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Twenties Girl

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Twenties Girl

I don’t know if reading is meant to be cool anymore but I’m going to confess I can be a bit of a book worm when I find a book, I like and here is one I like. A lot!

Twenties Girl written by Sophie Kinsella (Author of  the ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’ series and more). This read may not be particularly profound or likely to be remembered as a fabulous example of English Literature but it is very entertaining.

Twenties Girl kept me up until the early hours laughing, smiling and crying. I absolutely broke my heart at one point.

As usual Kinsella seems to express a very contagious passion for fashion, style and beauty. There are some very inspiring descriptions of outfits. The story also reminds me to live the life I’m lucky enough to have. This book is good for me and then, as if all of these little pieces of inspiration and lessons are not enough, Twenties Girl also includes a discount for 15% off Benefit Cosmetics Online until the end of April as well as a Complimentary Benefit Make-Upper if I take the book along to the counter AND there is a competition for Benefit goody bags, each with £500 worth of goods at 

I brought my book at Waterstones but presume, that the same edition of the book with these offers is also available from other retailers too.

I honestly think if you are looking for something to pass these long dark days of February then there are things you could find a lot worse then this little gem.

Has anybody read this book, what did you think? What other reads do you recommend? Who inspires your attuide or the way in which you dress?