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Yummy in other ways. . .

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Yummy in other ways. . .

I expect that many of you have already heard about the product that I am going to discuss today in my ‘Lush and I’ series. It is the Yummy Yummy Yummy Shower Cream Wash.

Now I have heard a lot of people rave about this product so I was surprised when I used it that I just felt well, so indifferent. It is ok, it doesn’t do anything wrong. The scent is pleasant but I wouldn’t go as far as yummy and certainly not yummy, yummy, yummy. It does lather more then the Lush soap bars but still is not in the same bubble league as other cream washes I’ve used such as Soap and Glory’s. It does ok but nothing more. When I’m tired, I don’t think I’ll have a nice bath and I can use some of that Yummy Yummy Yummy to unwind. Instead I get in to the bath or shower and realise that I can not reach my soap/wash product of choice and grab this instead and then when I’ve finished washing, I don’t have to lather myself in lotions to get rid of the scent. I can barely smell Yummy, Yummy, Yummy on me and I like to be able to smell something fresh lingering on my skin when I’ve washed otherwise I fear that the  job has not been done properly. So I have to have the lotion on stand by just to get a scent. I have been reading the Lush brochure and it says the product is filled to the brim with fresh strawberries. I just wish I could smell them as soon as I step out of the water. It also says that there is almond oil, honey water and passionflower seed oil too. It all certainly sounds very delicious and in fact, even when you pull the lid up and smell the shower cream in the bottle, a lovely gorgeous smell seems to waft in to the air but I don’t know, I’m still not sure if I would buy this product at full price for myself again. I’m happy to use it if it is there but it isn’t a potion that excites me. This product does not really do anything wrong. I guess that I just find it rather bland.

However, bland things can have their uses. Lollipop26 discussed Yummy, Yummy, Yummy recently. I think that she rather liked it and said that often she will just use it for handwash. So I had a go. I work in a care environment and my hands are constantly in water or been dowsed by alcohol gels and during the last few chilly months, I’ve really noticed the horrible effects that this is having on my hands. I even try very carefully to hide them when I take photos for you, gals. They look horrible at the moment. I’m thinking of trying the Body Shop Hemp Hand Cream, has anybody tried it?

Anyway I’m going off track again but when I used the Yummy product to wash my hands, they did not feel quite as tight afterwards and on my hands, I could smell quite a sweet, fruity, spring smell. Lush also suggest using it for hair washing when you are in a hurry. Well, I wasn’t in a hurry but my shampoo was in the other room so I used this. My hair again benefitted from the same scent and I could still smell it later in the evening. It smelt nicer and fresher then many shampoos. However, my hair did need washing again more or less the next day.

Then as if I haven’t tried the product in many different ways already, I was reading the comments that somebody had left Zoella and this person said that they use Yummy, Yummy, Yummy to wash their make up brushes. Now, many of you know that I really want to look after my new Sigma brushes but am struggling to find a brush cleaning product to help. Well, I tried Yummy, Yummy, Yummy and it seemed to work ok. The fluffier brushes are still very soft and do not seem matted or dried at all. I have little experience of brush cleaners but most of the dirt seems to have been removed even some of the Revlon ColorStay (not all) and I have not had (fingers crossed) one new little blemish on my face since I used this product for brush cleaning last weekend so I think I will do the same thing this weekend and if the good results continue then maybe there will be a reason to repurchase Yummy, Yummy, Yummy after all. It is probably cheaper then brush cleaner, yay!

Ha! What is the bet that I repurchase it as a brush cleaner and then can not stop using it on my skin?! Sometimes products grow on me. Normally, it is as I’m just about to finish the bottle. Typical!

So any Yummy, Yummy, Yummy tales? Or have any of you got any secrets when it comes to a product that is meant to do one thing but you use to do another? Don’t forget, please keep commenting and subscribing. I lurvee your company!!!



Written by essjay23x

February 27, 2010 at 10:00 am

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