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No Fashion Haul From London Town!

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No Fashion Haul From London Town!

Hi Girlies!

I hope you are all well. I am, I spent yesterday in London Town. 

That always gives me a bit of a buzz. So inspiring but I was quite good and spent very little even though I had actually given myself a bit of a leeway to spend but instead, the Fashion Challenge really hit home.

I think I could fail.

I just haven’t got a clue at the moment when I walk in to all the fashion retailers, I ACTUALLY found TopShop hard work. I felt like I was performing the perfunctory until I got to check out all the make up and beauty bits ( areas where I did spend a bit more, can you believe I have fallen in love with another MAC lipstick?! I’m the girl who doesn’t do lips, remember?). There are some beautiful items around but none of them really fit what I’m looking for and those that do are similar to things that I don’t really need or have numerous of ie, anything in black. I must stop buying black!

I have often thought about seeing a stylist or getting my colours done just as a one off to give me some direction or something but I don’t know, I’m afraid that I won’t agree with them or that I won’t be able to see what they see or that I’ll lose ‘me’, whoever that is.

However, I certainly need a bit more focus. Yesterday, I didn’t really know what I was looking for. I had the whole of Oxford Street and more yet I walked away with not one item of new clothes. Girls, I’ve let you down esp. when I moan so much about there never been anything new or different in my local shops.

Generally in life, I’m a bit of a list person. I write what I need to do, blah, blah and then tick it off but I’ve never wanted to limit my shopping like that. I’m scared if I say today is the day I am going to buy a new bag then I will just buy one because that is my mission today. I’ve always been inclined to think that if something catches your eye when you’re not particularly looking for it then it must be pretty special and worth buying but this kind of approach does not seem to be working anymore. It is time for my shopping habits to grow up!

I really need to look at what I’ve got, tidy my wardrobe and then slowly fill the gaps. I must make the time to do this and hopefully then I’ll realise that I need very little and maybe I’ll find a gem I’ve forgotten about. Hmmm, wardrobe spring cleaning may not be so boring after all.

What about you, how do you shop for clothes? Have you ever sought style advice? What is your most worn item? Has this most worn ever been something that you considered fashionable or is there something else about it that makes it so special? Don’t forget, my competition closes this weekend!


PS If anybody is trying to get in touch with me by e-mail, please use rather then my old hotmail address. The hotmail one no longer works. :-(


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February 11, 2010 at 8:40 pm

The Fashion Challenge!

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                    The Fashion Challenge!


Ok, I have put quite a lot in to the beauty and cosmetic side of making more of myself but I feel, that the fashion/style side is starting to slide.

Where as I used to spend three hours going from Oasis to Warehouse to TopShop and back again. Lately, I’m more likely to spend my spare time perusing the make up counters or skin care aisles in Boots or Superdrug. So inspired by some outfits at last nights National Television Awards (I adored Danni Minogue’s cream dress!); some recent Outfit of the Day posts that I’ve seen lately and other very beautiful fashion posts and of course, The Style Diet ( , I have decided that it is time to extend my hunting ground a little and set myself a challenge!

I’ve never been particularly fashionable. It is rare that whatever is in fashion actually suits me but when I find something I like. I keep to it and try to keep updating it a little to keep it current. Sometimes I fail but sometimes it works and then just for a few minutes, I’ll feel like a princess.

So over the next few months, I am going to identify between four or five things, style inspirations, to build outfits from. I will try to build an outfit from each inspiration so I have at least a minimum of four completely up to date ‘me’ looks to wear.

I guess the first part of this challenge is to find the signatures for my look. One or two of the inspirations may follow on from what has inspired me in the past. After all, style is about knowing what you like, what suits you and then working your outfits from there. However, as making more of myself is about more then outward appearences, it is important to embrace my creativity and there needs to be a couple of new influences in the mix.

Have you got any ideas? What inspires your style? Has anybody here ever sought style advice from a personal shopper or stylist?

I’m off hunting and I will let you know when I start catching some inspiration!


PS Please note that I think this will be a long term challenge. Do not expect an overhauled wardrobe next week. My budget ain’t got what it takes!

PSS Don’t forget, you can now comment and subscribe. See my competition post if you want the chance of winning some goodies. Also note I’m still a little confused about all the ways that a person can follow. So if you have a blog or video and state somewhere in them that you follow this blog and provide a link then I will count you as a subscriber as long as I know about it and then you can go straight to stage 2. See the post for more info! Any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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January 21, 2010 at 10:08 pm