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Let me introduce you to quite possibly one of my most worthwhile purchases of recent weeks.

These are my new tweezers from Tweezerman. I brought them from Boots and I think they were about £16. I believe there was also a travel version available for about £12. Mine are brilliant, so sharp. I literally pinpoint the hair that I want to remove then grab it with these wonderful tweezers and banish it!

You might think that this is not much to ask from a pair of Tweezers but I had three or four pairs to choose from before this beautiful purchase and I struggled to tidy my brows. I would spot the stray hair, go in to grab it and miss and if I got anything at all, I would get the wrong one and then accidentally delete one that should have stayed and then of course, I would try and correct it and again would fail and then I would start sneezing. Plucking my eyebrows (or trying to) always makes me sneeze. Then little niks and scratches would start to appear where I was hitting the poor skin instead of the hair. In the end, I would have little choice to give up on the tweezing. Occasionally, there would be a little fight left in me and I maybe would go and overdo it with the hair removal cream instead.

Experiencing such major brow crises before, I’m not confident that even with these super duper new tweezers, I can control my brows all by myself. I will still be seeking professional help but at about £10-15 a time, it is a service that I will be seeking once every 8 to 12 weeks rather then every 4 as was suggested at the Benefit counter.

Is this a bit ambitious? Let’s see, fingers crossed!

What do you do with your brows? Do you have a major tidy up perodically or do you erase a couple of stray hairs each day or maybe you leave your brows well alone and leave them only in the tender loving care of the professionals? I’d love to know how you tackle such tricky beauty maintenance.


Written by essjay23x

February 18, 2010 at 9:00 am

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