A Sincere but Light-Hearted Mission To Make More of Myself!

A bit of this, a bit of that . . .

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A bit of this, a bit of that . . .

Hey, happy first of the month to you all. Today’s post is going to be a little bit of a ramble looking at how the first month of my mission went and what I’ve got to do this month.

Well, we can tick off Clinique and Ardell. I more or less kept to these resolutions with the exception of the Clinique moisturiser which for about a week, I sometimes replaced with a moisturiser from Nelsons which I was reviewing for Beauty Judge

Now comes the big crosses. I really did not drink any more water then usual. I kept thinking about it but kept getting distracted before I got to the tap. I’m really cross with myself because when I look at all the beauty problems I have mentioned here and on forums. All of them could be caused by not drinking enough. I’m spending all this money on skincare regimes etc and I can’t even get a glass of water. As you can tell, I’m in the middle of giving myself a good talking to and this resolution will be carried over this month.

My final resolution was to save and use what I’ve got. Hmmm, I have still got a lot of new beauty type things this month  but can I just say a lot of them were brought in place of Christmas and birthday presents and the rest were investments. Ha, do you believe me? Also I did keep the second part of the resolution, I have been using more of what I’ve got both new and old.

So we’ve looked back (oops). I guess now that it is time to look forward. The resolutions for February are to carry on with water (well,start), Ardell (or the nominated replacement, lash product. Watch this space:-)) and Clinique and I’m going to add in a new one which is to keep my surroundings ie. storage and living area as beautiful as possible too. This might seem boring but as I discover new things and dig out old ones. Well, I’m in danger of getting trapped under it all! It also means  that I won’t be buying things to replace things that I thought had gone but actually, are found two days after the replacement has been purchased. Ooh and two mini resolutions. One is one which I will keep this week, is to share some of the pretty things that I got for my birthday with you! Here is a sneak peek of one, a gorgeous ring that my sister gave me.


Liking that! Anyway back to resolutions. New mini resolution two is to get enough of the Barry M tokens from Fabulous magazine and to claim my gorgeous goodies. I actually have only one token to go but I’m usually good at collecting tokens but then forget to claim until it is too late and there is nothing left. By this time next week, I hope the goodies are mine!!!

So what was your start to the New Year like? Any tips or discoveries that might keep my mission on track?




Written by essjay23x

February 1, 2010 at 12:02 pm

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  1. Set a tiny goal for every day from Monday and Friday. If you achieve them give yourself a little treat at the weekend.


    February 1, 2010 at 1:02 pm

    • @dressingmyself Hee hee, would that be a treat every weekend?!


      February 6, 2010 at 5:37 pm

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