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Ready, set and twinkle!

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Ready, set and twinkle!


 I like the idea of white, white teeth. Somehow it takes me a little closer to the glamour of Old Hollywood, the Oscars and well, perfection.

When I think how many lippies I have brought trying to make my lips the ‘right’ colour and then, how many months (years!) I spent as a teenager having dental treatment and braces so that my teeth could be straight then I really had no other choice but to pick up, Rapid white.

They are offering me white(r) teeth in ONE week and at £7.99! I’m guessing the results will last a little longer then a lippie. I think some of the Crest products promise lasting results for 18 months. If Rapid white works even for six then I believe, it is a bargain!

Rapid white claim that in seven days, your teeth could become whiter by up to four shades if you use the system twice a day. There is a little whiteness guide included in the system so you can keep an eye on the progress of your pearlies.

Previous to this, I have only used one other type of whitening treatment and this was a Pearl Drops special tooth polish. I used that last year to prepare for my sister’s wedding and I felt happy with the results but I think it took a little longer then a week to get results and well, what can I say?! If I achieve anything with my week off then it will be white teeth. The rapid results of the Rapid white system along with price was certainly one of the reasons that I chose this system. Even if I’d ordered the renowned Crest Whitestrips to use, I would have had to wait for them to arrive after ordering online since they are not available in the shops and then a lot of reviews seem to suggest two weeks application before an effect can be clearly seen.

Rapid white works a little bit differently to the Crest Whitestrips and the Pearl Drops.

I recieved two standard plates which are moulded by the consumer (with boiling water) to fit their teeth. Instructions are included but it took me a couple of goes. No wonder Blue Peter never called me back . . !

To actually whiten the teeth, the system uses three products. A whitening accelerator which comes in the form of a pen which is painted on to your teeth before the plates are applied.

Before these plates are placed in to the mouth, they are filled with whitening gel. Once the plates are sitting in the mouth, this should mix with the accelerator and ta dah, whitening should occur.

The plates are meant to be left in like this for five to ten minutes. After removing the plates, the teeth are to be brushed with the third product in the system, the whitening toothpaste.

All of this needs to be done twice a day and then after seven days, the system should have worked and the pearlies should be twinkling. Yay!

So let the challenge begin. Here were my teeth yesterday before I used the system and next week, I will take some more pics and hopefully, we can spot a difference. Fingers crossed!

What do you think, do these systems work? What have you used? Did you get results? Did they last?



Hi Girls, I just wanted to update this post to let you know that I am in the process of setting a home up on blogspot

Feel free to have a look. I’d love it if you followed me there as well. One of you could be my first follower there. I still feel a bit torn about leaving wordpress, the home of my mission so as soon as I have decided, I will let you know where you will find my latest updates.

Thanks again Girlies for all of your support.:)



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April 20, 2010 at 6:27 pm

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