A Sincere but Light-Hearted Mission To Make More of Myself!

The Mission Truly Begins . . .

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The Mission Truly Begins . . .

Hi All!

I hope you all had a great Christmas (and yes, I did get some perfumes. Yay!) and have the best year yet in 2010.

2010, now, my mission really begins. I have lots of plans and lots of questions. See, I NEED this blog and along with the making more of myself resolution, this blog is my main resolution for 2010.

I’m not that good at resolutions and have commitment issues.

So I have decided to break my mission down in to monthly resolutions or challenges.

First of all, we have January.

My missions for this month are

* To drink more water. I never ever get thirsty and never think to go to the tap. My water content must mainly come from food. I dread to think what this is doing to my skin and one day soon, unless I start making a concious effort, I may wake up like a lizard. Nice! Also maybe one day I can save on products here. I dread to think what I may need to spend, to make up for parched, neglected skin.

* To use the Clinque Three Step system twice a day for a whole month or until it runs out. Whichever is sooner. Expect a post on this very soon.

* To continue using my new Ardell Lash Accelerator until it runs out. Again, expect a post.

* To buy less and use up what I have gained over the last few months and my reward, if I save, then maybe I can buy my first MAC product. Any suggestions?



Written by essjay23x

January 2, 2010 at 3:52 pm

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