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Another pearlie update!

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Another pearlie update!

If you remember about a month ago, I started using BlanX . I used the Intensive Whitening Treatment which was basically an intensive whitening toothpaste. I was meant to use it twice a day but to be honest, sometimes I would pick up my tube of Aquafresh and start brushing with that before I remembered my regime. I probably did this three or four times.

So when I remembered, I was using my BlanX treatment instead of conventional toothpaste and the tube lasted me exactly two weeks. I finished using BlanX about two weeks ago but bad blogger I am, am only updating today.

So here are my teeth before

And here are my teeth after.

This pic was took about two weeks after I finished the BlanX treatment but you know what, I think you can still see a difference and I’m sure my teeth were even whiter just after I’d finished the treatment.

I think BlanX worked. Probably by only a shade or two but there was and still is a definite difference. I am convinced of this.

So it has to be a thumbs up for BlanX, it was easy to apply and reasonably priced. The product also lasted long enough to do the job it was designed to do (unlike my earlier RapidWhite treatment, see my earlier posts).

I know that the intensive treatment is only designed for occasional treatment but I see no reason not to buy it again in a few months if a big occasion was coming up and my teeth needed a bit of a boost.

I’m currently using up my normal toothpaste, Aquafresh but I think once that tube has finished, I may either buy Blanx everyday toothpaste or Beverly Hills Formula Toothpaste (Sarah raved about this ) to maintain my new whiter teeth. I would also be very interested in a toothbrush that Sophie of Sophie Is Made up ( reviewed earlier in the year.

For now though, I am just happy that even though some of the products out there may not perform miracles, they do deliver near enough what they claim.

So, what whitening solutions have you found? Have any of you had professional teeth whitening?


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Written by essjay23x

May 27, 2010 at 8:57 pm

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