 100 and Cupids bow before and after the lipstick application in the places mentioned earlier (Who was in a rush and forgot to apply the Barry M 100 to the insides of her lips?! Oops).

Was there a difference? Yes in the mirror, there was no doubt. In these photos, I think you can see that the lips look bigger The lighter lipstick seems to have helped there too. I tried this with my old staple, the darker nude, Benefit Skinny Dip and my lips although bigger did not look this big.  Also, I’m not sure if you can see here just how defined my bow was afterwards and for me, this was the most exciting part.

This has got me thinking about colours and contours. I remember reading an article a few weeks ago in a Sunday supplement saying that lips would be big in 2010 but with a different lip colour on the bottom and top lips. Of course, I think they had an outrageous example like bright yellow on one lip and bright green on another but maybe I could try this. With one shade lighter on the top lip and darker on the bottom. After all, sometimes I use two foundation shades to contour my face, why not for the lips or what about just doing this in the centre of the two lips and blending? Maybe I could use Barry M 100 with concealer on the bottom lip to give it more substance and then just the Barry M on top and what could I do with Amethyst? What about glosses? Gloss on top and extra coats of lippie on the bottom. There are so many things that may work, I’m going to have to have another play and depending on the results, I might share a pic or two with you.

 What do you do to show your lips off? What about plumping products? Is the sting in some of the lipsticks and glosses worth the plump they give you? Your lip stories are most welcome here.

Until next time, take care!


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January 16, 2010 at 8:47 pm