A Sincere but Light-Hearted Mission To Make More of Myself!


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Time flies and pennies make pounds therefore, I need to prioritise. I’m sure you could all hear Snow Orchid singing out for me earlier but today, was not a day for make up.

At this stage of my mission, I have accumulated some and it is unlikely that one more lippie or gloss et al (even if I do have Revlon money off tokens) is now going to make such a big difference to my mission as maintaining my skincare routine etc. As lovely as some lippies were looking today, today was about looking forward to the long term.

So lets consider briefly what was out there, sitting all pretty and tempting me


A tangle teaser

Snow Orchid

Revlon Nail Polish, Lilac Pastelle

Barry M Dazzle Powder

Marks and Spencer Bronzor

The new Revlon Lipglosses esp. Lilac Pastelle, Coral, Pale Peach, Party Pink (I didn’t like Firecracker)

Barry M Nail Paint Pink Flamingo and if it had been in stock, Pale Purple

Kiehls Eye treament with avocado

Marc Jacobs Daisy

Ghost Captivation

Britney Spears Fantasy

Jordan Stunning

Mono Eyeshadows from the Famous range

Dream Cream from Lush

Honey, I washed the kids Soap from Lush

Grease Lightening Spot Treatment from Lush

Ocean Salt from Lush

Clinique 3 Step Anti-blemish system

Rimmel Love Me Lipstick

St Moritz

Crest Whitestripes

A beautiful cream cropped biker jacket from River Island

Ooh, sometimes shopping can be like floating on a cloud in a dreamland of all things pretty and nice. Hmmm and on that note, let’s take a look and see what actually made it to the tillpoint.

Actual acquisitions

Rapid White 7 day Whitening System

Neutrogena Deep pore clean/mask

Neutrogena Make Up Remover Lotion

Neutrogena Spot Treatment

Botanics Organic Eye Moisturiser

The Pink Cow Coconut Scrub

3 Muslin Cloths from The Body Shop

I was hoping to have a bit of a spree this week but unfortunately many of my more essential products seem to be just about finished and so my priorities have had to change (Sorry YSL Tea Rose and MAC Naked Lunch but I’m sure that some very lucky girl has already offered you a very, very nice home). It is no good having the most beautiful foundation, yes, I’m talking about Nars Sheer Glow or maybe one of the Chanel ones, if you have to plaster your face in concealer just to leave the house. So for now, Sheer Glow is staying on the shelf in Space NK (regretfully) and such ‘fun’ products like Neutrogena’s Rapid 8 hour Spot Treatment are competing for space in my bathroom cupboard.

What do you think? Is make up always more of a luxury purchase? Are you good at prioritising?

All images today were found using Google Image. I believe the gloss is an image from Vogue and the Neutrogena from Superdrug.


Written by essjay23x

April 19, 2010 at 7:50 pm

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