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Free Nail Product!

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Free Nail Product!


Just a quick post today to show you all what I got for free today.

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Instant Nail Hardener which is designed for people with ‘soft, fragile nails that break, crack or appeal’ and this product claims that it will give you ‘harder, stronger, healthy looking nails in 5 to 7 days’.

And guess what?! If you struggle with your nails, you might be able to get one free too.

There is a token in Marie Claire (Uk) which can be exchanged for one free Diamond Strength Instant Nail Hardener (worth £8.45) from Superdrug while stocks last. Check the token but I think the offer expires in the middle of August and can not be used online.

So if you’re interested, it might be worth seeing if your local Superdrug has some Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Nail Hardener and if they do, get a Marie Claire – I think most Superdrug’s retail the mag – and claim your freebie because if you don’t, I’m sure somebody else will!

I’ve never used the  Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Nail Hardener before but I do use the Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle a lot and I love it!

Admittedly my nails are not particularly weak but about two or three times a year, they do all tend to break at once like lightbulbs and that is when I will be digging this little freebie out to put it to the test and see if it can nurture my new baby nails. I have high hopes!

For those of you who are interested, this is what I wrote about the Miracle Growth Product (which guarantees 30% longer nails in five days) in a review on the Beauty Judge website earlier this year,

‘I was surprised when I read that another reviewer was disappointed with this product.

This product has been a staple of mine for about three years. In my work, I have to wash my hands constantly and use alcohol gels. My nails take a battering but as soon as they start breaking. I apply this once a day for a few days straight. One coat each day on top of the previous for about three to five days and then remove and start again. Quickly going to once or twice a week for maintainance and my nails seem to grow. I only have to go through the whole regime two or three times a year.

My nails definitly grow because they are not breaking, the varnish at the very least protects them from the outside world so they have the opportunity but I would not like to say if +30% from white edge in five days is accurate. It is too hard to measure. Sometimes my nails can be quite hard to cut or file down so I believe there is possibly some super nourishing going on as prior to Hansen, my nails broke all the time.

I have brought this repetedly and have no regrets!’

So will Superdrug be on your list of places to visit this week? What do you think of Sally Hansen products? Any other nail recommendations?



Some little things and . . ?!

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Some little things and . . ?!

Sometimes I change my mind or discover something new about the products that I have been using and may have mentioned so today, I just wanted to keep you people updated with a couple of things.

MUA Nail Varnish

I posted about one of these recently. It was shade 10. I know I said in my May favourites video on You Tube that it was not really the colour that you would wear out. Well actually, I wore it out on Saturday and I loved it. In some lights it looks quite metallic. A nude with a subtle, tantinglising twist.

In conclusion, I think you can wear this varnish both day and night and that it is great value for £1. I doubt it is a contender for Chanel et al varnishes but neither do I apply it and immediatly think ‘Bargain bucket’. I’m also very impressed by the drying time, it is mega quick!

Creme de la Femme.

I love this. I know that I have compared it to to Snob and I would still say there is a resemblance between them but the two shades are actually quite different color-wise. You can see this in the photos below.


Creme de la Femme


I am actually finding Creme de la Femme, easier to wear. Again, it is darker and a tinge closer to red then the pinky Snob. I think Creme de la Femme is closer to my natural lip shade and needs less maintenance as the colour wears away. Patching is less evident and it just seems ever so slightly more classy and mature over the course of a day or night.

I have also said that I would wear Creme de Femme when I want the lips to do the talking but actually I have since found that Creme de la Femme is more versatile then that. I have since used it to accompany smoky eyes and this lippie merges in to such a look and plays a meagre supporting role just fine. It lends the lips just enough polish to keep them looking in synch with the rest of the ‘made up’ face without overdoing it. Yep, I admit that my flirtation with Creme de Femme is growing deeper and deeper each day. Really like!

Max Factor Lash Extension Effect Mascara

This is still a great product and does exactly what it claims but the tube seems to have dried out quite quickly. Then again I have been using it quite frequently.

Anyhow, nevertheless I think that ‘m getting just a little bit bored of using this mascara every single day.

The mascara is ok for an everyday look but if I’m going out or want a little extra pisazz, I find myself mixing it with a couple of layers of the beauty tubes mascara. Sometimes I use the primer, sometimes I don’t.

For the first time in my life, I’m actually craving clumps. They can give my look an extra dimension and lend a bit of a ‘cool’ factor!

Green tea

I feel much better in myself and more energetic since I have been drinking tea. However, I have noticed that if I drink the tea on an empty stomach, I do get awfully nauseous within about ten minutes of consumption and a couple of times have been physically sick. I have felt this with a couple of different brands of green tea and regardless of the brand, it seems if I ever green tea on an empty stomach, it really does make me feel sick. It is a horrible travel type nausea too. That horrible that I will not be having green tea on an empty stomach anymore and am keeping a close eye on the situation. I’ve never heard others say of this before. Have you?

And finally there was going to be a pretty bag but uploading issues again so expect a post very soon.

So Girlies, have you got any purchases or products that you want to rave about, diss or update on? Remember I’m on a mission so keep me informed.


PS Don’t forget that when I get 50 followers I will have a giveaway or competition. The 50 followers can be from any combo of BlogLovin (link in wordpress sidebar), WordPress subscription(link in sidebar of wordpress blog, Blogspot followers (link in blogspot sidebar, Twitter (xessjay23x), You Tube (essjay23x) so get following!!! ;)

MUA Nail Polish!

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MUA Nail Polish!

So everybody is allowed a little treat now and then, right?!

Look, what I have purchased from the new Superdrug brand, MUA.

 I chose this nail varnish because it reminded me of the dark murky on trend shades that I keep hearing so much about (Chanel Greige and Particuliere et al) that I’m curious about but too sceptical to fork out for. I brought a similar nude browny shade from Rimmel (Euphoria) earlier in the year and at the time, I remember been quite disappointed with the colour but since the MUA products are only £1 each and ‘murk’ seems so on trend at the moment, I thought I might as well pick this one up. After all, I could always blog about it!

Despite the colour, it wasn’t long before I just had to have a play so I tested this polish only once with very quick and careless application yet I was quite impressed. So impressed that I had to post a little rave quickly. Let me tell you why.

First, there is the colour which I love. I applied three coats and although the colour is subtle, it is not sheer.

Secondly, the formulation dried very, very quickly. Literally within a couple of minutes.

Thirdly, the brush was quite easy to use and the polish smooth to apply.

I don’t think you should wear this polish if you want to make a statement, it is a little lighter then Greige et al appear to be. However, to add a little interest to your nails then this might be a polish, you want to consider. I would say this MUA one is almost metallic but quite a light, sheer one. The density does seem to change a bit when it catches the light.

I felt quite comfortable applying this varnish and adorning the result and if I feel that way, the amateur I am, then it is unlikely that many of you would go wrong with this polish and for £1, it could be worth a go especially if you have not yet grabbed a ride on this nail colour trend.

Please bear in mind, I have not given this polish a proper road test yet but at the moment, I would not hesitate to repurchase a nail varnish from this brand and indeed, I am likely to go back in a couple of days to try a few more of their products.

For £1, I didn’t expect much and this little pot of polish seems able to deliver so much more.

What with Sleek and MUA, Superdrug certainly seem to be gaining ground in the battle of the drug store budget brands.

Have you tried MUA? What do you think? Any recommendations?

My MUA nail varnish does not seem to have a name but is marked as shade 10. There is 6.2ml in the bottle for £1. My Rimmel varnish was 8ml.


PS Have you checked out Fleur de Force’s You Tube channel lately, she has two competitions going at the moment. One for Sleek and one for MAC. You can also find her new blog here

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May 11, 2010 at 10:15 am


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Over the last month or so, I have tried hard to cut back on beauty spending. Three months in to Mission Beauty and I have accumulated quite a few products and I’m trying to focus on using them up and more importantly using them properly before I encounter even more.

Hmmm, however on such a mission, there is always going to be the odd purchase or two that just has to be made and lately there seems to be a bit of a Revlon thing going on.

Let’s get my money’s worth and have an ickle look at one of the little Revlonites that I just had to take home with me, eek!

Minted! This is my very first green nail varnish and it wasn’t until I saw various NOTD’s, featuring this Mint green, Mint Candy Apple (Essie) and Barry M’s infamous Mint nail paint, that I realised what my collection was missing.

Minted is true to the colour in the bottle (a mint green maybe a little greener then it looks in my photo) and can appear just as beautiful on your nails but I had to apply it carefully for such good results. The application was not particularly easy. The colour took two or three coats to build and some time to dry and then it still chipped quite easily when I straightened my hair, hours later.

I love the final colour especially on my naturally pale hands but I would say if you are going to wear it with a tan, make sure it is a top notch tan with no tell tale orange (or alternatively white) lines, patches as they just cheapen the nail colour and makes it all look very immature. I had to have two attempts at applying Minted before I got the more sophisticated in vogue look that I was seeking and expecting. This is not a fuss free nail colour. Saying that when it looks good, it really catches the eye and makes all the effort worthwhile.

As I mentioned my spending on Revlon has not stopped there and I hope to have a post up soon about the new foundation, Revlon Photo-Ready.

What do you think of Revlon? What do they do well? Any recommendations for me. To me, they seem to be a brand whose products create frenzies. Surely this is good for them but is it much good for me?! Any Revlon you would like to recommend? How does Minted compare with your favourite nail varnish?


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April 7, 2010 at 7:40 pm

Lost Treasure!

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Lost Treasure!

Somebody has lost some treasure and I’ve found it.

Well, nobody is claiming it so what is a girl to do when nobody claims this beautiful colour that I just found carelessly lying around the house?!

Wear it, of course!!!!

I never used to be a bright nail kinda girl but ooh, this pink looks so neon on my fingers and, I’m loving it. To be fair, I have asked around but nobody is claiming it yet karma is still biting me for as soon as I opened the front door, it started to chip and smudge.

Never mind, the things you’ll forgive a beautiful colour. . !


PS Don’t forget that you can now comment and subscribe. Also while you’re here, why don’t you take a peek at my competition post if you haven’t already done so?

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January 22, 2010 at 5:44 pm

Twas the Christmas . . .

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Twas the Christmas . . .



Christmas 2009 was the one when I wore Double Decker Red Nail Varnish (Rimmel) and loved it.

Nail varnish is something I’ve always been cautious about. School time memories of smudges, chips and bumps but things have improved. Now it takes literally a couple of minutes, or so, for many varnishes to be applied and to dry. When a varnish is that quick and easy to do, who cares if you need to reapply it every day or so?! 

Hmmm, I’m liking the idea of matching my nail varnish to my mood or season. It could be useful when funds are low and my perfume collection has dwindled.

Double Decker Red is now officially my Christmas Varnish. It reminds me of holly berries and London double deckers which then reminds me of London and the Christmas film, Love Actually. I love Christmas!

Er, yeah, how many days is it until Christmas 2010 again?


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January 3, 2010 at 10:56 pm