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Lush and I

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Lush and I, The story so far!

Now I am sure many of you have been addicts for a long time but I am a relatively new convert when it comes to Lush.

I remember years ago, maybe 2003/4, first going in to Lush. I was intrigued by the smells and the notion of natural products but I was also with somebody who I didn’t get on with that well and they chose to give me a soap. Now I’m not sure if it was the actual soap or if it was the person that gave it to me but I had a strong dislike for this soap. I felt under obligation to use it but it seemed to last forever. I felt the scent was overwhelming and suffocating. I still shudder to think of it now but I was having a bad time and the soap giver triggers bad memories so everything is probably all mixed up but needless to say as it was, I didn’t like this soap very much and for years just ignored Lush and the increasingly happy impression it seemed to be casting on all those around me.

Feigning ignorance was easy until I started watching You Tube and there I would be looking for reviews of things to buy and literally it seemed as if every other product rave or haul was for Lush. Oh! Could I have been a little bit hasty? Surely I couldn’t have the wrong impression. I tried denial. All That Glitters was wrong not me. However, it wasn’t just her. So many people were raving about these products and then there were people such as Dazzledust25 talking about how natural products (not necessarily Lush) had changed their bodies. Oh and then to make it worse, the smell of Lush was always described in such tantilising vivid terms. Different ones for every product but always delicious. Fruity sometimes chocolately. Oh, this wasn’t how I remembered my soap smelling but I love gorgeous scents and I couldn’t bear the thought that maybe I was missing out on something after all. Suddenly I was on a mission to find my nearest Lush and discover what I’d been missing out on.

So Autumn 2009, I headed to the Bath branch of Lush. A few things struck me straight away, the staff were ready to help as soon as I walked in the door. Normally I would find this intimidating but they were friendly and as happy to let me browse as they were to answer my questions. Secondly, there were the prices!! Now I’m really a drug store girl and especially at this time, the prices seemed quite high. A pre-shampoo treatment and the pot was about £11. Ouch especially when the product instructions suggested using at least half of that pot for one treatment. I tried to distract myself from how much this shop was going to cost me by focusing on all the beautiful bright blues, yellows and purples in the products around the shop and then of course, there was always the scent which I found at least bearable and different to any of the tens of perfumes I have tried.

Now surprisingly on this first visit, I did not purchase any of the nice smelling things such as soap and what-like. Mainly because I was in the height of my Soap and Glory phase and had some of their products to scent and moisturise my body (as well as my stand-by perfume collection) and also because, I’ve never really been a solid soap kind of girl. I find to lather is hard work and I fear that the bars will dry my skin. I can not deny that I was curious about the Lush soap products but as I had limited spending, I looked with curiosity and then went on to buy the necessities.

Yes, that’s right! I went back to the expensive pre-shampoo treatments.

Hair care has always been my main priority ever since I was a little girl and  to be honest, I don’t think that naturally I have the hair I deserve (ok, there is my straightening and extension addiction) but I have put hours, years in to my hair and have spent a small fortune pampering it. However, I still do it every time. In every store, I head straight for haircare to see what wonder product is there and my visit to Lush was no exception and here is what I found.

I brought the H’Suan Wen Hua Hair Moisturiser and the Jasmin and Henna fluff ease treatment. Now as I said they were expensive. H’Suan is currently retailing for £7.60 for 250g and Fluff Ease is £10.35 for 225g. They also had a use by date of about 6-8 weeks.

H’Suan Wen is presented as a dinner in a pot for hair. Ingredients include organic bananas, avocados and fresh watercress which all nourish and moisturise the hair. It also meant to promote hair growth.

Fluff-Ease contains oils, jasmine and red henna to destress, detangle and tame.

Both of these products did seem to help my hair but to get the full effect, I did have to use 1/4 of the pot (I do have 16 inch extensions) meaning that at the most ,the pots would last me four washes which is ok. I tended to concentrate the product around my natural hair ends and applied sparingly everywhere else. About £2-3 a hair treatment.

However, there are problems. You could use it as an occasional treatment but the products do have an expiry date and also, the results are very addictive. I wanted to use it every time I washed and so in a little over 2 weeks, I had spent nearly £20 just on the pre-shampoo treatment and don’t forget, I still needed other products to follow. For me, there was not a lot of difference between the results these two products gave. Both made my hair a lot more manageable and a lot less puffy. This is my biggest hair concern. I have a lot of very fine hair naturally and whenever I wash it, it puffs out big time for about a day or so. Of course, this just makes the difference between my hair and the extensions that little too obvious. Normally this means even more naughty straightening or pulling back my hair (which automatically makes me think I’m going to work!). 

These products solved this problem and also allowed my, now, shiny hair to feign a great impression of health. These products were easy to apply in the sense that you do not wash your hair first but they were quite thick, gloopy and messy. There was also a very strong smell with both products that did not even wash out very well after the normal shampoo and condition. I think it was with H’Suan that this was a particular problem as it had a very heavy, incense type fragrance which was not very me but as with all scents, it did grow on me a little. I did not notice any long term benfits from using these hair products. As soon as I stopped using them, my hair seemed to return to its normal puffy state! :-(

I haven’t brought these products again just because it is an expensive regime to keep up but it really did work and despite the scent, if I had the money then I would use them before every hair wash. Instead I moved on to some other Lush hair products and I’ve dabbled with some bath, soap and skin products so visit again or follow to see part two of the epic ‘Lush and I’ this week!

What do you think of your Lush? What is your story? And remember girls, comments and following could equal a prize. See my Competition post for more information!


Written by essjay23x

February 2, 2010 at 7:18 pm

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  1. I like Lush but I’m not in love with it! I’ve been disappointed with some of the bath products I’ve tried and I’m reluctant to try the hair products after reading some bad reviews (e.g. for the conditioners, and that the shampoos strip colour from dyed hair).


    February 3, 2010 at 1:42 pm

    • Hmmm, am going to write about this but the shampoos were fab for cleaning my hair but Big esp, would soon get rid of any artificial colour too. Thought Retread conditioner was ok but no better then Aussie. Have heard bad things about American Cream conditioner. It was these pre-hair treatments that really impressed me but they are so expensive for what they are and they smell!!


      February 4, 2010 at 2:21 pm

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