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Clinique Three Step

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Clinique Three Step

As you may know, I started using the Clinque Three Step System last week. The Three Step consists of a cleanser, a clarifying lotion (which is allegedly the key) and a moisturising lotion. There are different versions of these products and instead of trying to randomly choose the product choice for yourself. Clinique do have counters where there are trained assistants who can do this for you. My assistant asked me a few simple questions about my body such as my natural hair colour and my reactions to sun exposure. She also touched my skin and said that she was testing my skin for resistance. She then concluded that I was a Type 2 and had dry/combination skin. It was advised that I buy the Type 2 Sample pack for £20 which I did.

The samples do seem very small. However, I was advised to use very little product and for somebody who lathers the moisturiser on like me, this has took some getting used to. Trying to control myself, I use one squeeze of the cleanser for each wash and then I follow with two tips of the clarifying lotion. Then depending on how my skin feels, I use a five pence to a ten pence size dollop of moisturiser. With other moisturisers; body butters, I’m pretty sure that I have used five times as much as this. Yet my skin has not felt any drier over the last week and indeed, does feel softer. Please note, I have also added a Clinque Eye Cream to my routine which I will review soon. I was advised that the samples would last about two weeks. Tomorrow, I will hit a week and I believe, I will have over half of the cleanser and clarifying lotion left. Unfortunately I can not assess how much moisturiser I have used, due to the bottle design. I just can not see what is in there.
As the week has progressed, I feel the system has started to work in different ways.

At first, I could not get the cleanser to foam but then suddenly after about three days, lather would appear more or less as soon as the product touched my face and suddenly I didn’t even feel the need to apply much product (and I always want more!). I wonder if this is due to the shampoo effect. In dirty hair, sometimes it seems to take two or three washes to get a lather and so, I’m wondering does the foam suggest that I have now got rid of all the scum that was on my skin. Conversly, it could mean that practise makes perfect and I have just got used to the products and can now work them as intended. Though Clinque claims that three steps should only take three minutes. No! It does not matter how much I focus, I can never ever imagine this system correctly applied taking less then five minutes xtwo out of my day.
I also noticed when applying the cleanser and the clarifying lotion that any slightest nic or flaw in my skin would twang. In fact, this twanging actually drew my attention to flaws that I never knew I had. Uh oh, my skin is in a worse condition then I thought. The twanging has since subsided a little and I can not find the little scratches that were stinging plus I have spotted no new blemishes since starting this system. As of yet, I can not say cateforically that I have seen any other difference in my skin other then the fact that it is very clean!

I have little doubt that there are some very strong ingredients in this system. Firstly, the assistant was adamanent that the cleanser and lotion should go nowhere near my eyes and lips. Secondly, the twanging. However, Clinque are renowned as the Dermatogists’ brand and they claim that in testing if there is even one reaction in 7200 applications then they reformulate. For many people, Clinque is an indispensable part of their daily routine and I’m keen to finish my samples and find out what the hype is all about.

Thanks for reading, any thoughts on Clinique or other skincare regimes?




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Written by essjay23x

January 6, 2010 at 8:16 pm

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  1. I have used that liquid facial soap (which isn’t really a soap), and it works better if you lather it in your hands before you apply it to your face. I was taught that by a Dermalogica chick when I was buying some of their Clean Start stuff for my daughter, who is just starting to get some breakouts.


    January 7, 2010 at 9:22 am

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