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Workin’ it!

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Workin’ it!

Spring is here and suddenly we are all seeing our bodies in the light of the season and most of us are trying to make a few changes for summer. A lot of people seem to be doing the Shred but as I’ve heard it is hard and as I quickly become bored or frustrated with exercise programmes, I’ve decided that as of yet I’m not ready to fork out for another exercise dvd.

However, I came across Martine’s Dancebody workout at the library and have hired it out for a week. It is not the latest thing or anything but I have done it three days running and am quite impressed.

I got this image from a Google Image Search!

Despite the title, this dvd is not about dancing but individual moves with a dancing vibe.The exercise programme lasts about an hour but is broken down in to approx ten minute sections. I have been concentrating on the cardiovascular, upper body toning and lower body toning but they are also some stretching sections and eek, an abdominal!

A lot of reviews critcise this dvd because the instructor is not constantly rabbiting the instructions at you. Ok, I admit this made it all a little bit confusing the first time but actually I like it. With dvds before, I’ve often concentrated so intensly on how to do the exercise properly that I have actually stopped moving and found myself watching the dvd instead and then by the time, I’ve worked the exercise out, the phone has rung or I’m bored so the dvd goes off and an actual workout has never really happened.

With this dvd, I’m not trying to master the steps. Instead I’m trying to ensure that I’m either moving or stretching for the entire workout duration and with time, hopefully the technique will follow. Meanwhile I feel as if I’m doing something to benefit my body and hopefully have burnt a few more calories then I otherwise would.

What steps are you taking to prepare your body for the summer? Are you doing the Shred? Exactly how tough is it?


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Written by essjay23x

April 14, 2010 at 11:40 am

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