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Handbag lipsticks!

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Handbag lipsticks!

Gemma recently talked of the gorgeous Ambre Rose as a ‘Handbag Lipstick’.

I love the term ‘Handbag Lipstick’. I think I have used the term ‘Go to’ before but that sounds so boring and functional in comparison to ‘Handbag Lipstick’.

Handbag lipsticks are those lipsticks that you keep in your bag everyday, the ones that you know you can just slap straight on to your lips, sans mirror, and they deliver a perfected finish without you giving a thought.

So this got me thinking what are my handbag lipsticks?
Please be warned, this post is picture heavy and some of them are not good but it should give you an idea of shades to google etc!

Ambre Rose, Patisserie, Hue, Beehive and Skinny Dip!

Ambre Rose from Maybelline

Firstly, I agree with Gemma. Anybody who has read my earlier Ambre Rose post will know that this is a lippie that I turn to. It is not particularly exciting but it always does the job and complements just about any look. It is also cheap and long lasting. With this in my bag, there is no reason why my lips should not look polished!

Patisserie from MAC

For some reason in reality, this reminds me a little of Ambre Rose and I tend to carry one or the other. I have to say that Patisserie is not a lipstick that I find myself daydreaming about or jumping out of bed to wear. I don’t find the colour of the stick or the swatch that inspiring but it does flatter the lips and add something once applied to the lips. I was surprised when Tanya Burr tweeted about this as a failsafe bridal lipstick. However, when I see pictures of looks using Patisserie, the lips always look lovely so I hope mine do too when I use it. It may not be my favourite MAC mate but there is no denying that Patisserie never really lets me down. There are never any tell tale lippie lines or patches. It almost looks so natural and maybe that is what disappoints me slightly but nevertheless, Patisserie does make the perfect handbag lipstick!

Hue from MAC

I love Hue. I have used her tirelessly. She gives a very pretty finish to the lips which I find particularly noticeable on camera. Unlike the pinky pinks, this peachy pink is less noticeable if you smudge or go over your lipline. It just seems to merge in to my natural lips seamlessly no matter how slap dash my application. I can’t resent paying MAC prices when I end up with a lippie as lush (and useful) as Hue, my very first MAC lippie and my original handbag lipstick!

Beehive from the No 17 MirrorShine line

This is currently my most worn lipstick. It has been endorsed by Holly and Laura and many others. It has been so well hyped and I’m pleased to say it more then lives up to all the raves. It is easy to apply and the colour is one I love, very similar to Hue although these pictures don’t really show this. Beehive is pinker then Hue but not as pink as my camera suggests and I certainly can not go wrong with Beehive. I have never noticed a blotched lipline(and I get a lot of those) with this gem. However, I have certainly noticed the mirror shine. This lippie finishes with the most flattering, subtle gloss and also as if it couldn’t get any better, Beehive also feels very soft and soothing when applied. This has been especially appreciated recently as my current skincare woes mean my skin and lips have become a little dried out and sensitive. This particular handbag lipstick was retailed below £5 in Boots and it is certainly worth every single penny!

Skinny Dip from Benefit

I have used this shade for years. It was my first ‘grown up’ lipstick. It is my perfect nude and for me, it can not be duped (let me know if you know one). It is a pinky nude, very pretty and feminine. I would say it doesn’t give me a lipstick finish but a pretty bare lip finish. My lips seem to be quite pigmented and so this works for me especially with my pale skintone which instantly looks softer after a swipe with Skinny Dip. It might not work so well for you but you never know, i it matches your colouring then I bet you will love this beauty. I suggest you all take two minutes to pop along to a Benefit counter just to check out my perfect nude, it may be the handbag lipstick you are looking for.

My handbag lipsticks all seem to be more nude then bright. I guess that is no surprise since handbag lipstick can be applied with no care and instantly deliver a polished look. You could hardly slap St Germain on and expect it to merge seemlessly in to your lips. However (and this is where you and I may differ) nor can I slap the notorious nude nudes such as Gosh Darling or Barry M 101 on my lips without chalky, tacky tell tell lines.

For me personally, it seems a handbag lipstick it needs to be a slightly muted pink or peach. Nothing brighter, nothing lighter.

What are your handbag lipsticks?

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August 25, 2010 at 5:38 pm

FOTD: MAC London

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FOTD: MAC London

Hi Girlies

So here is a face of the day with the rest of my MAC haul from London. Sorry about the picture!



Revlon ColorStay Ivory

Erase Paste No 1

FCUK Bronzer

MAC Sheertone Blushbaby

(Note I would normally finish with my MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Natural but apparently this is not too flattering in photos. I think I got this tip from Pixi2Woo.)


Benefit Cream Shadow RSVP (a base)

MAC All That Glitters (Lid)

MAC Satin Taupe (Crease)

MAC Carbon (To line)

Benefit Cream Shadow Skinny Jeans (To line)

Max Factor Lash Extension Effect Extreme Lengthening Mascara

Brows Mid Brown powder from Sue Moxley Famous Brow Kit (love)


Boots Fresh Vanilla Lip Balm

MAC Patisserie

Let’s break down My New MAC . . .

I do like Patisserie. I think it will look great when I need a polished but subtle look. I think it will work well with looks where I want to look groomed rather then ‘Look at my lipstick’ looks. The MAC assistant said that I could use it with Snob and it would more or less create the MAC Angel colour. It is a lovely lipstick and I will probably use it lots but I’m not sure I could describe it as exciting. A good friend rather then anything more!

All That Glitters reminds me of Modellette in the pot but when it is on the lid, it is certainly more shimmery and oranger. I wasn’t sure when I first put it on how much I liked it. As usual, I had done my eyes first but when I started painting my face around it then All That Glitters came in to its own. It looks quite neutral in the pot but I personally would not wear this shadow without more or less an entire face made up.


I love Satin Taupe. I wore it on my lid the other day even though a lot of people suggest it for the crease and contouring. Let me tell you, Shale has a little bit of competition. I thought that this was beautiful and today, I thought it worked very well with All That Glitters.

Carbon has created a lovely line. It went on quite evenly and even though, I deliberatly kept it light. You can certainly see a black outline on my lower lash line.

I purchased my three shadows with a MAC pallette, I have one more spot left. I nearly grabbed Knight Divine but wasn’t sure how me it was and if I would wear it. There is another purple one, is it Satellite and Rockets (?) that has caught my eye. What do you think of these shadows. I think I am looking for one that edges towards a smoky night look, any suggestions?

Now on to blush . . , my first MAC blush. When I went to the counter, I looked at Pink Swoon and Well dressed (mainly because these were the only two that I remembered people mentioning). They were so different. One was so bright and the other, you could hardly see at all. I sought the assistants advice as I wasn’t sure whether with my pale skin I should go all out there and add a bright colour or spend the money on a blush, that you would hardly be able to see. The assistant advised that I go for an inbetween and recommended Blushbaby. I was a bit puzzled as it didn’t look at all pink like the two I had been considering. It looked like a brown in fact I would have said it was more of a bronzer but when the man swatched it, it looked ok and I decided since I already had blushes from Benefit , both pink and peachy, that I might as well do something different with my MAC blush.

It certainly made me look a bit more radiant today but apart from that, I am not sure what I think. I think when I finally do a post on Coralista, I will look at this baby too.

So that is my little MAC haul.  I hope you enjoyed it. After all, Snob and I were parted for at least five minutes to do this face of the day! If you fancy adding to your MAC collection, why not check out Sophie’s blog (BeautyMarked19, link in the sidebar) as she is giving away a limited edition MAC ColourCrafted lippie?


PS Don’t forget, you can still qualify for my competition that ends this weekend, See the Competition Post for details!


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February 13, 2010 at 7:17 pm