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Two Toned Lips

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Two Toned Lips

If you want to see what the two colour lip could look like (a trend I’ve mentioned in earlier posts), click on any of these links:…/the-new-twotone-lip-look-and-h.html 

Apparently it is called a two-toned lip and has been seen at a couple of fashion shows this year.  There is some interesting information and comments on the look. ELF also suggest you could create the look with two of their products Party Pink and Fiery Fushia. I think this is a look for barbeques on the beach and hot holidays. What do you think?

Going back to the Barry M blue lip, I mentioned it on the FashionFace website and PixiWoo doesn’t think blue lips will catch on and if there is anybody that knows, it would be them! 

Maybe it is a season thing again, blue lips suggest winter to me. Could it be the wrong time of year for a blue lipstick? Do you wear certain colours during certain seasons? Have you encountered blue lips before?

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January 27, 2010 at 6:22 pm

In the red corner and in the blue . . .

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In the red corner and in the blue. . .

 ‘Life is not about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself’ George Bernard Shaw

I’ve already said that I’m not going to follow fashion to the very latest rule. However, fashion is usually what is popular and what people are buying. People buy for a reason so many fashions and trends may actually make sense. It is not my duty to follow fashion this year but my mission is about learning and opening my mind therefore I do have a duty to know what is going on out there and consider if the current trends could benefit my mission.

I mentioned a week or so ago about painting your lips in two different colours. Well here are two more lip trends that I have heard about this week.

Red Lips

This one is courtesy of Lorraine Kelly (see for more information). Apparently since the recession has kicked in, lipstick purchases have risen by 20%. The biggest increase in purchases is with red lipstick. Apparently this trend has also been seen in Armani and Dolce&Gabbana shows. Going back a lot further then that, this trend was also evident years ago during the Great Depression. GMTV’s enthuasism for the trend was contagious. So many benefits, instant face lift, instant mood lift, instant change, makes an outfit, instant glamour in a tube, quick to apply and cheap to buy so of course, I had to try it out.

Hmmm, suddenly I want to sing Hollywood, Hollywood! It may be quick to apply but  I found this quite hard to apply neatly. Lately I have been practising eye and foundation application and it seems I’ve had it easy using the nude and pink lipsticks but this red lipstick really shows how much I have left to learn. Smears, gaps everywhere. I hope that these are not as obvious in reality as they were on camera. I tried applying with both a brush and the lipstick itself. I think you lose the vibrancy of a colour doing it all with a brush. I think next time I will line my lips with a pencil as I did this time and then apply the lipstick as a lipstick and then use a brush and lipstick to reline and define the edges. See, I’m already talking about next time. . , converted!

My red lipstick is one I already had from Benefit called Frenched but GMTV tested some lipsticks (by giving a male model a kiss on the cheek. Obviously!) and they found that Estee Lauder’ s had good staying power but Max Factor’s Chilli was the ultimate shade of red according to the expert. I always think that red painted lips is the classic lip look, I’ve got it in my head that this is why women used to wear lipstick. So what are we thinking, do we do red lips? If so, when and what shade do you use?

Blue Lips

Not only did I get my second Barry M token in Fabulous Magazine this week but I had an interesting read about a make up trend for blue. Now I wasn’t that surprised about the colour. Blue nail polish seems to be everywhere and you all know that I’m lusting over Barry M’s Lavender Blue Polish but to talk about that here (again!) would be to ramble because this article was not about blue nail polish but blue smoky eyes (ok), a blue lower lash look (okk. . .) and blue lips (huh????). Now I am only just getting to grips with the idea of brown and purple lipsticks and now there is a blue one, Barry M’s Rocket Blue.

It does look gorgeous in the tube, such a pretty colour yet it is still vibrant.

I do love the look too that the model in the editorial (above) is wearing but to be honest, I’m not sure it would work like that on me. I promise you that if I ever do buy this lipstick then you will get a picture. Uh oh, those words could come back and haunt me. . !

So would you do blue? What other less conventional shades have you worn, have you seen?What trends for 2010 have you heard about? I love all your hints, tips and comments. So if you have any, fill in the little box please and why not subscribe as well?


Ps My competition is still alive, see the Competition post.

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January 27, 2010 at 10:55 am

Competition Time

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Competition Time

Yay, I have decided to have my first competition!!!!!!!!!!  It is my turn to give something back.

In order to enter, there are two stages.

Stage 1

You have to be or become a subscriber by 00:01 am on the 15th February 2010, London time. 

I will count you as a subscriber if you can send me a screen shot with proof of subscription through a reader or a site such as Bloglovin (e-mail proof to

If you are a blogger and indicate anywhere on your blog that you follow my blog and provide a link to this blog, I will also count you as a subscriber as long as you let me know that you have done this. 

If you make videos and then mention in one of your videos that you follow my blog and provide a link. Again, I will count you as a subscriber as long as you let me know. 

If you have subscribed or do subscribe by e-mail using the link in my sidebar, I know who you are and have proof of your subscription so you can go straight to stage 2

Stage 2

By the 00:01 on the 15th of February 2010, you must have commented on at least three different posts in my blog. Please note anybody who has already done this will be automatically entered. Comments will only count if I approve them to be posted. I will approve any comment that is not automatically put in to the spam box by the computer as long as I feel it is relevant to the blog and its contents. I will not approve anything I deem offensive or derogaratory. It is my final decision as to if I approve a comment and it then counting.

All eligible subscribers will automatically be entered in to a draw and one person will be chosen at random to win the prize.

Each eligible subscriber will only be entered once in to the draw regardless of how long they have been a subscriber or how many comments they make.

The contest is open to anybody. Although I am assuming that everybody is over 16. If you are not, please ensure you get parental consent. Prizes will be withdrawn if it becomes evident your parents object to this competiton.I am happy to post these prizes to anywhere in the world unless the post office or an authority stops me, I don’t know much about international shipping.

So here they are, all the gooodies that you can win. One winner will win all of this.

– A 20ml sample of Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor Deep Conditioner for damaged hair

– Soap and Glory Flake Away (50ml)

– Soap and Glory The Righteous Butter (50ml)

– Barry M LipPaint 100

-Barry M Dazzledusts 51 and 53, Mushroom and Chocolate

-Barry M Lipgloss

-No7 Nail Varnish in Crystal Lilac

You may have heard me talk about some of these brands before. All prizes are from brands that I have used before. They are or are similar to products that I think very highly of.

Sorry folks, there are no runner-up prizes but maybe there will be another competition sometime. For now, get subscribing and commenting! Good luck!!!


Please feel free to spread the news about this giveaway or to link to it in your own blog/videos etc


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January 20, 2010 at 6:22 pm

A free Barry M kit!

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A free Barry M kit!

I think I might have spoken once or twice to you, about Barry M. I lurve Barry M. I have only tried a few of their products, the lip paints (100!), dazzledusts (mushroom!), fine glitter dusts and the big fat gold eye crayon but I am still head over heels for this brand.

I actually have a wishlist for this brand and two products come in at the top of that list.

Firstly, a nail paint. I feel Lavender Blue calling out to me. Barry M is all about colour and maybe this is why there are so many positive reviews for their large selection of nail paints.

Secondly, Natural Dazzle. This bronzer costs less then ten pounds but in hauls and raves often crops up as one of the few drug store products in a mix containing products from higher end brands such as Mac and Nars.

Anyway I love Barry M and intend to spend some money on these products in the future so of course, can you imagine my delight when I found out that I can get a kit for free?!!

Yippee and lots of jumping around! :-)

In todays Fabulous (the Sunday supplement for the News of the World), there are details of an offer to get a kit worth £20 for free.

The kit contains a lipgloss, eyeshadow, nail polish (ooh) and eyeliner in a hot pink make up bag. Basically Fabulous are printing coupons over the next five weeks and you need to collect four of them to get a free Barry M make up kit from Superdrug. Get a copy of the News of the World for further information or go to While you are there, why not have a look at some of the fab video tutorials? They are really inspiring and will prompt your very own Barry M wishlist.

 Right, off to find my scissors to cut the token out and hide it somewhere safe!


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January 17, 2010 at 5:01 pm

A Lip Experiment!

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A Lip Experiment!

As many of you are aware, it has been very cold and wintery in England over the last couple of weeks and for me, it was a wake up call. I need to look after my lips!!!

I have never been very keen on my lips. I have only got in to lipstick/glosses recently. Before that, I wore mainly Skinny Dip by Benefit or a little clear gloss when I went out and that was about it. I didn’t touch or think about my lips otherwise and so, last Saturday was payback.

My lips were red, puffed up and sore. In fact, I was afraid to touch them in case they started bleeding. I didn’t know what to do. I have never really took much notice of my lips (until very recently and then only to slap a new favourite colour on but I have never really looked after or fed them) and last Saturday, I could not ignore them. They hurt!

A bit of a crisis so enter Mum with some Vaseline and oh my! Another cliche but I declare that Vaseline is . . . magic! My lips instantly felt smooth and even when I went to apply the magic a second time, just a few hours later, my lips were less sore and less ugly. By Wednesday, I would say they had recovered and in fact, that they were in better condition then they were to start with. Phew, a bit of a close call!

Lesson learnt, I now apply Vaseline religiously every few hours. It is a new obsession. I am even considering investing in a balm,Baume de Rose (£32) by Terry, that Lollipop26 ( raves about. From now on, my lips are Queen and they will be dressed like one.

Thankfully the puffiness, that was part of the trauma last week, has gone. However, my lips still seem a little plumper then pre-trauma. Yay, I hope that is the Vaseline!

So thinking about my lips  so much has got me thinking about lip products which led me to Cupids Bow, a double-ended lip pencil from Benefit.

You use the lighter pink end to outline the v shaped bow on your top lip. This should highlight and emphasize the shape. Apparently this is the most attractive part of the lip.

Then you use the darker end of the pencil to line the centre of your bottom lip, this is meant to make the lips look fuller.

Well, lets see what happened

The photo above show my lips before with just vaseline.

This is my lips after . I used a little concealer then Barry M 100 and Cupids bow before and after the lipstick application in the places mentioned earlier (Who was in a rush and forgot to apply the Barry M 100 to the insides of her lips?! Oops).

Was there a difference? Yes in the mirror, there was no doubt. In these photos, I think you can see that the lips look bigger The lighter lipstick seems to have helped there too. I tried this with my old staple, the darker nude, Benefit Skinny Dip and my lips although bigger did not look this big.  Also, I’m not sure if you can see here just how defined my bow was afterwards and for me, this was the most exciting part.

This has got me thinking about colours and contours. I remember reading an article a few weeks ago in a Sunday supplement saying that lips would be big in 2010 but with a different lip colour on the bottom and top lips. Of course, I think they had an outrageous example like bright yellow on one lip and bright green on another but maybe I could try this. With one shade lighter on the top lip and darker on the bottom. After all, sometimes I use two foundation shades to contour my face, why not for the lips or what about just doing this in the centre of the two lips and blending? Maybe I could use Barry M 100 with concealer on the bottom lip to give it more substance and then just the Barry M on top and what could I do with Amethyst? What about glosses? Gloss on top and extra coats of lippie on the bottom. There are so many things that may work, I’m going to have to have another play and depending on the results, I might share a pic or two with you.

 What do you do to show your lips off? What about plumping products? Is the sting in some of the lipsticks and glosses worth the plump they give you? Your lip stories are most welcome here.

Until next time, take care!


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January 16, 2010 at 8:47 pm

My Top Five!

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My Top Five!

Okay, I confess I do have a few products already. Here are my top five . . .

 Barry M Dazzledust 51, Mushroom


Yes, you may say it is neutral and yes, you may say you’re playing it safe because you can never go that wrong with neutral and you would be right but this colour is truly gorgeous on the eyes and what is more, it looks great in the pot too. It is subtly alluring with its little sparkly flakes. It twinkles and almost winks at me in the pot, whispering ‘put me on, put me on’. OTT but true all the same.

 I like the way that I can not pinpoint the exact colour of 51. Purple, grey, brown. Everytime I look at it, it looks a little bit different. The best I can say is it seems good for this time of year, earthy. It reminds me of stewing skies and the changing colours of leaves.

And like all dazzledusts, its intensity can be played up and down. A great day look then add a little more and maybe a flash of something sultry and it becomes the perfect smoky eye or it would be if my application, was a little more skilled but that is why I am here.

Two warnings though! Firstly, the fallout can be messy so I like to deal with my eyes before I start the rest of my face. Secondly, these dazzledusts are relatively cheap (I think mine was around £4.50) and addictive. When I discovered them, I must have brought twelve in as many days.

Barry M Lip Paint 100 Baby Pink

Okay, it is Barry M again but I have my reasons. Firstly, I don’t know if this beauty mission is just a fad and I don’t want to break the bank. Secondly, I like the colours I see and what I get. I have only tried lip and eye products from Barry M. None of the face stuff or powders has appealed to me (though I’ve heard good things about the nail paints) Barry M has a slogan about been the most colourful name in cosmetics and maybe it is perfect branding cos that is how I see them, colourrr! Anyway Baby Pink is hardly a bright, bright colour but I like what it is. A pretty pink. My lips are strange and I have never got on with lipsticks, glosses. I’m eyes all the way but for probably the first time ever, I stop and go back in to the house to rub out my lips with concealer and put this lipstick on. Maybe it is the novelty of pink lips- my lips are a weird, orangy, red nothing colour- but I get a buzz wearing this and feel more like me then ever. This lip paint is currently retailing on the Barry M site for £4.25. Hmmm, nice stocking filler . . !

 Benefit Erase Paste No 1 Fair (advertised at £18.50 in their holiday 2009 brochure)

This actually is one of my own finds pre-mission. I have been wearing this for a couple of years and it is the only concealer I have been loyal to or to be honest, really used. I’m not sure if I’m meant to but I use it for the bags under my eyes, I conceal them with a triangle under my eyes and for me, it works. I also use it for the wretched little lines between my mouth and nose but I don’t actually tend to use it for spots much. I just don’t like putting anything different on my spots or making a fuss. Ignore them and they will go away, is just my gut instinct. That is not to say, I’ll always go bare faced but I treat the blemished area the same as the rest of my face. Maybe foundation and possibly a little powder.

I have heard good things about Powderflage and would like to try this. However, at the moment I can not afford to have two Benefit concealers on the go. 

Ghd Thermal Protector

This is the first time that I have used this heat protector spray but I do like it even though that pang it left in my purse is still resonating. I believe I brought it in a hair salon for over £10. I have hair extensions and both they and my natural hair are in much better condition since I started using this spray. I do not know if it is down to this particular spray or that I am just trying to take better care of my hair lately anyway. Whatever the case, I have nothing bad to say about this product. Again it is pricy but just like a tub of Erase Paste, one bottle of thermal protector lasts a long time.

L’Oreal Double Extension Beauty Tube Mascara

This seems to be one of the more expensive drug store mascaras. It is currently retailing online at Boots for £10.99. However, it was the first thing I brought after watching tutorials on YouTube, every ‘guru’ seemed to be talking about it in the summer. It consists of a white primer which you apply to the lashes before applying the black mascara in the other end of the tube. Considering the hype, I was initially disappointed with this mascara. My lashes have length but lack volume and this didn’t seem to add any volume. My lashes just looked spidery with the odd clump here and there. However, I think maybe less is more and when I started to apply less primer, my lashes looked much more glossy and groomed. It may just be me but I also thought that this mascara looked significantly better when I curled my lashes. I know eyelash curlers generally make the eye more attractive but I feel with this mascara, there is a very significant difference and I’m not sure that I would use both ends of this mascara if I was not going to use an eyelash curler as well. Now I love this mascara and once on, it has brilliant staying power but I don’t think it is one I can apply just like that without thinking.

So with these products, do you think my mission to make more of myself is off to a good start? What other products do you suggest?