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Leaping in to Blush!

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Leaping in to Blush!

It came to my attention when the Top Shop make up range came out that people thought a lot of the Top Shop blushes. From what I have read, the blush products seem to be the strength of the brand.

Now I have yet to investigate the Top Shop make up range properly yet but I am determined to get a blush from the range.

The main reason for this, aside from the rave reviews, is that blush seems to be the one make up, pretty thing that I don’t get that excited about.

I have blushes and I wear them but to be honest, my eye sight can be shoddy and I can’t always see the difference it is making to my complexion and the chances are when I am thinking ‘ooh, this blush does make me look radiant’, it does not necessarily mean that the product is great or that I look fantaboulous to others. It is more likely the case that if I can see the difference a blush is making to my look then I have applied too much and in fact, look like a clown to everybody else.

So I guess that the relationship between Blush and I is difficult and I need to make a little more effort to try and embrace blush so this post is a bit of an introduction to an occasional series of Blush posts where I am going to celebrate all things blush. I will consider how I can make blush work and I will share the blushes I already have with you.

And hopefully this series will include at least one Top Shop blush so girls, please let me know, which one I should get!

I think Neon Rose and Flush look very pretty. What do you think?


Flush at the top and the brighter Neon Rose below.

Of course, they are quite different. I think I read once on Make Up and Beauty,Ie (Dazzledust25) that blushes are either coral or pink based and each individual is either suited to one or the other. So how do I find out which one suits me the best? I’m thinking it is probably whatever brings out your eyes etc best. That seems to be the bog standard make up test and using that I usually buy a lot of pink toned blushes but I do like Coralista and peachy eyeshadows so am I just sticking to the pink because that is more conventional for us English roses?

The blushes at Top Shop cost £6 which is maybe middle of the price range for a blush. It is probably one of Top Shop’s better value products. I just happened to notice (it wasn’t as if I intentionally clicked on to the lippie page and reviews or anything . . , aherm) that the lippies are £8.

Also as you will find out soon, most of the blushes I have are from Benefit. However, the ones I have are powder products and I’m very interested in getting a liquid blush for the summer.

Could Benetint or PosieTint be what I’m looking for? The rosy Benetint is the cult product but would pale old me get more use out of it’s little sister, Posietint?

I’m also struggling to find other liquid blushes. I think MEMEME have a dupe for the Benefit tints but I don’t really know how they compare. I have tried some of the Maybelline mousses but I’m not sure if that is what I’m looking for now.

And Elf and Nars, are their blush products worth investigating? I know that you hear a lot about Laguna and Casino.

So girls, I know that this is a very rambly post but I’m just leaping in to the world of blush full heartedly for the first time and there seems to be so much to discover so I’d love to hear your thoughts blush style?!

Images from The Top Shop website and Google Image Search



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June 2, 2010 at 9:25 pm