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Shopping is safe and let’s tweet!

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Shopping is safe and let’s tweet!

Hey Peeps!

I hope you are all having a fabtabulous weekend.

I’ve read a couple of posts and articles this week about Safe Beauty. Vex In The City discusses a new organisation which has been set up to raise awareness of how to keep our make up and beauty hygenic.

Being quite a newbie to full on make up, this is something that I would encourage. I would hate to think how many more times a day my chubby little fingers are making contact with my skin particularly my face compared to days of ye olde.

This is one of the things that has always put me off make up in the past. I’ve always been scared of becoming dependant on it (and guess what has happened . . ?). I’ve always felt that I would be very fake if I shovelled on the make up and somehow managed to pull off a stunning look, only to wipe it all away and reveal a uglier, spottier me that needs to be covered up. As much as I now love make up, that is what I want it to remain, a love affair. I do not ever want to feel that I can not possibly leave the house or open the door without make up on. Sure on most occasions, I certainly feel more comfortable leaving the house with a bit of lippie or mascara on but I need to remember to use make up to add a little sparkle to my life not to colour over and mask it  completely.

And I think one way of trying to maintain that balance is by using my make up and beauty products as safely and hygienically as possible, changing my mascara every three months etc. Hmm, you can’t deny that at the very least it is a pretty good excuse to go out shopping every now and then. Good or bad, why does making more of myself always seem to end up expensive?! Ok to stop the pennies that I can hear jingling down the drain in my head right now, I’m thinking that I might need to change my regular mascara every 3 months but the ones I don’t use quite so often maybe only need replacing every six months. And maybe I should just stop buying so many duplicates? After all, why have three mascaras you hardly use? Why not just have one or two because in three months, I’ll have a great excuse to buy/try another one.

Here are some interesting links related to safe beauty

1/ A post from the fantastic blog, Vex In The City

2/ The Safe Beauty Association

3/ An article in The Daily Mail

The article in the Daily Mail also says how Europe has now legislated that cosmetics should have expiry dates/periods etc. Am I seriously that airhead that I have not noticed on one item of make up, the mandatory expiry information? Are your items dated? Where on the product would I find such expiry information? What do you think? Did you suffer breakouts when you first started using make up or have you ever had make up related breakouts? Do you seriously throwaway your favourite limited edition lipstick just because it may have expired or been used on the eve of a breakout?

The second thing I wanted to mention today is that I’m going to start tweeeting, whoo! I have created an account specifically to work alongside this blog. So if you’re on Twitter and enjoy this blog a little then why not follow me? You’ll be the first to know about my blog updates and the first that I’ll turn to in the case of an emergency ie. When I’m in *name drug store of your choice* and can’t find the expiry date on a mascara I want to buy or when I’m in the hairdressers and been told that this hair product will change my hair forever. Ooh and then, there’ll be the times when I simply want to know what lipstick Cheryl Cole et al is wearing or your opinion on some post by some of the fantastic beauty bloggers out there.

Ooh, I’m looking forward to a little bit of tweeting but of course, I guess like talking, it isn’t much fun on your own. So please if you enjoy this blog and/or are just in to finding products that that can make our world just that bit more prettier then come and follow me on Twitter.

I think that is all I’ve got to say, keep smiling (and tweeting) Girlies


Written by essjay23x

February 28, 2010 at 8:00 am

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