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Sunday Snippets

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Sunday Snippets

Hey Sunshine People!

You know how I am going to work hard on my blog for the whole next five days, well quite hard. Well, today I am feeling a bit lazy. It is a combination of that Sunday feeling, the sun being out and of course, all that swatching yesterday so today I thought we could just take a peek at a few of beauty and other girlietastic snippets that I’ve picked up in the papers and on the internet this weekend. One of my favourite Sunday things is just coasting through the papers and surfing the internet, bobbing along, looking for nothing and just seeing what catches my imagination and today, I’m taking you with me. Hold tight, we’re in for one fabulous journey. I’m thinking Sex and The City, free mascaras, a little beauty science and a scentastic perfume release. Of course, you could always just take the bus instead and just pick out whichever bits/links here interest you if you prefer ;-)

Firstly, things to look forward to this summer.

*Jennifer Anniston’s first perfume LoLavie. It sounds like a fresh and floral scent designed to match Jen’s outdoor personality. Perfect for the summer, maybe? Here is a picture of the perfume bottle that I found on the celebden link below.

*Want something else to look forward to this summer? To celebrate the new Sex and City film out in May, Vex and The City has a pretty MEGA prize up to win for anybody who may be going to New York anytime soon

If New York isn’t inviting you then console yourself, Candace Bushnell has a new book out on the 29th of April, The Carrie Diaries and then just a month later, there is the film! Ooh, let’s take a moment to indulge in the SATC vibe with the trailer here

Secondly, The Sunday Times Style magazine had a feature on skincare today. Of course, now that I’ve found a toner-Botanics Organic Rosewood-that I really heart, they only had to go and answer my burning question.

I’m sure that I’ve asked it here before but I’ve always wondered, is toner really necessary? No, not any more according to The Times. They suggest that the main function of toner is to remove all traces of your cleanser but they also explain that cleansers have now moved on and are designed so that they can be removed just by following the directions on that specific product ie. if it says rinse, that is all you need to do. They actually suggest the use of toner could damage your skin by drying it out and making you age faster.

The Times also seem sceptical about natural skincare. In the first, they suggest that mixing and combining too many products and brands including natural ones in our skincare routine can confuse our skin. Certain combinations of ingredients from different products could react together to produce holes in our protective layer of skin. They could also defeat the object of the opposite ingredient. They highlight the example of retinol which shouldn’t be mixed with acids such as vitamin C or glycolic acid as these will break down the retinol before it can treat wrinkles.

Secondly, they suggest that although organic skincare seems so trendy at the moment, it will not necessarily benefit each individual. It seems some people will react better to manufactured creams etc and they warn about skin reactions (ahem!) to natural ingredients such as Lavender and Vitamin C. Then they very, very importantly note that organic skincare is unlikely to provide the same sun protection as other products.

Thirdly, you guessed it, what would Sunday be without me mentioning Fabulous magazine from The News of The World?! They are offering free Maybelline mascaras to the first 1500 people to complete their beauty survey online and then another 1500 to those who do it by post. The cute little freebie is The Falsies Mascara. Apparently, it has a unique brush like a spoon to coat very lash. Oooh, la, lah. Might be worth a go, pop across now and see if you can bag yourself one.

Why not, once the survey is complete (and you’ve reread all of my beauty science above) settle down somewhere cosy and enjoy some of these sunny You Tube videos?

*Kandee Johnson Come on an adventure with me

I went to Santa Monica a few years ago and this reminds me of happy times. I love this video and it makes me all excited about the summer to come.

*SWalker Dubai Vlog

 Brilliant video, great music, great editing. Could Sara be as good at making videos as she is at make up?! What a lovely memento to have of your holiday and Dubai, I’m coming to meet you one day!

*The Make Up Diaries Wearable Summer look

Onnagh does not seem quite as well-known on You Tube but I think her tutorials are fab. A working and professional make up artist, she explains her tutorials very clearly and succintly. Check out her new summer look at the link below and if you get a chance, check out a Danni Minogue look which I think I have linked to before. Such beautiful make up.

*PixiWoo Fun Summer look

Here is a gorgeous summer look from Nic. I love the lip colour

*PixiWoo Amazing Photographic Makeup

Well, I’ve already featured Nic. Here is Sam’s latest video. This is a reconstruction of a look from her portfolio. I am desperate to do blue eyes now and as for the lips. . ! Well, they are daring but I thought the technique was quite creative

Until next time, after a little more sun . .



FAO:Shoe designers, beauty bloggers and those who paint purple!

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FAO: Shoe designers, beauty bloggers and those who  paint purple!

Hey Girls

I don’t know if anybody caught the Fabulous magazine yesterday. I never realised how inspiring this little supplement is for me until I began blogging but there are some absolute diamonds of fashion and beauty features (and one heel of a competition for any wanna be shoe designers).

The beauty feature this week is called ‘Ultra Violet’ and basically shows three different ways of incorporating purple in to your make up look.

There is a purple sparkly look for the eyes using Barry M Fine Glitter in Silver and a Bourjois Little Round Pot Eyeshadow in Midnight Purple and Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Blackberry.


The second look has a more vivid purple on a nuder face. There is a little MAC pigment in Violet or Rose over the top of the cheekbones and then an Urban decay shadow (Purple Haze or Cult) lining the upper lid with a subtle Bare Minerals Lip Colour, Bellani, on the lips.


The final look is all about the lips. Again the actual face is very natural but I think the model looks very bronzed. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Va Va Violet has been placed over a neutral base and within the borders of some lipliner and then the nails polished with OPI Lincoln Park at Midnight really completes the unique look.

What do you think? Are we liking purple?

I think there are two reasons why I’m more then a little influenced by Fabulous.

Firstly, it is published on a Sunday and Sunday seems to be that crazy day when I get ‘I can do that’ and ‘I will do that’ and ‘Isn’t that a great idea?’ type voices in my head!

Secondly, I very rarely buy magazines now and the cyber beauty community is my biggest influence. You will notice that I have added a stamp in my sidebar. This was after reading Muhsine’s post about the importance of beauty bloggers I found a lot of what was said by her and others in the comments, to be very true and she had this little stamp that she would like you to add to your blog if you agreed with what was said.

Muhsine’s post is just one of a few posts about beauty blogging which I have been interested to read over the last week or so. These posts really hit home.

At the beginning of the year, this blog and I were honeymooning and I was loving it. Actually I got slightly obsessed with getting all the latest products, reading all the new posts, commenting and writing my own. This little blog was taking up so much of my energy and then suddenly about a week ago, I woke up disillusioned with the whole thing and missing some of the things I used to do. So now I’m going to make an effort to create a bit more balance in my life. I’m going to continue the blog. Of course I am. Deep down, it is my baby and even when I thought I’d be giving it up, I was still planning posts in my head. I must post this and that etc. As frustrating as I was finding my blog, I couldn’t let go. It is almost as if we have been going through the terrible twos or something so I’m just taking a little time to step back and breathe life in again. There may be less posts then again, maybe not! I hope you don’t mind. The British Beauty Blogger has written a little about our love-hate relationships with blogging on her blog and there was a little post by Zoella  which also reminded me that at the end of the day, my blog is mine and it can be whatever I want it to be or feel like it being. Ha, watch out!!! ;-)

Ooh and before I go, I had better mention what some of you have been waiting for. Going back to Fabulous, there is an awesome competition inside. Basically you have to design a pair of heels. If your heels win, they could be sold in Faith stores across the UK and online with 20% of sales going to the Wellbeing of Women chairty. You need to send a coloured drawing of your design with a short description to the magazine. I’m sure you can find full details, terms and conditions on but hurry, the closing date is at the end of March.

Wow, I only wish I could draw but imagine if one of you won!!!





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