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In and Outs for March!

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In and Outs for March!


* Eyelash enhancing products

Yay since using these products, there is no doubt that my eyes have changed. My pupils have newly improved glossy lashes framing them. I need to take some photos and do the post that I promised ages ago on this but I really believe in these products. I would say that both the Ardell lash product and the Lipocils one have done a good job of enhancing my lashes. I guess there are so many sceptics out there that the jury will always be out as to if I have any new lashes or extra lengths. There will always be somebody scrutinising eye make up and camera angles etc. However, I certainly carry a better frame on my face for my eyes. Also, interestingly my mascara is so much easier to apply since I’ve started lash enhancing. I am addicted to this new aspect of my beauty routine. The only downer is that I’m going to have to pay for the habit. At the moment, I have been using some of the cheaper products. I think Lipocils was less then £20 and Ardell was less then £10. Yet despite exceptional results from both of them, I’m still so curious about some of the other leaders in the market such as Lilash and Revitalash and to be honest, all that is stopping me from forking ou for either of them is the fact that I still have some product left in both my Ardell and Lipocils tubes. I’m hoping that Lollipop26 comes back to us with a positive review of the new L’Oreal Lash Serum, that could just leave me with some change in my pocket.

* Grocery shopping

Huh?! Ok, this is about more then all of that naughty chocolate lying on the shelves this time of the year. At the supermarket, I now have to shop for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and of course, beauty!!! I now need to know that I have some honey, lemons, sugar, eggs, olive oil, milk and vinegar on standby. And although not strictly from the supermarket, I am loving Coconut Oil. When I use it with my Naked shampoo and intensive conditioner, I’m finally getting more the control, shine and radiance in my hair that I originally wanted from the (until now blah Naked Haircare range).

* Viva Cyndi

When I went to collect these special MAC lippies, it was all about Viva Gaga for me but Cyndi was such a pleasant surprise. A lovely, subtle, groomed red worn alone which looks quite natural on my lips. I have recently realised that my lips are quite pigmented and as gorgeous as I feel wearing St Germain and Viva Gaga, I also have to run to the mirror every hour or so to touch up the colours which are just so much lighter then the pigment in my natural lips. One night I went out wearing a Barry M 101 combo, St Germain and Viva Gaga on the top and the colour looked as gorgeous and as Barbie as you would expect. . , where it remined. In some of the pictures later in the night not only did I look quite bleary eyed but my upper and lower lips were totally different colours more obvious then any tan line I have had and I have had some pretty major (fake) tan lines before.

There is no such problem with Viva Cyndi which just sits there prettily until I decide to wipe it away. Apparently it also brings out the green in my eyes. As of yet, I have been a little too scared of red lips to build the colour up too much. However messing around at home, I have been wearing it layerred with new Barry M Cherry Red Lip crayon and what a beautiful, vibrant colour. If only I was brave enough to wear it outide the front door. Until then, here is a swatch


* Sleek palettes

After reading some rave reviews about the new Bohemian palette, I finally gave in and brought one for myself.

 A bit unnecessary really seeing as I have not really used my other sleek palettes much but then all those colours for less then a fiver. Anyway my new little acquisition got me thinking Sleek again and I dug out my two old palettes (Original and Storm. Oh and then I also brought Sunset) and took a careful look at all the colours within. Wow, I have so many different colours and most of them really are quite wearable for me. I found a couple of PixiWoo tutorials on YouTube for a basic smokey eye and a purple one. Nic used the purple from the Sleek Original palette, I used this colour at new year but thought it was possibly a bit bright for a normal night out on my pale skin at this time of year. So instead used a dark denimy blue colour from the Storm palette (I have finally managed to get rid of the broken black shadow that came with this palette and luckily salvaged pretty much all of the other lovely shadows inside) to create my own smokey eye based on the tutorials.

Yay, I loved the look and the shadows (I used a couple of others including the purple to highlight and contour) lasted all night without any touch up. The Sleek palettes cost less then £5, surely there is no better example of a bargain.


* March

I’ve touched on this before. A very strange month and I’m going to gloss over my lack of posts lately. It feels so nice that the nights are now a little lighter and the odd ray of sun occasionally pops out. I am really looking forward to the summer now.

* MAC Snob

No! Of course, I have not gone off this gorgeous, gorgeous lippie but I have only gone and lost it. I have looked everywhere, it has to be here somewhere. It HAS to be!!! In the meantime, Hue and Ambre Rose are sharing stand in responsibilities but still, it is not quite the same . . !

* Spring cleaning

New month, new season and so I just had to make time to tidy up. Evantually after putting it off three or four times, the grand clean took place and yes, it all looks tidy now and I know where everything is (except for Snob) but now I feel out of place. It feels wrong. I don’t want a mess or rooms of chaos again but I think I do need to move my tidy little drawers, boxes and piles around and see if I can create a set up that I feel more at home with.

Thanks for reading my little post, what are your ins and outs for March? Is there anything that I should be taking a little look at in April?


PS You may have noticed that I’m taking a little break from Twitter but please feel free to comment here. I will always read (and usually reply) to comments if they are not offensive or advertising (or earmarked by wordpress as any of these). Your comments and thoughts are one of the best aspects of blogging for moi!

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  1. I think Cyndi is really pretty, a lot of people are going straight for Gaga but I think Cyndi is so much more wearable!
    March really annoyed me too, it felt like it was March for ages!!


    April 6, 2010 at 10:23 pm

    • Yep, I know Feb only had 28 days but March felt weeks longer. Time for the sun to come out now! There is something about Cyndi. I think they have very cleverly underplayed it over here and so it feels so good when you see how lovely it really can look on the lips. Well, that is how I felt anyway. I wasn’t expecting much and somehow that probably made it even prettier!


      April 6, 2010 at 10:41 pm

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