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Lash update!

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Lash update!

Today is the 19th of January 2010 and I think it is time for a lash update.

I started using Ardell Lash and Brow Accelerator on the 23rd of December 2009. Ever since, I have applied it to my top lashes once a day before I go to bed. I have applied it more occasionally, when I can be bothered, to my brows and lower lashes. I believe my lower lashes still benefit from the product on a daily basis as when I close my eyes to sleep, the accelarator on the top lashes probably makes contact with the bottom lashes. I always coat both the top and underside of my top lashes.

I did take some pictures on the 23rd of December before I started applying the accelerator but the pictures are rubbish and I’m not going to use them because you can not see in them, what lashes I started with.

So for my before shot, we have a photo took on a social occasion before I started using the acclerator. This is typical of how my lashes would look with mascara on.



The next two pictures are of my lashes on New Years Eve. At this point, I had applied the acclerator 8 times.

And this is me earlier today (playing with my MAC), 19 days on from New Years Eve

In order to try and reach fair conclusions, I have had to use photos where I am wearing mascara as I do not have enough bare lashes ones. It should be noted though (I sound like a mascara disclaimer) that I may be using different mascara products in some of the pics. I honestly don’t know what I was wearing in the earlier ones. Today was a basic Rimmel 100% waterproof mascara though.

So, my conclusion . . !

Well, I think that I see a difference. I certainly have not lost any volume or length.  I would go further and say in that last photo, my lashes seem fuller and maybe stronger. I’m not sure how well the first photo of today shows that though.

I am certainly not disappointed when I got the acclerator for less then ten pounds and application takes less then twenty seconds every night.

I know in a earlier post I mentioned that my eyes felt a little sensation at times. I have not felt this for a while and feel there have been no more negative reactions to the product. I noticed two or three eyelashes falling out last week but have seen none for a few days since. I think maybe I naturally do lose lashes in little cycles like this.

I will finish the bottle of Ardell and I hope the difference, that I feel its making, is soon proved beyond doubt.

I’m still not sure if I am applying the product correctly, once a day before bed. There were no application instructions. If anybody has used this product differently, please let me know what you did and the result.

I’ve got a feeling lashes are going to become another obsession so if anybody has any more recommendations for growth products that I might want to look in to when I finish this one, please leave me a comment or an email.


PS Don’t forget you can now subscribe. There is a little competition for subscribers coming very soon now.

Written by essjay23x

January 19, 2010 at 6:49 pm

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  1. I keep meaning the buy the L’Oreal lash serum, I’ve heard it’s good!


    January 21, 2010 at 12:50 am

    • L’Oreal lash serum does look tempting esp. when they put it on that special stand in Boots but I was talking to someone in the BeautyJudge forum the other day and she has used it and she doesn’t think that it has made much difference. Shame because it is a nice price compared to Revitalash, Enormous lash etc.


      January 21, 2010 at 11:03 am

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