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Berrilicious Moisturiser!

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Berrylicious Moisturiser!

I’m loving all of the sunshine that we have had this weekend. Fingers crossed, it continues. My lovely sister is home for a month and it’ll be great to have a few sister dates to nearby cities, beaches and things. It suddenly feels so light. It is easier to focus, everything seems less murky and easier to see. Then there is the fact that my feet suddenly seem under the spell of some magic dust or something and I am springing around everywhere and I’m humming. For some reason, I can not stop humming . . ! Yep, be warned, it seems the sun is going to my head!
Anyway this is a quick catch up post. As you all know, I’m trying to go a little more natural. At the moment, I’m defining my all natural as been free from Parabens whatever that means. Marie Claire defines parabens as the chemicals widely used in beauty products. I picked up my Marie Claire (April 2010 £3.50) and complementary Power Berry Daily Moisturiser from Neals Yard. Like all products from this brand, apparently it contains no parabens, uses organic ingredients and is not tested on animals. This particular product is supposed to boost radiance and protect youthful skin. state that the cream acts as an anti-pollutant which could help to combat ‘city stress’. Sounds impressive.
I can’t wait to try this properly, I have been eyeing up Neals Yard for ages. They may play some part in my new skincare regime when I finish up with Clinique so the 20% off Neals Yard voucher also with Marie Claire could be very handy! I’m so impatient that I have to admit that I wiped all my makeup early just to have a go. The scent was very different to any creams that I’ve tried before but the cream seemed to sink in to my skin gently and with little residue. However, I will use this cream some more and I’m sure that some sort of review will soon pop up. If anybody else has this cream or gets it through Marie Claire, it would be interesting to discover if we come to the same verdicts.
Regardless of what I think of the cream, I plan to check the Neals Yard website out a bit more as there seems to be a vast range of products and lots of information. Most of what I’m discovering in this ‘natural’ mile of my mission is coming from and Bubblegarm (links in the sidebar) so it is good to know that there may be other sources of information out there (even though a retailer will obviously have ulterior motives in educating me), regarding natural ingredients and remedies etc.
Does anybody else know of any other sites/books that may provide me with more information about natural beauty ingredients? Has anybody tried Neals Yard or indeed, this Berry Moisturiser? If so, what do you think? Any other natural product suggestions?





Written by essjay23x

March 8, 2010 at 5:36 pm

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