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My new necklace + a very pretty ring!

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My new necklace+ a very pretty ring!

Look, I got my very own Sideways Cross necklace. Yeah, yeah Lollipop26 style. You all know what I am like, so orginal!!!

I’m really pleased with it though. I’ve never had a necklace which makes me feel so grown up.

I’m not sure how easy it is going to be to keep it sitting straight – it took a bit of a play to get the shot above- but I quite like the slightly tilted thing in real life. It gives it that mismatched ‘cool’ effortlessly Kate Moss/Sienna Miller edge. Makes the classic a bit more bohemium! In the same way, the cross been sideways does in the first place.

Usually I am more of a bracelet person. I have got away without many necklaces for so long by wearing tops with interesting necklines.

When I have worn necklaces they tend to be the run of mill heart or initial pendant type ones, a little longer then this one or very occasionally, shorter ones full of beads since my family have a bead shop but until today, necklaces have been a special occasion thing for me.

However, I feel that this one is delicate and discreet enough (yet still contemporary) to wear everyday. Well, I don’t think that I will be taking it off for a week or two anyway. Ha, this bling bling obsession does not seem to be subsiding.

I ordered my necklace from this seller on Etsy . I made the order on the Sunday before last (27th of June) and it arrived this morning all the way from Texas so I can’t fault the service. There are several variations of the Sideways Cross on her website. I brought the Sideways Cross Necklace – The Original 14K Gold Filled Horizontal Cross – Handcrafted by Theresa Mink.

Theresa has some other Etsy stores and I do like (but must be good and not buy) A Summer Place, a beautiful cocktail ring inspired by the sea. I’ve borrowed this pic from her listing

So is jewellery key in your own personal style? How do you work the bling? Ooh and have you ever made any of your own pieces, where can I check them out?



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July 7, 2010 at 5:05 pm

Merle O’Grady Jewellery

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Merle O’Grady Jewellery.

My obsession with jewllery and all things bling-like continues. . !

I’m liking the work of Merle O’Grady at the moment. I think I am the last person to hear of her. Her work has been featured in In Style, Grazia, The Telegraph, Vogue and Elle among others this year.

Her necklaces are Statement with a capital S. Usually bib like, eye catching and very beautiful.

I especially like this Cosmos Bib necklace (£380). It is glamorous and elegant yet there is something distinctly tribal and summery about it. The rock beads seem to give it some edge.

I also like this small pendant which at £80.50 is slightly closer -but not close enough:(- to my price range.

All of the ear rings seem big and dangly. Ooh and some of the ear rings seem a little more affordable. This pair are £28.

Hmm and if I got them, I would be in very good company because allegedly Beyonce has purchased a pair of earrings designed by O’Grady. Apparently they are big and Beyonce was impressed by how lightweight they were.

Meanwhile Cheryl Cole has this bracelet which I love, the Bombshell bracelet (£215).

I think that this bracelet embodies what the Merle O’Grady designs are all about. Feminine jewellery with a contrasting often industrial type edge. Her style seems to fit in with all the skull-like bracelets I see floating around at the moment and yes indeed, my beautiful scarf. It is strange, I used to think that jewellery had to be delicate and pretty pretty. Now I realise that some of the pretty things are actually pretty because they incorporate this in some way and then go and do the opposite with the rest of the piece.

There is a great interview with Merle in the August Issue of Make Jewellery and you can see or purchase (lucky you if you do!) her current pieces here .

Feed my new jewellery addiction, what other pieces should I be swooning over? Is there one particular brand or designer that I should know about? What do you think of Cheryl’s bracelet, would you wear it?

All images from the Merle O’Grady website except the Cheryl Cole one which came from InStyle online.


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June 26, 2010 at 6:47 pm

My Dancing Ring!

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My Dancing Ring!

Hey Girls

I thought I would share with you a little something that I brought this week. I was so excited when I found this on my doormat.

A beautiful Tallulah Tu Gold ring that I purchased from Tanya Burr jewellery. I had seen the ring a couple of times in Tanya’s videos and when I heard that there was only one left to buy. Well, I had no choice but to purchase, did I?

Very eye catching so it is no wonder that this little trinket has already earnt itself a few compliments. The camera really does not do this ring justice. It shimmers and dances when it catches the light. It looks gorgeous in motion, I think this ring was born to move!

Aah, I love this little purchase (well, not so little for my fingers. It is quite heavy but well, my fingers can put up) and I have a feeling that I may be showing off a few more rings soon. I think I may be becoming a little ring obsessed!

My ring cost me £32 and was here within 48 hours. So if you spot a nice piece of jewellery in Tanya’s videos, I would check out her website to see if she is selling it.

Investments in happiness and all that ;)


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June 20, 2010 at 5:17 pm

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Daisy, daisy . . !

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Daisy, daisy . . !

They are so pretty and yet, they seem a little bit edgier then traditional charm bracelets or their more contemporary offsprings.

What am I talking about?

Daisy Stack rings, of course!

Basically you buy a ring from the collection and then another one and another one. Then you stack them altogether on your finger and flaunt.

A charm bracelet but in ring form.

Troll bracelets and Pandora ones have always been there on my wishlist but they have never made it to the top and now I’m glad that this is the case because just maybe, I was born to stack.

Stacking is ‘cool’ and a bit easier for somebody like me ie. somebody without a built in style radar, as I believe that all the rings in the collection are designed to be mixed and matched within any stack. Yay, I’ve always been envious of those people who can throw outfits, accessories and even different necklaces together without a thought and look so stylicious. Well now if I choose to create a little Daisy Stack, it could be my turn to become a fashionista.

Of course, money means I would not be able to start with a stack. I would only be able to start with one ring but then every stack has to start somewhere. I might have to do it slowly but stack, I may well do.

You can check out the Daisy Ring website here

UPDATE: Since writing this, I have had a look around and I think this ring idea may not be as unique to Daisy as I thought. I think Pandora and other businesses are offering similar products. Let me know if you have heard of anything like this or indeed, if you are so lucky enough to have already begun stacking.

Also check out my latest You Tube video here

This one is a bit of babble (with a tiny bit of share the love) about future plans and me. I have also recorded two more today which I enjoyed loads as I got to play with possibly my favourite things in the world, Perfume. So watch out for these later this week!





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June 14, 2010 at 8:29 pm