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All I Want For Christmas Is . . .

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All I Want For Christmas Is . . .

A happy, white (safe snow only though!) one. Oh and a little perfume, pretty please!
 I have always loved perfumes. I love the way that different scents seem to snapshot a time and place then years later, one whiff and you’re back. Davidoff, Cool Water takes me back to university and anything remotely resembling Kindred Spirit (Woolworths?!) takes me all the way back to school, making year 11 feel like yesterday.


I make my daily scent choice in one of two ways. Firstly, I ask myself how I feel today and simply pick the one that reflects that or secondly, I ask myself how I should be feeling today and I wear the one that reflects that. This is when scent is at its most powerful. My choice can change the way I walk in to a room. Maybe, one day, my choice will actually change my fate.

Here are some of my faves and how I use them

Elizabeth Arden Beauty- Do you remember how as a child, you had a dress that your Granny would make you save for best? This is that scent.

Ghost Original- I’m grown up.

Chanel Allure- I’m bigger then this town

Givenchy Very Irresistable, Beckham Intimately- I’m out to impress!

Gucci Rush 2- I’m just a girl!

Some scents I would love to try and add to this list include the new Benefit Gina one, Gucci Flora, Calvin Klein Euphoria, Vera Wang Princess and Thierry Mugler Alien.

What scents do you love? Are there any other scents I need on my wishlist?

Written by essjay23x

December 22, 2009 at 10:39 pm

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