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In addition . . .

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In addition . . .

This is just a little post (more of a post-note really) to tell you of a resolution for February that I forgot all about on Monday.

I don’t why because when I was thinking of resoutions for the new month, this was maybe the first one that jumped out and said hello to me.

I want to keep to it and I want to tell you about it and the resolution is . . .(drumroll please) to bring my face care routine down to my neck and decolletage (chest) area. So maybe I will take two extra seconds when I ‘Clinique’ just to bring it down that little bit further because at the moment, this region is forgotten land.

I moisturise, moisturise and moisturise my skin above and below the neck but the neck is getting lost and neglected which means I could be undoing all my hard work because what is the point of having a face ten years younger if my dry wrinkled neck gives me away? Hmmm, apparently neglected necks are bitter and have a tendency to do this so I have decided that my neck and I are going to become good friends, this month.

As for my decolletage area, that is an area I already moisturise but I wonder if the body products that I currently use here could be too harsh? So for one month, I would like to give my facial products slightly wider breadth and see what happens.

It is interesting to note that since my back acne disappeared, one or two more spots occasionally pop up in my chest area. It is a shame as this was an area that was once blemish-free. On the other hand, it is nothing compared to how blemished my back used to be. Also I have noticed since using Clinique that the skin on my face is clearer and any spots that I do have, do not tend to grow in to the big blemishes they otherwise may have BUT I have noticed that I have had a couple of angry spots on my neck. Again on an area that is usually blemish-free.

So now I’m hoping to discover that using other products and routines on these areas could once again make them clearer (maybe they are just shouting out ‘Me, me, I want expensive product too) but if so, will spots suddenly appear in other areas? Are we destined to always have a minimum number of blemishes?

What do you think? What is your routine like? Are there any areas in your skincare or beauty routine that you forget? Come on, fess up and share my guilt with me ;-) I love getting all your comments and subscriptions and don’t forget that they can make prizes (see COMPETITION POST)

Hmmm, it seems that I have a little work to do this month so until next time. . !


Written by essjay23x

February 3, 2010 at 9:00 am

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