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Blush: Blushbaby

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Blush: Blushbaby

Ok Girls, do you remember Blushbaby?

I think I have written about it before. Blushbaby was my first and is my only MAC product that I use for Blush.

As the pictures above show, the colour is hard to define. It does not look particularly exciting in the pan. It looks sort of old and functional. It kind of falls inbetween peach and pink. I personally see it as neither/or. I’m not that familar with MAC blushes yet but I have read reviews that suggest it is a darker version of Tenderling. Somebody said it was a rose blush and I thought yes, it is but then I looked at the pan and thought it too peachy to be a rose. I think Blushbaby is often referred to as a beigy pink.

Beige? Eurgh, that doesnsn’t sound very inspiring. I don’t want Beige on my lips so why would I want it on my cheeks?!

This was not even on my list when I walked in to MAC unlike Well Dressed, Pink Swoon, Style and Dollymix but this was what the MUA strongly suggested. I wasn’t very excited by it but he made it seem like the wise choice and yeah, when he swatched it on my cheek, it looked okay.

When I got home, I kept comparing this to Coralista. Coralista seemed a bit more obvious on me and needed less building up but you know what, I actually think for a day to day blush that I prefer Blushbaby.

One good point is that it seems to glide on to the cheeks and give an evenly distruibuted finish. However, you may need to build this finish up slightly so you can see it.

Blushbaby is a sheertone so designed to go on gently and be built up. On the first swipe, Blushbaby is certainly very subtle and more is needed. On the second, you can see a hint of blush and it does look pretty (I think this is where the rose connotations may be coming from, I guess it kind of give the cheeks a subtle rosy flush). So pretty that you think I’ll add a bit more but be careful once you can see it, the colour does seem to build quite quickly.

I hope you can see where I have swiped it on my (strange) hand in the picture above. It is a nice colour on the cheeks. A very natural blush. To somebody not in the know, it may not even look made up just like a healthy flush or glow. Maybe more flush then glow as this product has a matt finish and no shimmer.

So Blushbaby which seems to last pretty much as long as the day decrees is the perfect compliment to neutral looks and has earnt my love in a similar way that Ambre Rose did.

I am quite pale and did I mention, I like this blush a lot on my cheeks but after a little research, it seems that Blushbaby is reported to suit skintones from Nw15 to NC40.

I purchased this product in February. It costs £16.50 but this seems to go a long way. I use this blush four or five times a week and can not see a dent in the pan yet. I just ran my fingers across the top (incidentally it feels very soft, I like the idea of soft powder grains coating my cheeks) and I can feel a very slight hollow but I would imagine this blush will last me almost a year, if not more.

You can read a little more about Blushbaby here

Most people seem to have a MAC blush, what is yours? What do you think of Blushbaby? Have you heard of it before?



Written by essjay23x

June 13, 2010 at 9:00 am

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