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Free Nail Product!

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Free Nail Product!


Just a quick post today to show you all what I got for free today.

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Instant Nail Hardener which is designed for people with ‘soft, fragile nails that break, crack or appeal’ and this product claims that it will give you ‘harder, stronger, healthy looking nails in 5 to 7 days’.

And guess what?! If you struggle with your nails, you might be able to get one free too.

There is a token in Marie Claire (Uk) which can be exchanged for one free Diamond Strength Instant Nail Hardener (worth £8.45) from Superdrug while stocks last. Check the token but I think the offer expires in the middle of August and can not be used online.

So if you’re interested, it might be worth seeing if your local Superdrug has some Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Nail Hardener and if they do, get a Marie Claire – I think most Superdrug’s retail the mag – and claim your freebie because if you don’t, I’m sure somebody else will!

I’ve never used the  Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Nail Hardener before but I do use the Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle a lot and I love it!

Admittedly my nails are not particularly weak but about two or three times a year, they do all tend to break at once like lightbulbs and that is when I will be digging this little freebie out to put it to the test and see if it can nurture my new baby nails. I have high hopes!

For those of you who are interested, this is what I wrote about the Miracle Growth Product (which guarantees 30% longer nails in five days) in a review on the Beauty Judge website earlier this year,

‘I was surprised when I read that another reviewer was disappointed with this product.

This product has been a staple of mine for about three years. In my work, I have to wash my hands constantly and use alcohol gels. My nails take a battering but as soon as they start breaking. I apply this once a day for a few days straight. One coat each day on top of the previous for about three to five days and then remove and start again. Quickly going to once or twice a week for maintainance and my nails seem to grow. I only have to go through the whole regime two or three times a year.

My nails definitly grow because they are not breaking, the varnish at the very least protects them from the outside world so they have the opportunity but I would not like to say if +30% from white edge in five days is accurate. It is too hard to measure. Sometimes my nails can be quite hard to cut or file down so I believe there is possibly some super nourishing going on as prior to Hansen, my nails broke all the time.

I have brought this repetedly and have no regrets!’

So will Superdrug be on your list of places to visit this week? What do you think of Sally Hansen products? Any other nail recommendations?



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