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Blogspot, WordPress and tag!

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Blogspot, WordPress and tag!

Hey, how are you all?

I hope you are all happy, healthy and ready for lots of babble cos I’ve got a few little updates for you today.

First of all, it is time to cheer! I have found an easy way to upload photos and posts on to Blogspot . I am going to copy and paste from my WordPress blog , is this cheating?! As you may have seen, I have already uploaded WordPress posts from the last week or so.

I plan to upload any future posts more or less at the same time on my wordpress and blogspot blogs (how greedy am I, having two blogs?!) so if you’d like to follow (yes, please!) then you can choose whichever way is best for you.

You will be able to follow my posts on wordpress (via e-mail or bloglovin, there will be links in the sidebar) or you can follow my blogspot one ‘Mission Pretty’ using the google friend contact (again, there will be a link in the sidebar). And then of course, you can also follow using your own readers and other things that I do not really understand.

However, when the number of e-mail subscribers for wordpress, bloglovin followers and google friend followers add up to 50 then I will have another giveaway for those that are so kindly following me using one of these methods. I hope I get there because I’m already thinking about prizes, I only want to give you things that I believe to be good so I may have to have a few more hauls to try things out, hee hee.

As a bonus on Blogspot, there will be some posts up as part of my ‘Post Rewind’ series where I will republish some of my earlier posts from WordPress possibly with updated thoughts and opinions, if applicable. For those of you who want to stay with WordPress, I may do an additional post as and when summarising these updates and linking to the original posts.

Also Girlies, as I am on a mission, I would love to read any of your thoughts, comments etc. I’ve noticed that I have not had quite so many comments lately and I’m just hoping my wordpress comment gizmo is working ok. If you do have any problems contacting me, feel free to e-mail me or contact me through my other blog. I really would love to get to know you all a bit better and will probably reactivate my Twitter account again soon.


Anyway since we are talking all things bloggy today. I thought I would do the couple of tags that Laura and Jemma so kindly gave me when I was on my blog break.


Firstly we have Laura. Some of you may have heard me talk about her very enjoyable blog before. Her blog is brilliant and I can’t believe that it is only about six months old. All of her posts are fab but lately I have being so impressed with her creativity and some of the make up looks that she features. Laura is also very, very supportive. She did a post of swatches for me once when I was looking for purple eyeshadows. She didn’t have to do that and she doesn’t have to do all the share the loving that she does. She is now gaining followers quite quickly, why don’t you pop over and see why?

Anyway Laura tagged me with the 20 questions tag

1. What can’t you leave the house without?

My telephone and keys. The idea of being locked out freaks me out. Suddenly the world seems a much scarier place when you didn’t actually intend to be outside. If I plan to be in watching The City tonight then that is where I want to be. Ooh and also I don’t like to be out and about without my little Tangle Teaser.

2. Favourite makeup brand.

Maybe MAC because there is a lot of hype but from what I have seen so far, most of it seems to be justified and also a special mention for Barry M because I probably would have quit my mission and took up knitting or something a long time ago, if I hadn’t found their products so cheap and inspiring.

3. Favourite flower?

I’m not sure about this one. It depends on the occasion. I’m not usually a colour person but if I see orange roses or carnations then I normally have to buy them. I guess it quite a novelty to find something so bright and exotic here.

4. Favourite clothing store?

I was the TopShop Princess when I was at university. Cor, that card got some use but now, I don’t really buy as much clothes now (I try, I tried today but I find it depressing) but when I do then my best bet is usually Oasis or Warehouse. Bay Trading as well always used to work for me.

5. Favourite perfume?

Probably Gucci Rush 2.

6. Heels or flats?

I used to be addicted to heels. For 10 years, I wore nothing but heels even hiking in the Lake District but then I got old and my feet started to hurt. A lot. So now I tend to wear my flat sketchers on a daily basis and heels only at night. I kind of want to go back to heels in the day again as part of my mission but I’m really conscious now of the clip clopping when you walk down the street. It really echoes in a small town like where I live and everybody turns and looks and then I normally trip up!!

7. Do you make good grades?

At GCSE and A-level, I was a very good student. At uni, things slid but I came out with a Law degree.

8. Favourite colours?

Depends on my mood really.

9. Do you drink energy drinks?


10. Do you drink juice?

Very, very occasionally. Really I only drink tap water unless I’m on a night out. See question 20 for the exception.

11. Do you like swimming?

I do when I make myself go but I just don’t go anymore. My sisters and I did a lot of swimming when we were younger, they were very good!

12. Do you eat fries with a fork?

Yeah, I probably would.

13. Favourite moisturiser?

Still on a quest to find it. Neals Yard Berry one seems to be doing well.

14. Do you want to get married?

I’ve always wanted to be find a someone to be with forever and that could mean marriage so yes, I guess.

15. Do you get mad easy?

I have little rants in my head but it takes a lot for me to express that to you or others. If I am mad enough to tell you or ignore you then you are probably in very big trouble. I don’t forget easily.

16. Are you into ghost hunting?

I am very, very curious some days but other days, I’m like no way. It is certainly something I find fascinating to talk/read about etc.

17. Any phobias?

Not really anymore. As a child, bananas;dogs and pre-made sandwiches maybe came quite close to been phobias of mine.

18. Do you bite your nails?


19. Have you ever had a near death experience?


20. Do you drink coffee?

Only in a proper coffee shop and not proper coffee but like a chocolate mocha or a vanilla something. At home, I do not really drink coffee but sometimes I will add a little tiny water to powder just enough to make it soggy and scoop that up. Eurgh, did I just admit to that?!


Then Jemma nominated me for the Sunshine Award.

Thank you, Jemma. I recommend any of the links in my WordPress sidebar.

I especially recommend Bamboozle Beauty. Jemma is a very active member of the Beauty Judge community and is brilliant at reviewing products so you might find it very handy to check her blog out.

If any of you want to answer the 20 questions or share the love with the Sunshine award then feel free, I tag you. It will be a great way to get to know you better.

Don’t forget, there are different ways you can follow my posts now so please do, if you want to!



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May 10, 2010 at 4:39 pm

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