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Oh dear, Vanilla In The Mist!

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Oh dear, Vanilla In The Mist!

When I went to London last week, I decided to pop in to Lush. It was time for a new Lush soap. I was thinking maybe Rockstar as there is a lot of hype for this soap.

I picked Rockstar up and gave it a sniff. It smelt nice but quite fragrant, in a perfume way and I’ve already got a lot of perfumes.

Anyway I was just deciding if Rockstar should accompany me to the till when another soap caught my eye, Vanilla In The Mist. Before Christmas, I was very in to a Vanilla Body Butter from Boots. I found that the Vanilla scent is nice and clean. It also provides a good base if I wanted to apply other fragrances. So I had to pick up the Vanilla In The Mist soap bar and one sniff of the grogeous fresh vanilla scent and I was sold.

However, it only smells gorgeous and vanillary when it is dry. I was really disappointed with this product when I used it to bath. You can just about smell the vanilla underneath some horrible heavy smell. This second smell is not fresh at all. Instead of ice cream and sand, it makes me think of cigars and old moth bitten blazers. I found it did not really lather and instead with some work just left a bit of an oily, sticky yellow type residue which looked revolting on my pale skin. I know it should not really matter what the soap looks like while it is working after all, you are going to rinse it off but this for me, was the final straw. This soap does not make me feel pretty at all. In fact, I don’t even feel particularly clean after using it and have had to lather myself in body lotion.

For me, this is probably the most disappointing product since my mission officially began at the beginning of the year.

Have any of you tried this soap? What did you think? Could it possibly grow on me? What soaps from Lush do you like? I do have a couple of raves coming up.

On a happier note, check out The Make Up Goddess Guru. This blog is Sophie’s (BeautyMarked19) third Guest blogger and the eye make up in this blog is extraordinary and so inspiring. Joanna has already reached 100 followers and to celebrate is having a little giveaway. Here is the link for more information,


Written by essjay23x

February 19, 2010 at 1:17 pm

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